Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The whole last time are signs that my story as MC victim is going on  better than before.
Today I heard voices that I should read about thought reform. This is a topic which matches. Such I also looked up at the very beginning being in MC.
Voices said I could now get out of this I had to do with. It would be possible now.
It was for me not possible for many years. I could not get my\head round to write police reports about what I had to do with. I just could not. It was also that speaking about it was difficult.
I was not believed at the police and the peiple which produced
hopelessness for me. Though I could have done more against this but I did not.
This was weak and prolonged my suffering unnecessarily.
On the other hand I had that much pain, stress, manipulation 
from harassers that I will not blame myself too much.
I hope I can get out of this the next time.
I do not believe easily such voices which also have said a lot of 
nonsense up to now.. The last days I hear in the morning a longer 
talk. Such was not always usual. For some time I heard such a  talk in the morning with something  which made me think from
the very beginning that they are fucking democrats doing it during the day. in this or that way trying to make me their own. That is what they call democrazy Fuck you democrats. Fuck you democrats.At least you do no more pretend to be democrats. To use  modern technology to try to enslave people shows the democrats should label themselves as terrorist organisation.

I say to try to enslave people. I had it some time ago I noticed the control in my mind was with the democrats. I did no nore have
the control with myself in my mind. Any emotional reaction on impressions was judged no more with me so decisions were no more with me.It did not remain like this long
It changed back to me. At least it looks to some degree I have it.
This long talks which I have in my mind most days store informatiom in my head which may be used in the way it was spoken. There is also programming. I once read the newspaper and noticedI have a negative attitude towards Russia, this is new, where is this from. I could locate it and throw it out but not the detail I do no more know now.

Well, the last days I remembered something I could not think of 
really for a long time. Doing meditation. I just could not think of
doing it for a very long time. It was not there. So my immune system got weak and weaker. I had also times when I could not think of learning english. I was doing it every day but then a time
came I could not think of learing english, which I had been doing 
for years.

The lasts time some things go better. The day when Mr Scholz in Germany announced he would apply for the seat of the  chairman of the party of the SPD I tried and I could be more active than before. I could not do much before because of blocking control I think for longer time I just was passive and longer time I felt weak due to sickness.

I could for a longer time not manage to write posts in blogger. I was blocked or innerly not strong enough? I noticed not being able to do other things.
 My stomach is giving me a little pain. Still a little fortunately.
  My heart is worse, weak now

Thursday, May 30, 2019

I find it probable that the programming to a 'Sozialdemokrat'
which I notice for years at least contributes to the forgetfulness
or maybe Alzheimers I have.

Mental weakness was also programmed.  I think ths is the reason
why I could not consciously use my brain well.
The programming included to get me under their control
which they have managed to a degree hic is unclear to me

I could write a lot which I will  hopefully later.

Monday, April 22, 2019

I have what I already in Had Yai. Voices do not allow me to sleep.
repeatedly and will probably bring me in trouble if they go on
 for lnger timehere is also stirring up unrest. The voices are
 technical,  I assume. I hear such stuff like the 'social democrats
 will be the last party on this planet. They will make me work for
 them. The voices are that much that it is hard to use my head calmly.

Friday, April 19, 2019

I ended up on infowars wesite.
There was an article about Assange.
The question was is he an journalist.
There was during the Vietnam war
a journalist who also published secret Material of the
US government which helped end the war. He was
seen as a hero. He said his work would be similar
to what Assange did. Assange would be a journalist.

I was twice on the website infowars. The second time I visted it
the article was removed. I actually visit it
I visited also twice. The second time i visited
the webpage sites I wanted to visit were removed.
.I wanted to use the webpages for a blog entry.
I have voices which want me to stop this online stuff.

I am pissed, well
The USlike most other countries like for instance  Germany this
decided not to regulate Mind Control weapons. Russia has
publicly discussd them and regulated them by laws.
The US  also Germany and other countries which did not
regulate rhese weapons decided with this to become Tyrannies.
The weapons can be used to harm, change or destroy people
without much of traces. And this is what they are doing and
denying with this weapons.
That has to do with western mainstream politics too often
not exceeding junk quality. To escape this we probably have to
overcome western mainstream.

The reason why they go after Assange is probably
the following. Imagine being a Tyrant in government.
You enjoy also doing your crimes. You would find it
rather disturbing a journalist publishing some of
your crimes  you did in secrecy, isn't it.  So publishing
state secrets gets a crime  you really go after. There is
no escaping severe punishment even if or because
crimes of the governmenthave been unveiled.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Terror has stepped up I have sleep deficit o nearly 3 nights.
There are always voices when I try to sleep.
The sexual harassment which stopped happily may be 2 weeks
 or a little more than this has left me burned out with making
mistakes in routine things. They are trying to get my thinking and
acting more under control in details.
For years I tried o get active against this terror.I could not. I ended
up in a depression  after plans to write and get reports to the
bpolicef ailed. I tried it repeatedly but it did not work. I could not
do anything about it. My mindset was too weak about this
I should have improved it.
Now they seem to want such writing
and also to bring me down or a breakdown.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Not long ago I subscribed to a newsletter of Dr Mercola.
The last days I started to consider the newsletter doubtful.
Today I wanted t unsubscribe. But in my gmail account
all posts of Dr Mercola were removed.
This may mean Dr Mercola is anyway connectet to
western medical doctors are for me partly suspicious to
support the system I have to do with. I have to outline
what I mean later.

Saturday, February 02, 2019

This time asleep I had short time but massive stimulation of abusing
 sex. It is probably from people in the guesthouse.
I feel depressed now. The stuff may also be about pressing me
into their desired mental shape. Voices are about this.