Friday, February 27, 2009

Last time asleep was stimulating of abusing sex, programming of such and programming in my dreams in Had Yai.
The days bofore there was sometime nothing the other days there was. I nearly always suffer from the consequences of hidden influence, which is organized or also just due to my sensivities.
I am not working but because of this nearly always under stress.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I had a day off and this morning again stimulation of abusing sex and I perceive also programming in my dreams. There are always Thais ready to support the destruction of people be aware of this when you come to Thailand. I like to stay here but Thais prove me nearly every day with this terror that it is best not to have much to do with them.

Friday, February 20, 2009

In Had Yai I had once stimulating of abusing sex and once massive programming in my dream.
In this dream I was in a home for the disabled and spoke with people there. I thought already for a long time that I never want to go to such a place.
It was hard programming and I have done some stuff to deprogram but it is not gone yet.
Voices say that it is the plan to get me in such a home to have access to me to exploit my mind.
That is why they boycott my life my own efforts to get better or healthier.
I had now in Songkla one day no sexual harassment and then very strong. This is stressful troublesome as it is reprogramming it and in your mind present during the day with the tendency to repeat it. When I have no such harassment this is less or not there.
Some timea go there were also voices which said that they could not win against me without putting through abusng sex.
I still like Thailand but there is also a accumulation of hate because everywhere there are Thais who seemingly participate in the terror against me and actually defile the reputation of their country.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Between the last message and this one passed only a short time. I went to my Hotel room, checked my shielding and there was no more noticeable stress coming from the TV antenna plug even after I removed all the shielding, which was more than what Mukazo Mukazo Vunda describes in his book: Coherent madness..., as sufficient to shield military grade DEWs(Directed Energy Weapons)
I assumed this, because I had it often that a signal disappeared after the perps got to know I know about it and tried to find out. That does not mean that the signal won't appear again when they feel safe again. So they escape effective to get caught and go on.
Well then, where to turn to get support or help against this.
I stay in First Hotel in Padang Bezar Thailand. I cannot shield the TV antenna plug. To shield the TV requiered a lot of material.
I do not know if this is due to MC or my sensivities.
MC is there. A lot of programming to a social democrat.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Voices announced after my last blog entry that they would put up the level of harassment to eliminate the effect of shielding. This seems to have happened. I woke up again miserable today. This time in Malaysia was much worse than the one before also my last stay on Penang island was accompanied by much less harassment than this time. That times get worse for me in Malaysia without any reason makes me angry. But where exactly to direct the anger?

Sunday, February 08, 2009

I was at PCB close to Kota Bahru and noticed there programming or brainwashing to a christian.
I am now on Penang island and had a horrible time. Ongoing brainwashing. That means that I wake up and feel that humiliating sex is strongly programmed. I am stressed and passive for hours because of this massive programming. The day I had this first during sleep onPenang island in the afternoon afterwards a muslim woman checked in at the guesthouse where I stay and shortly afterwards she started with psychic attacks stimulating this abusing sex in her room. I was quiete angry and she got to hear it. The next day a muslim family checked in and I recognized also interest in stimulating such sex. I had it the next morning. The last night again massive attacks. Shielding just made them more bearable. This kind of humiliating sex which is programmed is more favored from Malay rubbish, while Thai rubbish tends more to sadistic abuse.
That hard as the last days I had programming seldom. Is brainwashing daily life in Malaysia?
My opinion about Malaysia has turned to the negative because of this despite the people in daily life a usually friendly.