Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The website I mentioned yesterday about MC and gangstalking is down today.


Is mainstream politics just a more perfect organised suppression, a more perfect illusion of freedom and human rights than the old dictatorships, that important news which could reveal that disappear in a matter of hours?
I don't think much of mainstream and know that exactly it poses a huge threat to a human and free future.
The following days the dame. Sexual harassment which got stronger. More shielding reduced that, as I noticed that guests in the guesthouse might have been involved. Today afternoon I had a nab and woke up without sexual harassment but exhausted from any influence of radiation. I estimate what happened in the afternoon as dangerous when it happens longer time.
It is not the first time that it has been like this in Penang. I had some nice events with friendly people there but the terror destroys the positive picture of that.
I read in the newspaper "The Sun" yesterday that Malaysia is not going to get a court which deals specially with corruption. Malaysia would not need that was said.
I state they want not clear up all ugly things and want to stick with some. For instance that radiation can be planned and organized used for the harm for the harassment and control of people. It is important to speak about this danger publicly and install protection against this instead of leaving most people without knowledge about this and preserving the possibility to use it hidden for the own profit.
There is a gangstalking system in Malaysia which is like in other countries well prepared to work unrecognized which can be used for illegal surveillance and harassment and more against selected people who are in any way against the interest of the ruling. To my estimation the mentioned things exist there but also in many other countries like in Europe, the US, Thailand and China where this mess is also not cleared up.
Those controlling it want the advantages of having it and are powerful enough to prevent control of the dangerous potentials up to now.

another page to read about from the USA

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Yesterday I arrived in Penang, Malaysia and had massive sexual harassment and programming during sleep. One person belonging to the staff of the guesthouse where I stay may at least have knowledge about this.
I have a lot of trouble to get rid of gay programming. It is very strong.

Anyway, Penang belongs in my rating of places related to harassment to the worst ever and confirms the justification of this rating with the last night.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Since some months I have rented a room in Chaiya. The people are now to my face more friendly than at some other places, but I have radiation attacks which count to the worst I ever had.
I could not stay in my room for long time because the attacks from various directions were too much. This I hardly ever had. I have several times stepped up shielding and tried to sleep there but had again horrible attacks. With the shielding now the intensity of attacks is more bearable. But a signal still gets through and also sexual harassment and heavy programming in my dreams.
Sometimes when I slept in the guesthouse in Chaiya the attacks were heavy. Last time two days ago when I had sexual harassment which made me exhausted at the beginning of the day. Doing anything was stressful.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I remained in bed today longer to try to cure my allergies at my legs a little which make walking more difficult. But they got worse. I had again programming in the night. May be it had to do with that. In the evening today in my room again talks in my head. A rat is there to give me a bad night.

Friday, July 13, 2007

I stay in Surat Thani now and have again a rat in Phanfa Hotel beside me probably in room 246
which woke me up in the night with sexual harassment.
Voices there were also. This would happen to me because I would have been seen as a potential terrorist.
But I have never been connected to terrorist networks nor done anything.
The real terrorists today are governments with this terrorsystem of gangstalking and MC which seems to be supported by many people.
Further there have always been people who have not accepted any government in power and tried to remove it. Nowadays such people are called terrorists. These people may be better as a existing government but these in power have the possibility to shape opinions of the people to their favor, to monitor and criminalize every suspicious person.
I state that in a country where revolution is not possible there is some probability that you live in despotism because the ruling don't have to fear much and control of power they can often prevent or circumvent also they are able to get other factors of might like courts in society on their side or control them also when it does not look like this.

That I state this does not mean that I intend to participate in activities against governments.
I am monitored already even by MC, there would be no chance to get anything done.
Further I never seriously thought of such activities. My life should go other ways.
On the other hand I try to take my freedom of thought and speech. This means when things in society are to my opinion wrong I want to express it or when a political system is not acceptable for me I also want to express it.
In the US in Germany, the UK and Malaysia I see important parts of society which I do not accept and are desirable to be changed in the long run.

I can also engage in activism. But with this it is what I see as possible now.

The last days in Chaiya I spent in the room I have rented. But radiation was despite a lot of shielding high. Without shielding it is impossible to stay there. There was a much gay programming without stimulating abusing sex.
I recognize a smile programmed towards men, which does its work and takes time to remove.
I assume that it is severe harassment especially sexual harassment that increases now allergic reactions.
On my right leg the skin just opened to a wound of a size of a coin beside smaller skin injuries.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Since some months I have rent a room in Chaiya on a monthly basis.
This town turns out to belong to the worst I have ever seen when it comes to attacks. The devil is at home in Chaiya. And he has support from the people. Some time I did not sleep in this room because of heavy attacks.
I stepped up shielding a lot again but had severe sexual harassment again
during sleep afterwards.
Many seem to know me. So out of a group of pupils I do not know once one called my name. When I went to the post office in Chaiya there were apart from the officer two girls sitting behind the counter, one made a remark about me that showed she knew details about my life.
That is gangstalking behavior. Heading for a criminal career already as a teenager.
So it seems to be that many know. I know that Thais enjoy my exploitation with MC.
Are there any people who help me to get rid of the terror or give any tips?
Is terror and exploitation that what Thais have to give and like to keep quiet about what happens to me? Is this Thai culture. Up to now it was, is this Thai culture now? Quiet again? Not much about your culture, Thais.
So you contribute to the destruction of this culture, Thais.
And who is responsible for this kind of terror in this country. The knowledge about this kind of terror says. The government!!!
Is the knowledge about this the reason to keep quiet? But such a horror must not be supported. Try a way to get out of supporting the wrong.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

I read that now MC would more discussed in mainstream media. I had a talk in my head that it would now be more difficult to put measures through with violance. It has to do with what I do and they observe in my mind, my room or anywhere else.
The results come so from illegal MC and torture.
Holocaust research by America and Europe enjoyed by many also in Thailand in the 21th century.
Nazi style or what it is called today, mainstream.
I think the future should be something better than the lowest level, mainstream. The problem is to resit it even more to beat it.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Chaiya has been a bad place for me when it comes to radiation and attacks. The last days again sexual stimulation of abusing sex and programming to a social democrat during sleep.
This stress and programming makes contact more difficult. Some other people then tend to contact me on my freshly opened wounds.
3 days ago I had westerners on both sides of my room and during the night radiation coming first from the one then from the other side. These westerners were staying there before they go to a meditation retreat in Suan Mokh. But that does not keep them from behaving like chit. They take the benefit of meditation and leave other parts of buddhist teachings like morality outside.