Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Today I started writing  about my experienced trouble with my banks
and wanted to contact the BAFIN [Bankenaufsicht] in Germany.
The Banks seem to be in my Mindcontrol or just know what I am
doing online. So I have regained access to my DKB account.
The Sparda told me they will contact me.after I tried to call them.

Trouble with Banks in Germany?
Search for the Term: BAFIN

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

I had trouble to do Telefonbanking on my sparda bank account.
Now my DKB bank account is blocked. I typed in 3 different
tans and I controlled the input of the two last they were right
but my account is closed..I should call them by phone.
But the last phone calls I had with them were a disaster.
I was sometimes chaotic but they were nasty including I would
not go to the phone when they call. But my phone notices me
of any call coming in.and stores a record of this. They just lie.