Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Monsters of Chaiya

Today afternoon I tried to meditate more than usual. I will try to keep it up to get out of my depression and meditation is simply the best means I know to achieve that.About 2 hours later I woke up, What I noticed in my mind let me assume that I just had a lot of programming to keep me down.
I went out and found the man of house number one of our block doing psychic attacks on me contacting me over energy with sexual abusing feelings. The third time the few days I am there. The first time it was very strong. But I  state I am not really sure that he did it the first time.
Programming and stimulation was strong. A horrible part of it is that positive feelings with the abuse got strenghtened very much. So in future stimulation of bad sex may overpower my senses and and people aroung may be going for more than just for stimulation.
On the premises there are at the moment apart from me just three men, all of some bodily strength. The man I spoke about, another neighbor who joined psychic attacks related to abusing sex the last time and the son of the landlady who gave me to feel psychic attacks related to abusing sex some time ago and this time a little.
So I feel a threat that things can get worse there
I have no support there. 

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