Thursday, March 29, 2007

The programming I had in Surat Thani the last time was not that stressful like mostly but much more effective. I have much work to get rid of gay programming. It is that suddenly after such nights you think, feel or react different to one or several topics and you have to remove the new structures if you don't want to go the way programmers want. Voices say that they wanted to have it like this. It would be too much work for me to work out my abuse. This would be the quickest solution.

Two days before again I took a room in the hotel in Chaiya. This time very late, so that nobody checked in after me. But this happened in the morning. I was woken up by programming and radiation coming from room number 6 late in the morning. A young western woman was staying in this room.
I remember also having heard moving of furniture or staff in another room while half asleep.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

On Koh Pajam I spoke about not having much attacks in Surat Thani the last time. Now again there I had the last night severe ones again. Voices said they did not do it because they did not want it. But now it is known.
I understand my torture a little more. I signed up for a freedom newsletter.(
But one Emailservice in UK and one in Israel I have did not get Emails from this service.
I looked for the site It is no more there. It was a site for a Panafrican community and this is not desired in the times now where Europe and the US are conquering this continent for their own greed.
I looked for the site of the African writer Mukazo Mukazo Vunda who wrote a book about gangstalking he was and is alike me a victim of. His site is nomore accessible. You can download his free version of his book about covert warfare from other sites which I see as mainstreamcontrolled. Can I be sure to get the real version or one which is censored. Without the possibility to go to the writers site it is difficult to try to get his out of print version of the book in print again.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I stayed one night in Chumphon after coming from Koh Pajam and had no attacks. Usually I had at the place where I stayed. Then in Chaiya I rented room number eight in the Hotel in the town there. I noticed strong radiation coming from room number ten, the room beside mine. The room was locked from outside its key was lying on a bench in the hallway. In the bathroom which comes after room 10 I did not foung strong radiation. These I could reduce considerably with my shielding in my room. Late in the evening some people checked in close to my room. I had strong programming during the night, but no sexual harassment. I checked out and in the evening in again. Now I had room number ten. I recognized no signs of radiation. That meant the source of radiation in my room the night before should have been coming from room number ten but it was removed the day after. In the evening I did not do much until I recognized radiation coming now from room eight which made me passive. I spoke to the German couple there and had afterwards no more problems also in the morning. The man did not recognize anything but I am quite sure that there were psychic attacks from one of them. You can easyly lie about psychic attacks because you cannot prove them easyly.

Monday, March 19, 2007

I was a week on Koh Pajam, a small island. The attacks there started the morning after the first night. I Did not have much shielding. The second night I had improved this and nearly no attacks came through. But the third stimulating of abusing sex was again strong and went on up to the end of the stay. They were the hardest I had the last time. I also tried to vary sleeping times but then sexual stimulating of abusing sex woke me before the time I wanted to get up.
I noticed a radiation source coming from the neighbor resort to the right when you look from Vijit bungalows to the sea. I had a ot of voices around this topic. First they did not want me to go to this island, because it is small and not hat they like. An airport would not be built there, big very expensive resorts would also probably not arise there. The beaches were more designed to be priviligued places not for people like you I also noticed.