Saturday, April 21, 2018

Heute hatte ich ein Gespraech ueber Globalisation
im Kopf. Ich oppuniere diese.Wenn der menschlische
Geist genormt und globalisiert wird geht die
Moeglichkeit verloren auf Probleme verschieden
zu reagieren und erfolgreich zu loesen, wie dies
jetzt beim Umweltschutz der Fall ist.
Dies war das Thema auf das Stimmen auch reagiert
Wirklich verschiedene Kulturen die moeglicherweise
noch nicht mal so ohne weiteres von manchen
anderen verstanden werden sind notwendig
um die ganze Dimension menschlicher
Moeglichkeiten auch des Geistes und der Psyche zu
Ich halte es fuer eine Katastrophe wenn ein
Inder zu mir wie ein westlicher Demokrat
redet mit deren Werten wie die Ablehnung
von Religion u.a.
Die Inder haben wahrscheinlich die Chance
eine wirklich unabhaengige Kultur zu
werden. Dann duerfen solche Organisationen
wie die nach Globalisation auch von bestimmten
menschlichen Werten strebenden Demokraten
dort keinen Einfluss haben.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Today I woke up and noticed that being a democrat
seemed to be in my head.I had contact to a voice
for long time. This was also emotional. Now I notice
inside me emotional belonging to the democrats, in
German "Sozialdemokraten" or more suitable
"The Red Pestilence".
That are results of Mind Control weapons.
I hope I get this stuff out of my mind again.

Sunday, April 08, 2018

I had voices which threat me in various ways today.
Voices make it difficult to concentrate on anything.

Sunday, April 01, 2018

New mind-reading machine can translate your thoughts and display them as text INSTANTLY


I claim they can do such for a long time already and they can do such from quiete a distance
(remote viewing). Victims of mind control technology claim the same. There is also
technology to speak  to your mind and harass

Thursday, March 29, 2018

I notice some programming inside is no more used or not used at
the moment. There is a lot of programming to change my
Like talking in a simplified way to me for a long time every day
over a long time. I adapted to that. I was no more able to use
my mind I used to do.It made me think simplified. I did not use
my mental capacity. when thinking using my mind.
Voices say  they want my mind back. This lot of talking is
information for the mind which I did not want but my mind uses.
It is influence. I have a lot of different talk in my mind with
different mentalities talking. I notice this influences how I feel.
This whole influence had made it clear to me. With the mind
control forces working on the long run you won't have your
own independent personality. I could no more use  my mind
for my goals the last time. So this forces are the enemy of people.
They shape the people in the way the forces behind it want it.
On the long run targets of such probably won't escape.that.
This is also what voices told me sometime ago.
The means to influence and control minds including the
technology is not regulated by law.So government tolerates
such happening or rather is doing itself.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The last time I often hear voices when I actually want to sleep.
This makes sleep when I get enough Irregular.
Yesterday evening there were voices that because I turn against
the West I could easily meet people on the street which go
against me and my property.
Later the evening I went out to go to a convenience store.
Two young men asked me for the way to a certain place
Suddenly there were five or more young men around me
and hardly anyone around because it was late.
But they were nice. They noticed my fear and just stopped
asking me and left me alone.
But I am pissed about these fucking governments worldwide
which do not regulate Mind control weapons and with this
enable and protect crimes with these. They just fucking