Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I am some time in Thailand now . In Had Yai I had some attacks during sleep which I blame on foreigners but I am not sure if they were the source of this.
In Songkla I had several times sexual attacks in which probably a Dutch couple staying in the same guesthouse was involved.
In Surat Thani I had severe sexual attacks coming from room 5 in guesthouse SA two days ago.
Since I am able to block some of the stimulation of abusing sex there seems to be programming to like and to go towards men. That is what is there today and has not been there before. Okay, there may be other factors involved I am not aware of. But I had again some sexual stimulation and some influence by radiation during sleep.

This should not happen from far and Thais are probably doing or supporting this dirty business. There are hardly any foreigners around in this area. This organized harassment I had quite some times in Surat. Last year I was in Pattaya before I came to Surat and had there stimulating of abusing sex. I located the source of this exactly below my room. I went down and in a rage just tried to open the door. It was locked. I walked away but I must have ben recognized .The next days the same happened to me in Pattaya. People just tried to open my door.
When I came to Surat Thai some days later crap also tried to open my door in the hotel where I stayed. I never had this before. Organized gangstalking all over Thailand by Thais. The person who was staying below me in Pattaya was Thai. I had stimulation of abusing sex in Bangkok shortly before I went to Pattaya. I found out who. It was a Thai.

Welcome to Thailand. Yes, you are welcome. The Thais will probably have fun with you. Either with the money they get from you or for instance with such harassment I get.

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