Thursday, May 31, 2012

I had the last time in Penang some hard harassment. There are some signs that the direct environment
was involved. I was in bed because of the harassment for several days and just up for food.
The last days I did not notice much harassment. But I am still  depressed and find it quite some times difficult to get active or to tackle some kinds problems. Hidden terror combined with human rights propaganda. Western Standard.

Friday, May 25, 2012

I had programming in my sleep twice. This is actually changing my behavior. I think it also has to do with my depression. My way I define my is not accepted at least by a certain number of people in Thailand and at least some are disgusting enough to try to do something against it which results in programming of my mind with the intention to change it.
Well, idiotic Thais don't have to tell me anything! I know too many Thais as arrogant and stupid. But they affect me with this programming which is possibly done by psychic attacks not far from me.
I assume this has to be learned. I would like to know if there is anybody who wants to share such knowledge.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Monsters of Chaiya

Today afternoon I tried to meditate more than usual. I will try to keep it up to get out of my depression and meditation is simply the best means I know to achieve that.About 2 hours later I woke up, What I noticed in my mind let me assume that I just had a lot of programming to keep me down.
I went out and found the man of house number one of our block doing psychic attacks on me contacting me over energy with sexual abusing feelings. The third time the few days I am there. The first time it was very strong. But I  state I am not really sure that he did it the first time.
Programming and stimulation was strong. A horrible part of it is that positive feelings with the abuse got strenghtened very much. So in future stimulation of bad sex may overpower my senses and and people aroung may be going for more than just for stimulation.
On the premises there are at the moment apart from me just three men, all of some bodily strength. The man I spoke about, another neighbor who joined psychic attacks related to abusing sex the last time and the son of the landlady who gave me to feel psychic attacks related to abusing sex some time ago and this time a little.
So I feel a threat that things can get worse there
I have no support there. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Is it advisable for an targeted individual to buy a more expensive bug detector ( 500 $ or more ) than such available for 200-250 $ to be able to detect implants and bugs.  Are the more expensive ones capable of detecting bugs in a farther distance lets say 10 m. Is the latter of bigger importance for victims?
The strong stimulation a few days before may have been by one of my neighbors. I got stimulation during the day now. Another neighbor also joined the stimulation the day after I had the heavy one.

Monday, May 21, 2012

In Padang Bezar in Thailand I had twice stimulation of abusing sex.
On the second day there was some police around the place where I stayed for some time.
The next day I had no stimulation of bad sex.
In Chaiya I had once very heavy stimulation of such.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I have more or less voices which are not my own and brainwashing to accept the western society as it is.
In the face that the western society is just staying for some time, it is in many areas just too weak not sustainable just another misery from western culture.
On the other hand I would not like to exchange it for something worse. But in some areas it is rather bad Psychiatry is an example.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I had  stimulation and programing of abusing sex in Padang Bezar in Thailand. This was announced before.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Ich stelle Programmierung fest. Es handelt sich um eine Akzeptanzprogrammierung von mainstream medien. Sie ist an Gefuehlt gekoppelt. Das Ganze geht schon eine ganze Weile vor sich und diese Programmierung wird stark.
Ich hatte wieder Programmierung von missbraeuchlichem Sex diese ist sehr stark gewesen. Ich habe Muehe diese aus dem Kopf zu bekommen.
Gestern hatte ich  starke Schikanen ueber Strahlen. Ich habe am Tag kaum etwas gemacht.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Ich hatte in Penang mehrmals Reprogramierung von mussbreauchlichem Sex. Das war schmerzhaft. stressig fuer den jeweiligen Tag. Die letzten beiden Tage war dann weniger los in dieser Hinsicht.
Meine Gesundheitsprobleme vergroessern sich durch diese permanenten Schikanen. An einem schikenenfreien Tag kann ich ohne Schmerzen die Treppe hochgehen,. sonst nicht.
Schwaches Herz, mein Augenlicht reagiert anscheinend auf den Terror und Depressionen. Die gesundheitlichen Problems koennen durch den Terror nur schwerlich besser werden. auch wenn ich fuer die Gesundheit etwas tuhe da der Terror die Ursache fuer die Probleme ist.
Ich habe oft Schmerzen in der linken Brust die bei Stress groesser werden.
Natuerlich beachte ich die wichtige Regel bei Krankheit eben nicht so einfach zu einem Arzt zu rennen.
Der macht dich mit chemischen Drogen mit deren Nebenwirkungen nur noch noch kraenker wenn der ueberhaupt zuhoert und sich mehr als ein paar Minuten Zeit nimmt und nicht nur Painkiller und Antibiotika
verschreibt. Aber wenn der sich Zeit nimmt kommt der vieleicht mit irgendwelchen teuren Tests oder
Behandlungen.. So sind Aerzte nunmal.

Ich fuerchte Thailand. Als ich auf dem Weg nach Malaysia in Surat Thani im Hotel Bandon schlief wurde ich wie frueher oft um 3 Uhr geweckt dann um 5 Uhr ueber Strahlung oder auch Energie von Menschen. Dies war dann begleitet von gestresst sein von den jeweiligen Angriffen. In Chaiya war nchts systematische Stimulation von missbraeuchlichem Sex. Am ersten Tag war nichts aber dann ging es wieder los.
Es kann sein das der Terror deswegen  ist weil ich mich nicht so verhalte oder nicht so bin wie es irgendwelche Thaiidioten  erwarten. Das reicht dann um Terror zu befuerworten. Indizien dafuer hatte ich schon mal.
Ich habe natuerlich nicht das geringste Interesse irgendwelche Thaivorstellungen zu erfuellen.

Thailand hat ein ausgedehntes Gangstalking Terrorsystem das jeden an den meisten Orten in Thailand schikanieren kann. Nicht viel ueber Thailand. Auf der andere Seitespielt bei der Sache  auch
Korruption eine Sache.