Monday, March 19, 2007

I was a week on Koh Pajam, a small island. The attacks there started the morning after the first night. I Did not have much shielding. The second night I had improved this and nearly no attacks came through. But the third stimulating of abusing sex was again strong and went on up to the end of the stay. They were the hardest I had the last time. I also tried to vary sleeping times but then sexual stimulating of abusing sex woke me before the time I wanted to get up.
I noticed a radiation source coming from the neighbor resort to the right when you look from Vijit bungalows to the sea. I had a ot of voices around this topic. First they did not want me to go to this island, because it is small and not hat they like. An airport would not be built there, big very expensive resorts would also probably not arise there. The beaches were more designed to be priviligued places not for people like you I also noticed.

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