Sunday, March 10, 2019

Terror has stepped up I have sleep deficit o nearly 3 nights.
There are always voices when I try to sleep.
The sexual harassment which stopped happily may be 2 weeks
 or a little more than this has left me burned out with making
mistakes in routine things. They are trying to get my thinking and
acting more under control in details.
For years I tried o get active against this terror.I could not. I ended
up in a depression  after plans to write and get reports to the
bpolicef ailed. I tried it repeatedly but it did not work. I could not
do anything about it. My mindset was too weak about this
I should have improved it.
Now they seem to want such writing
and also to bring me down or a breakdown.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Not long ago I subscribed to a newsletter of Dr Mercola.
The last days I started to consider the newsletter doubtful.
Today I wanted t unsubscribe. But in my gmail account
all posts of Dr Mercola were removed.
This may mean Dr Mercola is anyway connectet to
western medical doctors are for me partly suspicious to
support the system I have to do with. I have to outline
what I mean later.

Saturday, February 02, 2019

This time asleep I had short time but massive stimulation of abusing
 sex. It is probably from people in the guesthouse.
I feel depressed now. The stuff may also be about pressing me
into their desired mental shape. Voices are about this.

Friday, February 01, 2019

voices say they wood be active in some ways today. which would
affect me to a larger degree.
They would have kept awake the night which happened.
I had this already repeatedly where I stay now.
I do not have an answer to this. It is any radiation or psychic
attacks.. It would be a good idea if somebody knocks
so that I do not take all while largely asleep.
Even if I know somebody doing such I do not know how
to turn against them wthout evidence to show.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Stimmen drohen die letzten Tage massiv verschaerften
Terror an der meine Existenz in Freiheit beenden soll.
Letztenendich ist es wohl das was mit dem Terror beabsichtigt wird und auch Unterstuetzer in Thailand und Malaysia hat.
Das was Stimmen sagen hat nur einen begrenzten
Wahrheitsgehalt. Ich hoffe das die Ankuendigungen nicht
wahr werden.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Today like in many talks in my mind before here is programming
of  mentality and radiation. The latter is often included in talks.
On my tablet the app Article reader had been deleted without my
knowledge and consent.  Articles from the alternative spectrum
with it like 'nutritional psychiatry will be the future of mental
health treatment'.
I reinstalled it saved articles in it. Now some days later one
article is removed. It dealt withh uman rights abuses the
current president of the USA has to do with and mentioned
such abuses of the presidents before. It mentioned that now
the human rights would be taught n high school.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

I had sadistic sexual abuse in my childhood.
I am now a target of covert harassment. Sadistic
abuse has also to do with positive feelings
apart from the pain humiliation, stress. 
These positive feelings are used in my targetting.
They try to connect these feelings to them to
make me like them.and how they do things.
This I always rejected but the affection to them
and how they things do is growing in me.
I do not like the social democrats, I never did.
But with what I experience they may change that.
That is how the social democrats treat ordinary people
First they tried simple convincing in my brain with thoughts
then they tried to blackmail me You cannot resist us we are
too large for you.Now they are programming affection
and acceptance of them. That is how this social democrats
are. They just want them to follow you and give a chit
what you think and feel and even torture you.
I have for years this stimulation this pain and stress
I cannot get out of this abuse because it is reproduced
and used for this purpose. I am depressed also 
because of this. It must be clear that the social democrats
so are not a democratic party. They are rather a 
terrorist organisation.