Monday, December 17, 2018

Today like in many talks in my mind before here is programming
of  mentality and radiation. The latter is often included in talks.
On my tablet the app Article reader had been deleted without my
knowledge and consent.  Articles from the alternative spectrum
with it like 'nutritional psychiatry will be the future of mental
health treatment'.
I reinstalled it saved articles in it. Now some days later one
article is removed. It dealt withh uman rights abuses the
current president of the USA has to do with and mentioned
such abuses of the presidents before. It mentioned that now
the human rights would be taught n high school.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

I had sadistic sexual abuse in my childhood.
I am now a target of covert harassment. Sadistic
abuse has also to do with positive feelings
apart from the pain humiliation, stress. 
These positive feelings are used in my targetting.
They try to connect these feelings to them to
make me like them.and how they do things.
This I always rejected but the affection to them
and how they things do is growing in me.
I do not like the social democrats, I never did.
But with what I experience they may change that.
That is how the social democrats treat ordinary people
First they tried simple convincing in my brain with thoughts
then they tried to blackmail me You cannot resist us we are
too large for you.Now they are programming affection
and acceptance of them. That is how this social democrats
are. They just want them to follow you and give a chit
what you think and feel and even torture you.
I have for years this stimulation this pain and stress
I cannot get out of this abuse because it is reproduced
and used for this purpose. I am depressed also 
because of this. It must be clear that the social democrats
so are not a democratic party. They are rather a 
terrorist organisation.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

I have the last time stimulation of abusing sexbut at least it is not
that strong and or painful that it weakens a lot me which I had in
I go in Penang in an Internetcafe ask for an 2 hour package
pay and after that I ask for the change. The Chinese man in charge
 said most people would take the other package which would
cost the complete amount I gave him. I told him he should give
me what I ask for. He started arguing and even threatened he
would bring trouble to me.
I don,t have such that often but it also happens repeatedly.
Not long ago I bought a T-shirt and the Chinese just to kept the
relative large change arguing with me. I just took it out of his hands.
I had it in this Internet cafe that the computer was shot down when
the time I paid for was over but without giving repeatedly
information that it would do so which it does usually.
I was writing about my experiences in Mind control and actually
wanted to save this information for later use.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The Stasi in China.

China's TERRIFYING Social Credit System

I think freedom made the US strong. People must be
able to really go their own ways without depending
too much on judgement.
I possibly would not even survive in China with my
 special disability. Many people have special wants or needs
with which you are in a bad situation when these are
not accepted. The acceptance is based on government
philosophy which is probably too tight or onesighted
for a whole nation.

This could be a topic for president Trump to address threats
to personl freedom.

I have a different idea but not thought that much about it.
Clearly unhealthy foods you find mandatory in the
back sheves, for sch food is no adversising allowed and on
such food is put an additonally tax Such foods would be
processed food, a!cohol for instance.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Today I had a talk in my mind about politics. I noticed that
there are now part of my thoughts following the Democrats
or social democrats. I never had this. I was always opposition
to them. I remember that programming to a democrat was
happening the time and three days before it was quite strong.
Being a follower to democrats so seem to creep slowly in
my mind. T try to deprogram. I know that it is not only the
democrats who are in such stuff. I supported the conservatives
for years in my mind. This year a few month ago something
in my mind changed and I had my original attitude towards
conservatives back. It is just not my party and I am actually
critical about them. About this I could not think all the years
ago. Voices actually asked me repeatedly or also tried to
make me think to bash conservatives now which I did
But I want to stop that now and try not to answer to what
programmers want as far as I can.
In Russia mind control weapons are regulated by law
while in the western world they are not. Some months
ago a German policemen denied that such existed.
In Malaysia a  Policeman also did not know anything
about such.

Russian Mind Control Weapons. They are regulated 
by law now.

In Malaysia I wrote an police report about Mins Control.

A few days later I noticed something happened in my
mind to the positive. I had my mind back to some degree.
I went to Thailand and found myself quickly much more
active than most time the last years. This went on for some
days then  something happened in the night and I it was
again difficult to be active like the years before.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Bill Gates Funding Web of Satellites For Global Real-Time Surveillance

In Thailand I found out that sexual harassment was coming from
a satellite dish. It is directed energy you can block by very strong
shielding. I had ten metal sheets of about 2 mm thickness in a row
and achieved blocking of such. I had blocked such at other times
also with much less shielding.Well, humans also do psychic attacks
and stimulate sexual feelings in others to various degrees of strength.

In  Malaysia unplugging the TV antenna saved me from sexual harassment
at one place.

At the place where I stay I had repeatedly severe
stimulation of abusing sex which made me sick
for some time. I had voices that such terror would
go on now. Ich stelle fest das ich deswegen
vor Computerbildschirmen zu sitzen neuerdings
als Stress empfinde und ich es deswegen zumindest
teilweise vermeiden werde falls ich keine Antwort
darauf finden kann.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Trumps Allies face harassment

I recommend Russia to try to keep a copy of Western Democrats out of their country. With this I think the political Left should also offer another or other ways. One which is serious about environmental protection and not going for
One which does not want the global control of the people and
cultures for instance.