Thursday, September 07, 2017

Ich hatte gestern viele Male versucht in mein Internetbanking
einer deutschen Bank einzuloggen.  Ich machte viele Fehler
Ich taetigte mehrere Anrufe  zu meiner Bank. Es ging alles daneben. Das hatte ich noch nie. Ich denke mir das
ich bei meiner Bank ketzt nicht gut dastehe, aber  ich brauche
mein Internetbanking

Heute ist es so das Ich eine Email von meiner Bank bekam die meinen Vorschlag bezueglich meines Internetbanking ablehnte.
Spaeter war diese Email geloescht. Ich schrieb der Bank eine Email. Nach dem Versand erschien in rot eine Information  das diese Queued ist. Noch nicht ausgeliefert an DKB.
Das ist dann vermutlich google mein Emailbetreiber

Ich habe etwas wichtiges zu erledigen kann aber so nicht nach Kuala Lumpur weil ich wissen muss ob ich ueber meine Bank an Geld komme.

Beim Surfen merke ich das google chrome reibungslos funktioniert. Wenn ich eine anderen Suchmaschine nutze  dann kann surfen lange dauern. Wenn Ich einen anderen Browser als chrome nutze oeffnen sich moeglicherweise Internetseiten
Ich hatte es wiederholt das Dateien auf meinem Geraet
ohne mein Wissen geloescht wurden.
Na gut, ich bin mit der Sicherheit nicht konsequent genug.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

I had heavier harassment this night.
I did not like to do exercise today, but could still
do slow running. Trying to go faster results
in pain in the knee. I stop then because
going on then has already forced me to
stop for weeks before.
If harassment goes on I may have to stop
exercising because my legs won't go along
with it anymore which I had before repeatedly.
Decline of mental performance will follow.

Friday, August 18, 2017

I charged accidentally my tablet in the night. I forgot to
plug it out.
I woke up in the morning finished. I could not concentrate
the whole day on the topic I wanted

Friday, August 11, 2017

I had today a lot of stress in sleep and some programming
into my sleep. Partly was this due to allergies but I found
in the morning also a man who moved in a few days ago
doing psychic attacks in front of my room.
I felt sick much of the day and was in bed also much of it.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

I had massive programming of abusing sex. Awake I
find myself longing for such which was before only to a much  smaller degree the case after stimulation of such.  Is this also the future of technology?

Abusers make targets compliant for rape with Mind  control technology.
Maybe the woman even marries her rapist afterwards.

Both she would not have done without the use of such technology


I had about a week already  stimulation
of all sorts of abusing sex. Before some time
it was not. Allergies may play a role

Friday, July 14, 2017

I had a lot of stimulation of abusing sex in Teluk Bahang.
Often it was heavy. I was sometimes for hours in bed or
completely down because of this.
I have a lot of voices which I think are not my own.
If the terror should stop I had to do  something for them,
I heard.
I notice something which I estimate as programming
to a social democrat. A lot of negative talk is going on
to get my mind down to make me to accept their rule.
But that may be also from my past
There was also massive reprogramming of SM Sex.
It overwhemes my consciousness when then is any
additional stimulation.
I can use my mind better for me it is not as good as it
used to be
There are also somethings which I see as manipulation.
I am forgetful. I cannot direct myself as good as
I could.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Recently I had a discussion with a woman about politics.
Afterwards I was annoyed about how things weht.
I lack skills to deal with how the discussion went and
also to express my feelings in time. I started thinking about
how to get off better the next time  and had some ideas.
I then heard a voice. "You won't make friends by this". The
voice as my enemy.

I had many times in Malaysia now hard stimulation oft abusing
sex. I am offen finished for the day then and do not do much  and
do  not like to speak.