Tuesday, February 25, 2014

UN Plotting to “Dramatically Alter” Your Views and Behavior


 Mind Control technology will probably be used to press the
agenda ahead.
Russia has regulated this technology while many other
countries including the US and the EU haven't.
These prefer the abuse over the law not only in this

I had several times stimulation of abusing sex the last days.
 Two Japanese and one Thai I noticed doing psychic attacks
 doing this.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

In the place where I stay in Pattaya I had a quarrel with a fat,black
woman. To my estimation there is some probability that she is a

Monday, February 10, 2014

Mind Control in the 21st Century - Science Fiction & Beyond


I am a victim of Mind Control weapons.
I hear voices which are not my own, there is harassment over
radiation, there is programming in my mind, since 18 years.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Spy Agencies Work On Psychologically Profiling Everyone

Voices say that the aim of their actions would be "regierbarkeit"
the ability to govern the people from;outside. That seems to be
the real aim of all spying and harassment.
The argument that crime could be reduced with such is not more
than a pretense.

I was the last time quite passive,  I call it down. But the last days it was heavy.
Yesterday I had a talk in my mind and changes happened in it.
As if a brake was loosened and some other restrictions removed I
got the first day for some time get up after 8 hours in bed, though
sleep was not relaxing, strengthening and refreshing how I knew
it before my harassment began.
Maybe the regular massage helps me up at the moment but
I also suspect that the loosening of brakes indicates an illegal
implantat. Heiner Gehring writes in his book ''Versklavte Gehirne"
that there are implants which enable behavior control.
Voices said that it was too much public again at the moment so
they would retreat and their activities would not go on for a while
(short while?).
But I woke up with stimulation of abusing sex, It was not strong
but it was there.