Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I had again sexual stimulation in the morning. when I came to the lounge of Hotel Cathey in Had Yai where I stay most people there were doing psychic attacks towards me in Hotel Cathey in Had Yai.
In a bus teenagers did psychic attacks later, in a Internetcafe even teenagers got behind me and did psychic attacks towards abusing sex.

Too many Thais love sexual abuse. A rather disgusting feature of Thai culture and a significant difference to Malay culture. Thais have fun with sexual abuse.Malays rather like mistreating people to get them small this may include sexual abuse. So not everywhere is all the same. There are remarkable differences in cultures like this I just mentioned. You certainly cannot generalize this statements I would rather say it is about trends.

The heavy attacks I had are designed to destroy achievements I made to get distance from sexual abuse.

THE VOICES INSIST TO GET ME TO STAY AT ABUSING SEX AND NOT DEVELOPPING OUT OF IT. It estimate also that this is wanted so in Thailand.

To my estimation at least a certain number of Thais supports surveillance on me.
Thais, what to support my human rights and no more do this? Leave me alone and no more report where I go where I am what I do as this enables me to escape torture from time to time and feel more like an human being.
This would be helpful for me or are you that greedy with my abuse that you won't do that? We will see.

In America at least in some institutions people have decided no more to answer to FBI's questions about where certain people are.

Monday, November 27, 2006

The last two days I had sexual stimulation shortly several times . I slept during the morning I did not sleep in the night woke up at half past eleven had sexual arousal and decided to go to sleep again because I had had only 4 hours with waking up in between. In the afternoon I woke up and again was stressed out both days. I needed some hours to get ready to do something. Maybe something changes and there is more harming radiation around when it gets hot at this place I do not know.
Today I woke up several times. The last time I was in severe pain and had massive sexual arousal. I again found a Thai doing at that time psychic attacks. The hard ones were over at that time I am not sure if he did these.
I wrote the message before last in the morning and went to bed after. When I woke up I was stressed out. Massive sexual stimulation had taken place.I will need some time to deal with what happened like so often since I am under harassment.

The next night the floor of the guesthouse was empty. Has my blog been read?. However in the morning I heard steps on the floor walking around.I thought it might be a perp.Three hours later I was woken up by sexual arousal and pain in the chest. I heard also steps then walking away. Exactly this I have had many times also already in Germany where the terror started more than 11 years ago. After I had left my flat and slept in a car I woke often up with the same symptoms and saw one or several people just leaving. The symptoms I always have are produced by the attacker's mind. I can also some of such stuff. When I for instance see a girl sitting 10 m from me looking in another direction and then think of having sex with her this girl will recognize something and react.On this way you can unfortunately also transmit painful feelings. There are also books available who deal with this topic.This possibilities are used by harassment groups. I call this psychic attacks.
When I spoke to people from Europe or America about this topic they usually did not understand what I was talking about. Only very few admitted knowing and doing such things. That means it is mainstream standard to use psychic attacks as harassment methods and the same time the existance of such things is not even admitted, though there are also people who really do not know this way of communicatin. Acting like this belongs to the strength of the mainstream.
When I spoke to Thais it was often possible to stop them from doing such attacks. The knowledge about such things is more spread. And Thais are altogether (still?) more honest than westerners but unfortunately a certain number also enjoy being in my MC and doing or tolerating gangstalking towards me.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

The last days I wrote messages for my blog but once I had a hang had to restart and the message was lost. Once the computer restartet itself, the message was lost. Then I had a texteditor with autosave. It had to close and I could not recover the message.
Then I stored my message on the web a site for notetaking


The site with an additional name I have choosen is not accessible now as I wanted to furhter edit my message.

Some month before I was collecting messages for a blog or website on a voicerecorder which I always had with me carrying in a shoulderbag.
There were more than hundred voice recordingsrelated to MC on it already. When I last was in Vientianne I rent a bicycle put the bag in the front basket. It was stolen during my trip. A motorbike passed by and the man on the back just took it out my basket.

I think there may be the one or other thing have to do with my stalking and MC.
(International Mainstream Corruption Standards you have in many places in the world). Voices were also against blogging.

I edited a message with the beginning of the harassment in Germany and I mentioned also the man who I perceive as the first to do it. I heard a voice then I do not know from where it came "you destroy him with this."

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I am some time in Thailand now . In Had Yai I had some attacks during sleep which I blame on foreigners but I am not sure if they were the source of this.
In Songkla I had several times sexual attacks in which probably a Dutch couple staying in the same guesthouse was involved.
In Surat Thani I had severe sexual attacks coming from room 5 in guesthouse SA two days ago.
Since I am able to block some of the stimulation of abusing sex there seems to be programming to like and to go towards men. That is what is there today and has not been there before. Okay, there may be other factors involved I am not aware of. But I had again some sexual stimulation and some influence by radiation during sleep.

This should not happen from far and Thais are probably doing or supporting this dirty business. There are hardly any foreigners around in this area. This organized harassment I had quite some times in Surat. Last year I was in Pattaya before I came to Surat and had there stimulating of abusing sex. I located the source of this exactly below my room. I went down and in a rage just tried to open the door. It was locked. I walked away but I must have ben recognized .The next days the same happened to me in Pattaya. People just tried to open my door.
When I came to Surat Thai some days later crap also tried to open my door in the hotel where I stayed. I never had this before. Organized gangstalking all over Thailand by Thais. The person who was staying below me in Pattaya was Thai. I had stimulation of abusing sex in Bangkok shortly before I went to Pattaya. I found out who. It was a Thai.

Welcome to Thailand. Yes, you are welcome. The Thais will probably have fun with you. Either with the money they get from you or for instance with such harassment I get.
Is it possible to program the brain from outside? I think so.
I have decided decided some years ago to life mainly on my adultI and to keep away from my father I. The last year I often had the thought you must work out your past first you have to go there. I now notice that the thoughts have influence on my daily life. I cannot remember to have actively thought that . The thoughts were simply there. Okay it may be an internal support of such thoughts anyway. But It could also be external programming to weaken my adult I and to strenghten my dependend child I to make this dominant and to push me in my child dependance which I have not worked out yet. That is what I assume is tried with MC among other things.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

One day after I had returned to Teluk BahangI went in the Internetcafe Spiderweb in Georgetown. This day not a woman was doing service there it was a young man probbly her son. I had very quickly psychic attacks and assumed them coming from the young man doing service and the other young man sitting beside him. After a while I stood up and was able after a short time to know where they probably came from. It was the young man who did service there the other young man had left by then. I started to talk with him about this topic but he refused to understand and just said I should have checked my head. i was angry about that and said that I don't have to go there and finished my surfing. After I had payed for Internetserice the man took a baseball club and threated me with this I quickly left the room and kept distance. He said I should be careful when I would be in Georgetown in the evening or I would be beaten up by them. He did not come towards me to attack me, he had to mind the Internetcafe.

I had already people going behind me after I speaking about psychic attacks. And I had people pooring oil over me from a motorbike running past me in the street..And I had people attacking me after I complaint there about something
A person from Penang said after I asked if foreigners are beaten up in Penang with "yes"

Welcome to Penang. Yes you are welcome. The residents will have fun with you on their way.

To deal with vulnerabilities like this is nazistyle. It leaves the vulnerablse no chance and they get in danger when they resist being hurt and discriminated. I also know that frequent attacks may damage me after some time.
I had also in Thailand a similar experience some years ago.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

After I returned to Teluk Bahang from KL (Kuala Lumpur) something had changed. But it may also have to do with having being hurt in KL and now being more sensitive.
I had a lot of mind games then laid in bed the whole day. I spoke with an Englishman about this. Then I heard a voice. "The whole day in bed that is not acceptable."
The next day I was able to get up in the morning but there had been a lot of programming druing sleep. A few days I left Teluk Bahang after having had a lot of stress with mind games, which I did not have the days there before I went to KL.
In Georgetown then I had programming one night I should become a policeman.I still have some of the picture in my mind which is a smiling policeman beside me as a comrade. I never intended to become a policeman. So I think the picture di not come into consciousness from my history. Such programming is stressful often painful and burns at least some of the resources of a day. Additionally there is often confusion for some time and to remove such programming takes hours again.
Appearing crimes in modern times or was it possible in the past also?

Sunday, November 12, 2006

I was some time in Malaysia. And also in Kuala Lumpur for some days.
I slept in a dorm together with the 36 year old skinny australian traveller Frank Thompson. He pretended to be an artist and showed me his drawings. But I thought a pupil of secondary schol can do that.
The first days conversation vith him was okay.
The forth day I noticed when I went to my locker that the key of my additional lock was inside.
I opened both locks and looked inside the locker but nothing seemed to be removed. I put another padlock infront the loker which I had inside of it.
But I missed already the second key for it.
The next morning I was woken up by abusing sexual arousal and noticed that the key of this lock was lying beside me on the mattress.
Frank turned around in his bed and grinned.
I went down to check if anything was removed from my locker, but all seemed to be there. I went back to the dorm and now found the second key on the mattress. I did not carry this key with me before and in the evening.
I would have noticed it when it would have been on my bed. So I have to assume that Frank put him there also because he was the only one who could enter the dorm aside from the staff.
I asume that he but also others were involved in more. That I found the first key out of my pocket in the morning, that I was woken up by abusing sexual attacks.
They could only get the second key I found on my bed by opening the second lock at my locker. I had a key and the staff. So it may have been involved.
I was angry about what happened and unfriendly to Frank. I left the room and heared then "Randolf" I opened the door and said "yes". "Frank said 'It is only in your head".
Even when I misinterpreted some voice coming from elsewhere would anybody have said "it is just in your head" when this happens or wouldn't you rather say "No, I did not say anything" or "No I did not call you" than just" it is all in your head. " I have not told him much about myself so normally he only could have played such games when he is involved in illegal surveillance towards me.

Alltogether what happened to me seems to be created to instill a sense of beeing crazy in me.

This is called "gaslightening" according to Mukazo Mukazo Vundo in his latest book:

Coherent Madness: Effective Defense Against Covert Warfare

You can download the PDF version of this book for free on:


The more detailed paper version is out of print. Is it because the mainstream is able to make
pressure to avoid to get this more detailed information spread and does not want censore too open and so lets the PDF version untouched?

For me are such events which are probably due to organized gangs painful and stressful and because terror is quite often is is a big burden in my life.