Monday, December 31, 2007

I came to Bangkok some days ago and recovered a little at first. My room in the South is hard to stay at. Despite shielding I had strong sexual harassment tow nights ago and changed the room. But again strong sexual harassment and additionally massive exhaustion after the night.

Monday, December 24, 2007

I am in Bangkok now. The first night was completely without harassment. The first since long. Then it started again. Programming in my dreams stimulation of abusing sex, permanent stress with radiation in my room. In Bangkok I usually had few harassment when I was there the last years.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Some days ago I had a rape. Sex with violence was induced.
A horrible event I do not know how long I will suffer from it.
Voices even said I should get used to it.

Yesterday evening I left my flat in Chaiya and went by bicycle to a shop. When I entered the road several motorbikes overtook me. I did not feel well about that feared something might happen. After I was in the shop I went back to my flat on my bike. Quickly after I started to ride the same. Several motorbikes overtook me at the railway tracks. They may have been stalkers to intimidate me.

So I ask the people of Chaiya who have seen this and to try to remember who the people were who did this and tell me and help me to get information out of them or care themselves about the people. They may be also a threat to you. Though I cannot be absolutely sure about this, there is a high probability that I estimate this people right.

This people may be connected to a government related terrorsystem which can turn against anyone in the country. I read once a report that also Thaksin used a basher against the democracy movement. For me it looked like this man belonged to a government related gang stalking system . The government has all over the country people accessible to do harassment actions or more for it which are not covered by any laws. The whole thing may hide behind national security, but actually the terror is also used to serve special interests and goes against the basic human rights of the targets. It is in the interest of the Thai people that this system gets unveiled and destroyed.
They as well can be and probably are targets of this system.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I slept yesterday in the norning without closing the shielding and did not have that much stress.
Last night I did and had very hard harassment. Voices said before I should not do it.They did not want it. But I did. I notice stress coming from one direction which I am not able to shield yet.

The poeple I meet in Chaiya are mostly nice this is what I enjoy. But I had again that sort of hidden harassment which is able to destroy me.

In Chaiya where I am now there are no foreigners so Thais are doing this.

So are Thais to me in Thailand for no visible reason. Not much about Thailand isn't it.

There are a bunch who are nice but in fact I have that hard harassment from Thais in several places all over the country. I also have to assume that a certain number of Thais knows what is going on and keeps quiet, say it different they silently support a enslavement or destruction of mine. So when I take the nice people and the disgusting ones together and look how I fare in Thailand I come for me to the following judgement at least for the last time.

The Thais are nice people? Bullchit, they are bastards!

I won't hide that this sort of harassment also happens to me in other countries but the people there are anyway not 'in danger' to be called nice. (Germany, Malaysia...)

That they were nice people is history.

May be Thailand is going along the globalisation of certain unhuman standards coming from America or Europe and gives up its superior level which they had in some areas.

It is not only my opinion. Two other foreigners who know Thailand for 20 years also said they they have turned a lot to the worse.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Now I had hard sexual harassment and programming during sleep which makes you think "I don't like to do anything for some time.....I am exhausted". The programming is like you feel loosing your face, there is trying to shape the personalty.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I stay in Chaiya some days now. I encounter mostly friendly people but in my direct living environment I don' feel well. I had most days sexual harassment the last time harder one.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

After the last post the sexual harassment switched from such with violence to gay programming. Two times it was severe. It gives me trouble in daily life. it is a lot of pain and stress. I need a lot of time to deprogram it and it is hard to keep up with it. Many also step on my freshly open wounds so I have stress additionally as soon as I am with people.
There is massive additional programming. Again they want to make me to a social democrat. A special mentality is tried to be put in my head. The heavy terror I have helps to get this stuff in my head and also to stay there. When I was in Nong Khai in a meditation monastery I had this also very hard that they tried to get their social democratic bullchit in my head.
In Thailand I have this heavy terror repeatedly since about 2 1/2 years. Before I had longer times without terror or few in Thailand.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Last night there was massive stimulation of sex with violence. Voices try to press through that I accept it. I want to work it out. It is difficult when it gets stimulated again and again. Apart from this many Thais like sex with violence. Seems to be part of the Thai culture in quite some areas of Thailand. When I was at the hospital today again massive stimulation from many sites. I just had to leave for some time.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Three days ago I had again harassment I would call destructive. This was also announced by voices before.. The Thais have decided to destroy me I thought. The atmosphere from others around towards me was bad. I see no reason for this.
The other days I had every time sexual harassment, first stimulation of sex with violence during the day, then voices that this would stop it did but for this gay programming.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Back in Thailand there was a night off and then sexual harassment again. This time once more gay sex programming probably by Thai terrorists.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

I often had voices which tried to make me stay in Malaysia. But I did not want
But there seems to be also programming to achieve this. Today I wanted to leave to Thailand but could not sleep much so I decided to stay longer. Sitting too tired in a bus would not be good as I had already sleep deficit from the night before. This trials I had also before when I stayed in Malaysia. This is only one of many manipulations in my life.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

At the place where I meditated I had massive stimulating of sex with violence. I noticed that quite a number of people around Krabi seem to like this. When I think about it now I feel the stress the traumatising of this events. In Had Yai then again stimulation in the guesthouse Cathey where I stayed. I had been often there and no harassment, but the last two times massive terror. Voices had announced it before that they would destroy this place which was nice for me.
In Malaysia also now twice massive sexual harassment but not on sex with violence. The Thais seem to like this more.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tonight again stimulation of abusing sex and progrmming of a special social democratic mentality.

Muslims I have experienced pleasant in Germany and in Turkey. Though in Malaysia they are now mostly friendly to my face but the harssment in the night usual disgusting.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

I was some days off meditation then again close to the tigercave. The second day there was massive sexual arousal of abusing sex during sleep. Today massive programming of German mentality. One monk may be in in giving infromation about me away.

My observation lets me assume that many people are ready to give information about me to other places. Which place is it people can easily be convinced to give information to? Probably the Thai government, who else? As I experience trouble in many places in Thailand it looks nationwide organized, like it is written in gang stalking writings.

For sure a certain number of Thais support it that I am treated like chit in Thailand. Welcome to Thailand. Forget about that.

The first years when I was in Asia the discrimination was worst in Malaysia but regarding the last time Thailand is catching up. May be it has to do with that it globalizes that means it adapts down humanity to the horrible mainstream level.

I had again and again harassment free times in Thailand but now no more much.

Welcome to Thailand? Yes you are welcome. You can be sure that the Thais have fun with you.

But this does not mean that you will have much fun.

Be aware when you travel to Thailand.

The Thais decide if you have your human rights!!! You have nothing to do with this and maybe you cannot do much about it.

Also on Koh Samui Mind Control technology was used on me.Why not on you?

Twice I had electronic harassment in Thailand connected to a doctors visit.

Why should it not happen to you when you come to Thailand?

Well I am not a quality tourist. I am a mental disabled person. Maybe the Thais fear problems

But up to now I got more trouble than I make, much more!

Is the terror because the Thais show their racist face to a mentally disabled person who is additionally a foreigner?

I tried several times to rent a flat. In Nong Khai first. Massive sexual harassment started shortly after I moved in. In guesthouses the terror was at that time often less.

Then In Ban Khok harassment was severe and is also reported at the beginning of this blog.

In Chaiya then in my next room I rented the terror then was at a level that I would label destructive.

It looks like it has a racist background.

In Krabi now again after a break also the terror level has increased.

If you think Thailand would be a good distination to live then you should read books of people who failed. They have a lot of nice people but also a bunch of monsters and bastards.

When you have to do with their monsters the nice ones don't matter much less.

There are enough Thais who like to exploit and destroy foreigners like they are doing it with me. If the terror level is high which I know is not a problem if they want it such things can happen.

My brain is monitored 24 hours a day. Much if not all activity is recognized and they can at any moment switch to harassment. I know that Thais are inside this horror, but Germans for sure are too, Americans as well. You can be sure that Americans I know won't help you out of this. they are in in any way but remain quiet. Like the American English teacher who also manages the guesthouse 'The Web' in Surat Thani or the American yoga teacher in the guesthouse 'Mut Mee' in Nong Khai. That is how the people are to me. As if I was a terrorist. They like to exploit and subdue me. But it may be a way to produce terrorists, like beaten dogs get aggressive. The political leaders won't mind as they won't be touched. And they don't mind deaths in the population.

But what should happen to them if they watch my thoughts day and night. You even don't have that chance anymore when you are mistreated and monitored like this.

The use of MC technology is also probably the real reason why the Thai government is winning the war in the south. I remember that there was in the bangkokpost a report about a budget for military actions in the south which included also a certain sum for secret measures (like MC I assume)

My human rights situation including my privacy is horrible. Most others who know enjoy. And I am sure those who know and enjoy also my sexual abuses give a chit how I suffer and think about people. (including the American in the guesthouse 'The Web', the American yoga teacher in the guesthouse 'Mut Mee'. They also seem just to give a chit about such things and enjoy it.

I do not know why many go along with this.

I think that any support and developping aid should be stopped for Thailand.

You should let their poor starve to death because there is a higher probability that you just support to bring up monsters who aid to destroy others or destroy others belonging to minorities.

The nice people in Thailand who I appreciate but may know about what happens and also just watch the destuction of people should also so pay a price for this if it is possible to cut educational development projects.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Since I started some meditation close to the tigercave I have harassment again and also massive stimulation of abusing sex. Gayprogramming is heavy. Even hours of deprogramming don't remove what happened.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

After my last post I had 3 days no sexual harassment. One day I spent in Surat Thani and there was again some during sleep. Now again no. The voices are there trying to make me follow the social democrats in Germany. It is awful that it is permanent tried to intrude in every aspect of my life, my mind and I cannot do much about it at the moment.

I visited the tigercave in Krabi, a well known monastery in Thailand and asked to stay there for meditation.
After a while a monk with some knowledge of English spoke to me. He knew me and mentioned some things Iwould do how I would be, I thought is this the behavior of a gangstalker?
I did not know him. He said I would not follow that would be a problem.
No, that is not a problem of mine.
Such monks certainly don't support it that you look for a teacher.

In the monastery I was told I could not stay.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

on the freedomforce website

No man is free who is not a master of himself.

When you are not a master of yourself you need the chance to become a master. To go that way you need your human rights and not dependency.
The weaker you are the more you need them because the more get greedy to make profit out of a possible dependency with you.
No one enslaves you to make you a master of yourself. He does it for his own profit and rather keeps you in dependency than lets you out of it.

No man is free who is not a master of himself

That cannot mean that it is right to enslave for instance disabled people or the elderly who are weak or those with few education. It can only mean that then there is a danger of not being free but there must be chances to escape.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Today I sent 6 messages as a fax from my google mail concerning MC. None of them contained text when it received the provider. Some other trials to send a fax failed also.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Eduard Griffin and Mike Adams, what about speaking out about the silent holocaust (electronic harassment and MC) ?
You seem to know about it.

Being quiet about this makes you guilty.

I saw an Indian ad "retiring with self respect". Can you do this without any problems and participate in the silent holocaust? There is guilt to stay quiet about this abuses and silently enjoy the benefit.

I address this to all who are inside the MC abuses or know.
When there is an car accident in Germany and you see it and don't help when needed you commit a crime.
When you recognize crimes and silently enjoy the abuses instead of helping you commit a crime.
What about helping against MC and electronic harassment. At least the smallest thing you are willing to do?
But many of you are probably of that sort of being criminal as long you are not caught, or what? Low level characters prone to corruption and abuses and as such not suitable for positions with responsibility. (American Standard) I have met quiete some Americans who are inside and enjoy to be quiet about it so I think the term is proper, apart from the things I see in their society which justify to use the it.
What about helping against electronic harassment and MC? At least the smallest thing you are willing to do?

Friday, August 10, 2007

The sexual harassment last time in Surat was hard. My perception relating to different things makes me believe that Thais are with this playing games on me to force behavior change. Well absolute sure I am not.

Joke of the month: The Thais are friendly people.

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha. A good joke isn't it, with respect to the above mentioned.

They certainly have friendly people , but when Thais allow such things to happen, they are not. They only have a bunch of friendly people. I am quiete sure that a bigger number of people know about my surveillance, my MC in Thailand.
You are no fiendly people when you look for reasons to justify such things, when you support such things. You are no nice people, you have only nice people.
To justify being called friendly as a whole you cannot do and not support or tolerate the unhuman things the disgusting people (Americans, Germans for instance) like to do. Being friendly, being nice means that you go not along with this, that you are not quiet about this, what you are. Being nice means also that you keep your human dirt from doing this.

Being nice means not only to be friendly to the successful, rich, young and beautiful, to these people also most disgusting people are mostly friendly, it means to be friendly or at least fair to the old, the ugly, the poor, the problematic cases and the cripples. mentally or bodily.
Those who don't fit the mould shouldn't become a target because of this as well.

And friendliness should not only be to the face. That you are. But there is already for longer time support for hidden harassment on me.

You certainly can say there are some criminals who are doing this. But I am relatively sure that the Thai government like other governments are also inside my MC. Further I have often met Thais who seem to know.

So come back to being friendly people. I think many Thais and westerners as well do not know about the possibilites of electronic harassment and surveillance also not about gang stalking which is organised all over Thailand and can attack any target within a short time.

Well, those who are interested in Thais being called nice people and are able to move something should try to get talks and reports about this possible terror in the public which is also present in many other countries all over the world. Such public talks must happen repeatedly over longer time so that all have the necessary information to protect themselves. Their should be measurement troups availabale in every city which are equipped and educated to find perps doing electronic harassment. People who are caught should pay for 5 operations of such measurement troups. Police should be educated how to deal with such crimes where they are not yet that far. There could be done more people with knowledge know.

A good deal of the technology is kept secret in western countries with the excuse it would belong to national security.
Information which is kept secret but used or only suspicious to be used to perform abused on people has lost its right to be kept secret. Anyone who speaks out then should be free from threats to get punished because of revealing secret information. I hope judges will rule in future like this.

Thais, what about making this crimes public and stopping them, finishing support for them. If most people are for this but the government refuses, you should reject the constitution about which is a poll soon.

If the government should refuses to speak publicly about electronic harassment and manipulation by this means refuse the constitution!!!
Anyone can become a target of such terror which can destroy lifes!!!
As long as such terror is possible there cannot be any democracy.!!!
Dissidents can always removed or silenced by these means and nobody even knows it.
Don't agree to any constitution before this topic is not resolved.
Further you need control over the abusive potential of emerging technology in future. This must be ensured by a special commitee, the government has no control about or other means.

I do not know if the Thais like to unveil this. Maybe they prefer American Standards.
These like boosting about democracy, blaming other countries for not having a democracy and are not having a real one themselves.

Maybe Thais like to be called nice people but want to keep up the possibilities to be a bastard just when they like and not be caught with this.
Electronic harassment technology enables this.

What about being nice people, real nice people Thais?
What about being real nice people Thais??
Disgusting ones there are already enough.

Then you have to take away the dangerous toys
which enable electronic harassment
and get to know to remove or control the government's gang stalking system.

We will see what sort Thais really are. Maybe they try a sellout. We'll see it.
And I will talk about it if I won't be hindered.

I want to make it clear , that I address Thais about this problem means that I see them as interesting people to talk to. With Europeans or Americans such talks mostly make no sense. They are already too much mainstreamdisturbed.(A new mental disorder)

copied from

the blog of Mukazo Mukazo Vunda
the African writer of several books

Consciousness itself, as well as natural emotions become a threat to the order. Knowledge and its acquisition which is the method of transmitting high culture becomes fatal if taken in either the wrong dosages, quality or at the wrong time and place. The mere thought of individual freedoms causes fear and panic to those in authority. Hidden figures in authority who are there to see to the welfare of their people, those supposed to serve, end up commanding armies of individuals whose role is to put people in line, doing to others as they wouldn't like to be done to them, all in the name of country and even race, this premise itself too weak to exonerate the depravity involved, or hide the fact this is a descent into madness in progress.
I agree that this happens - the hidden agenda of mainstreampolitics is to enslave the people when they do it and the above described is a part of how to do it in a parliamentary democracy.

The social democrats (SPD) in Germany have this agenda. When you understand their lying, tricking and what they are doing you get to know this. I have mentioned earlier in a post that the SPD wants to force the people in subsystems of society which they control and manage. Only people they agree with get along well. Others, like such who are opposition are endangered to get such trouble Mukazo, many others and I face. And the terror probably has the aim to make you to the person which is desired by the ruling, which then can then more easily be used by them.
People who are different have no more a chance. This is progress in a western society. Only special breedings which the ruling agree with go through. For this this means of hidden terror is probably used. This terror only those get who cannot be catched by other means. (mainstream media brainwashing, arguments, persuasion etc) will probably be used earlier to reduce people to a obeying member of the cattle.

The silent holocaust
I had now heavy harassment in Surat Thani at a place where I had not such heavy things before. It is he same like in Had Yai where I could stay without shielding. Now also shielding is not sufficient.
The heaven is closed to those who silently ignore, tolerate or enjoy abuses and would like others to be exploited to do the work to prevent totalitarianism (American style global rule). A lot of People must prevent this not any victims or heros.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I stayed some days in Had Yai and had massive attacks. I could stay at the same place some time before without shielding without bigger problems but now even quite some shielding was not enough. Voices also had announced before that there would be harassment in Had Yai. In Surat Thani where I am now it would be the same. Later they said. We will destroy this place being okay for you later not now.
We ll see. I was received with voices also in the guesthouse where I stay now.
I discovered few days ago that there is massive programming to accept the Malay system and to reject Thailand. I just came from Malaysia and had stronger programming and harassment there. That 's what happens to tourists like me in Malaysia and Thailand. There must be in both countries support from residents for what happened.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The website I mentioned yesterday about MC and gangstalking is down today.

Is mainstream politics just a more perfect organised suppression, a more perfect illusion of freedom and human rights than the old dictatorships, that important news which could reveal that disappear in a matter of hours?
I don't think much of mainstream and know that exactly it poses a huge threat to a human and free future.
The following days the dame. Sexual harassment which got stronger. More shielding reduced that, as I noticed that guests in the guesthouse might have been involved. Today afternoon I had a nab and woke up without sexual harassment but exhausted from any influence of radiation. I estimate what happened in the afternoon as dangerous when it happens longer time.
It is not the first time that it has been like this in Penang. I had some nice events with friendly people there but the terror destroys the positive picture of that.
I read in the newspaper "The Sun" yesterday that Malaysia is not going to get a court which deals specially with corruption. Malaysia would not need that was said.
I state they want not clear up all ugly things and want to stick with some. For instance that radiation can be planned and organized used for the harm for the harassment and control of people. It is important to speak about this danger publicly and install protection against this instead of leaving most people without knowledge about this and preserving the possibility to use it hidden for the own profit.
There is a gangstalking system in Malaysia which is like in other countries well prepared to work unrecognized which can be used for illegal surveillance and harassment and more against selected people who are in any way against the interest of the ruling. To my estimation the mentioned things exist there but also in many other countries like in Europe, the US, Thailand and China where this mess is also not cleared up.
Those controlling it want the advantages of having it and are powerful enough to prevent control of the dangerous potentials up to now.

another page to read about from the USA

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Yesterday I arrived in Penang, Malaysia and had massive sexual harassment and programming during sleep. One person belonging to the staff of the guesthouse where I stay may at least have knowledge about this.
I have a lot of trouble to get rid of gay programming. It is very strong.

Anyway, Penang belongs in my rating of places related to harassment to the worst ever and confirms the justification of this rating with the last night.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Since some months I have rented a room in Chaiya. The people are now to my face more friendly than at some other places, but I have radiation attacks which count to the worst I ever had.
I could not stay in my room for long time because the attacks from various directions were too much. This I hardly ever had. I have several times stepped up shielding and tried to sleep there but had again horrible attacks. With the shielding now the intensity of attacks is more bearable. But a signal still gets through and also sexual harassment and heavy programming in my dreams.
Sometimes when I slept in the guesthouse in Chaiya the attacks were heavy. Last time two days ago when I had sexual harassment which made me exhausted at the beginning of the day. Doing anything was stressful.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I remained in bed today longer to try to cure my allergies at my legs a little which make walking more difficult. But they got worse. I had again programming in the night. May be it had to do with that. In the evening today in my room again talks in my head. A rat is there to give me a bad night.

Friday, July 13, 2007

I stay in Surat Thani now and have again a rat in Phanfa Hotel beside me probably in room 246
which woke me up in the night with sexual harassment.
Voices there were also. This would happen to me because I would have been seen as a potential terrorist.
But I have never been connected to terrorist networks nor done anything.
The real terrorists today are governments with this terrorsystem of gangstalking and MC which seems to be supported by many people.
Further there have always been people who have not accepted any government in power and tried to remove it. Nowadays such people are called terrorists. These people may be better as a existing government but these in power have the possibility to shape opinions of the people to their favor, to monitor and criminalize every suspicious person.
I state that in a country where revolution is not possible there is some probability that you live in despotism because the ruling don't have to fear much and control of power they can often prevent or circumvent also they are able to get other factors of might like courts in society on their side or control them also when it does not look like this.

That I state this does not mean that I intend to participate in activities against governments.
I am monitored already even by MC, there would be no chance to get anything done.
Further I never seriously thought of such activities. My life should go other ways.
On the other hand I try to take my freedom of thought and speech. This means when things in society are to my opinion wrong I want to express it or when a political system is not acceptable for me I also want to express it.
In the US in Germany, the UK and Malaysia I see important parts of society which I do not accept and are desirable to be changed in the long run.

I can also engage in activism. But with this it is what I see as possible now.

The last days in Chaiya I spent in the room I have rented. But radiation was despite a lot of shielding high. Without shielding it is impossible to stay there. There was a much gay programming without stimulating abusing sex.
I recognize a smile programmed towards men, which does its work and takes time to remove.
I assume that it is severe harassment especially sexual harassment that increases now allergic reactions.
On my right leg the skin just opened to a wound of a size of a coin beside smaller skin injuries.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Since some months I have rent a room in Chaiya on a monthly basis.
This town turns out to belong to the worst I have ever seen when it comes to attacks. The devil is at home in Chaiya. And he has support from the people. Some time I did not sleep in this room because of heavy attacks.
I stepped up shielding a lot again but had severe sexual harassment again
during sleep afterwards.
Many seem to know me. So out of a group of pupils I do not know once one called my name. When I went to the post office in Chaiya there were apart from the officer two girls sitting behind the counter, one made a remark about me that showed she knew details about my life.
That is gangstalking behavior. Heading for a criminal career already as a teenager.
So it seems to be that many know. I know that Thais enjoy my exploitation with MC.
Are there any people who help me to get rid of the terror or give any tips?
Is terror and exploitation that what Thais have to give and like to keep quiet about what happens to me? Is this Thai culture. Up to now it was, is this Thai culture now? Quiet again? Not much about your culture, Thais.
So you contribute to the destruction of this culture, Thais.
And who is responsible for this kind of terror in this country. The knowledge about this kind of terror says. The government!!!
Is the knowledge about this the reason to keep quiet? But such a horror must not be supported. Try a way to get out of supporting the wrong.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

I read that now MC would more discussed in mainstream media. I had a talk in my head that it would now be more difficult to put measures through with violance. It has to do with what I do and they observe in my mind, my room or anywhere else.
The results come so from illegal MC and torture.
Holocaust research by America and Europe enjoyed by many also in Thailand in the 21th century.
Nazi style or what it is called today, mainstream.
I think the future should be something better than the lowest level, mainstream. The problem is to resit it even more to beat it.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Chaiya has been a bad place for me when it comes to radiation and attacks. The last days again sexual stimulation of abusing sex and programming to a social democrat during sleep.
This stress and programming makes contact more difficult. Some other people then tend to contact me on my freshly opened wounds.
3 days ago I had westerners on both sides of my room and during the night radiation coming first from the one then from the other side. These westerners were staying there before they go to a meditation retreat in Suan Mokh. But that does not keep them from behaving like chit. They take the benefit of meditation and leave other parts of buddhist teachings like morality outside.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Yesterday I slept in Chaiya and woke up okay in the morning . I went to sleep again and woke up some time afterwards feeling miserable, which remained to a big degree the whole day.
Today I slept in Surat Thani and woke up in a bad condition again. There is probably a rat in Hotel Phanfa, where I stay like in Chaiya because I noticed severe programming.

This hidden influence is meant to change important aspects of my life. It hinders my getting out of my sexual abuse because it is reprogrammed it tries to install dependancy, listen to orders trust and so on.

Monday, June 25, 2007

I am the third day in Surat Thani now and had the most massive attacks I ever had at the place where I stay now. I have severe programming to a typical mentality of a German social democrat and sexual harassment.
Yesterday I perceived the attacks at about 6.30 o'clock. I decided to wake up a little earlier the next day to try to find out. And the same thing happened I had often before. The attacks started some minutes before I woke up then.
That means even if it where psychic attacks the perpetrators must be connected to MC to get the time for starting the attacks.
It is a pity that this happens now. The first days I stayed at that place I had no attacks at all.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

I have rent a room in Chaiya on a monthly basis. The stay in there belongs to the worst time I had the last years. Heavy sexual attacks but also programming during sleep in the morning so that I am exhausted the whole day. There are no foreigners around as far as I can see it.
Today voices that it would not be allowed to work out my sexual abuse.
They stimulate sexual abuse again and again.

The horror seems to be sophisticated and that means that probably only governments have the sources to do this.
Once the terror was that massiv that I could not sit in front of my Laptop. I had to shut down it after a few minutes. I had voices related to this. The kind of terror changed at once. I have as much stress as before but can use my Laptop.
I remember there was a veil of radiation around Chaiya some days. After I complained the last time it was gone for two days and after I had the problems with my Notebook with the comments in my head also.
I have to be cautious with statements about radiation because my perception must be confirmed and checked in detail to say nothing wrong, radiation can be a tricky thing. So I say it was my perception which was not checked in detail with that veil. But I think it has some value.
Who can produce such a veil of radiation in a such controlled country like Thailand?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

After my last post there was two days no harassment. The third day then again heavy psychological terror over radiation which made simply being active moving around stressful for two days.
Last night I slept in Hotel Phanfa in Surat Thani and had again stress. There seems to be a rat which is doing it.
A lot of programming to try to make me to accept the social democrats and working for them is going on the whole last time.
I know that many people know about this.
This is democracy in Germany or Europe or America, when you torture people to belonging to a special political party and a lot of people are watching or supporting it or enjoying the exploitation over MC.
Is there any protectin against a western style democracy. It is a horrible thing isn't it?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The last days I had hard sexual harassment, yesterday hard psychological harassment over radiation during sleep. That is the way I am welcomed in Chaiya in Thailand. With massive terror without seeing a reason for that. There must be Thais involved there are no foreigners around.

I have to correct some views.
I have received that much terror in Thailand that stating that they would be nice people would be preposterous. The effects of Thai bastards by far outweigh the nice people they certainly have.

There was a tourism advertising compaign called "Unseen Thailand"

My comment

"Unseen Thailand" Highly not to recommend!!!

Or do you want to meet the Thai bastards???

They may be nicer to quality tourists. People with much money.

But when you use this term quality related to the possession of money to Thais most Thais are no quality Thais.

I am disabled because of mental problems and Thais know that.
Some then react negative because of this.
I wanted to have something done for my room in Chaiya. The landlady organized that and told me it would be done by a certain date. But it was postponed and postponed and postponed.
Then the landlord changed the service and it was done quickly. But while doing the work the workman spoke to the landlady in Thai and looked towards me and the woman answered. "But there is no problem".
Maybe being seen in mental trouble contributes to reasons to support the terror.

I am sure that such people have not many chances of human rights in Thailand.
They are probably also mistreated by radiation and then used for any intended purposes. I don't see any disabled people on the streets anymore the last time.

I know that a certain number of Thais enjoy my exploitation by MC and sexual harassment like people in other countries too. What about finishing the support for this horror and offering support for getting out of it. If this does not happen I recommend Thailand to change the name to Bastardsland.
That would be about honesty. But you don,t want to be honest isn.t. Not really. You enjoy to be bastards and additionally want to be seen as nice people. Then you must punish those who are honest. You are complete mainstream then or the devil of today.
What about making the Thai gangstalkingsystem which harasses innocent people and available technology to harass and brainwash people a topic to discuss publicly and then control them. That would be about honesty but you don't want to be honest isn't it. Not really. Not in this case or are you willing to do that.But you like to be seen as honest but it is not necessary to be really honest, no not in this case isn't it.

Then forget about a human future and democracy, just forget about it.

but you won't, isn't it. There will a lot of talks about this a lot of efforts towards this but without bringing radiation weapons and statecontrolled terrorsystems under control there cannot be humanity or democracy.

I am greedy to read about your hypocrisy about democracy the next time or do you have the strength to speak about the ongoing horror and finish it?
I have to admit the US and Europe don't have this strength, do you have it or will you refer to others who do the same evil to excuse your own weakness.
With forbidding Thai Rak Thai you have shown ahead of the mainstream but you must take the next steps too or what you have done will be in vain.

Friday, May 11, 2007

I am since some days in Chaiya. Nearly every night I had sexual harassment. Voices say they want to program me to a gay. I have put up a lot of shielding, but there is no lasting effect. But that does not mean it will not work when I improve it. The first days after I arrived in Chaiya some young man shouted on the street to me "fuck you", fuck you" or "I love you". That made me think if they may know what is happening to me. It is probable that there are Thais in my area who actively support the crimes toward me. But those Thais who know are anyway that corrupt that they won't say a word. I am disgusted about this and it does not give a good picture of Thailand.
Some weeks ago I met an Italian man in Surat Thani living in Thailand for 15 years who stated the Thais would not be human they would rather be monkeys. I was angry about this but relating to my harassment and to its support of Thais I would say those who are inside this business do not behave like human beings I estimate them rather as rats.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Today I watched the CNN report about the Virgina massacre. The relatives and others mourned the victims.
I thought a good mourning show. Yes, you need to do such a show it is custom over there. And a good show produces some sympathy which may be usful in future.
When it comes to MC Americans usually enjoy it. They enjoy the torture, the rapes, the manipulation, the brainwashing and the exploitation done to the victims. I personally have met a former FBI agent who openly with joy spoke about MC that at some point the victims can't take it anymore and break. I personally know Americans who I believe to be inside my MC and stay quiet.
The man who teaches yoga in the Mut Mee guesethouse in Nong Khai even tried to advertise his yoga classes in a way that seems to relate to knowledge about me gained by MC. In Bangkok an American started a talk with me and soon showed that he had illegal knowledge about me.
What about regulating this technology and restoring human rights and the rests of democracy you had?

But I believe it is rather American to go on feigning about human rights and silently enjoy the MC abuses.
This is American isn't it, ...mainstream it is for sure.

Friday, April 20, 2007

I had no gay programming during my last sleep but also attacks with stimulation of abusing sex which was exhausting. In Malaysia I had gay programming during sleep but also stimulation while awake and voices about it.
This terror is a huge strain on my life. I sometimes would like to write an article to this or that but often I end up not doing it also because of the burden. That is what the perps want I think. They exploit me by mind reading and keep me weak so that I cannot express myself and have the benefit of my knowledge and life the life I want. To my estimation MC is done by government around the world and others who have access to it also in Thailand. Bastards!!!
How should I respect authorities when I have to estimate things like this. But they don't mind victims like me usually have not the power to go against them.
There is not only the above as a consequence of MC to a target, there is a lot connected to this. I should speak about it later. This technology should not be used against the people and be forbidden and controlled.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Corruption in Thailand connected to Germany

Four years ago I stayed in a meditation monastery close to Sawi in Thailand. I left for some time and did other things for a while like following on the Internet a group of people who where involved with Psychiatry. This was interesting for me because it was tried to force me to a Psychiatrist for a examination in Germany, which afterwards could lead to being forcibly admitted to a closed ward.
When I came back to the meditation monastery the first night I stayed there I had massive pain and stress. I tried to build up shielding but a man close to my room complained about the noise which this made, so I could no more do much. The next day, still feeling very miserable I went to see the doctor in the hospital in Sawi. I explained him my symptoms. He did not do any examinations, he did not ask any questions. At once after I had finished speaking he offered me psychotropic drugs and nothing else. I said I would not take drugs for the mind and left.
The next day my lawyer contacted me by email and told me that I now could get my files from the prosecution in Darmstadt concerning the case which had lead to the conviction for a examination by a psychiatrist. He also made an offer to apply for an abatement of the action against me which would have cost me some hundred Euros. I did not react on this offer at that time.
Regarding the files of the prosecution, I had waited for these for months. Normally you can get such files in some days. I don't have this email anymore because the service was shut down on short notice.
I assume that the stress I had was harassment to support the acceptance for taking drugs and that this was supported by the doctor in Sawi and the German prosecution in Darmstadt.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I am in Thailand again after I did not like to stay in Malsysia anymore but had massive sexual harassment in Had Yai. I have often been in Had Yai and had hardly such harassment before. But voices had announced that they would destroy the positive picture I had of this place.
I know that in Thailand quite a number of people know about this harassment MC and surveillance. I would appreciate some support, information or help against this crimes instead in indulging to enjoy them. Are such people to find in Thailand or does corruption dominate it in this area?

Friday, April 13, 2007

I had for long programming to stay or to go to Malaysia. This country is unfree so more possibilities for those who hunt me are there.
That they want me to have and stay in Malaysia could be a reason why the packet sent for me to the post office in Penang is not there. It should have arrived by two weeks ago. They may want me to wait for it which may take 2 months. I had as voice that I should wait for it and also in a talk with a Canadian.
What speaks against this is that I had a lot of harassment during sleep while in Penang and yesterday harsh gay programming which is everything else than inviting to stay in that country.
Yesterday I had a voice that I would get the packet now. I just had a talk with some travellers and said that I did not want to stay in Malaysia. It would be out of question.
We will see. I never know if the voice is right or not. there is always a lot of tricking involved as well as programming. Voices, technically induced, are information you store and which change your thinking and response to certain things when you do not deal with them consciously.

Such things are nowadays normal criminal mainstreamstandard.

I recognize and appreciate that descrimination towards me is considerably less in Malaysia compared to some years ago, but when I together with other things consider the trouble I had and have now, I don't to like to stay in this country for long.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The yahoo-headline today

Where dating is dangerous
In a nation where premarital sex is illegal, how are people in Afghanistan pushing the limits?

My answer. I am a victim of hidden technology of the West which targets me with radiation. This includes to program me to a gay, and harass me in many ways. One example is to stimulate sex with violance which you cannot resist when you don't have shielding. I am not the only victim of this and often not believed when you speak about.
The allegeded freedom of the Western World is just as many things there an outrageous lie. Freedom is admitted publicly and by law but often taken away from the people in the back with sophisticated and or hidden means. With the globalisation they want to bring this chit to the last place in the world.

Monday, April 09, 2007

In the second last post I spoke about a packet I am getting in Penang and that I feared it would not be there. I visited the post office twice by now. The packet was not there and couldn't be tracked either by the post office. Tracking in the country of its origin was not possible at all for three days and then brought the last tracking dated to the 8th of March for the packet.
I am staying in Penang now for 5 days and had every morning hard sexual harassment during sleep. I increased shielding several times but only for a slow effect.
The last time I stayed at the same place I had hardly any attacks and could sleep without shielding, which I can do only in some places.
I had to shield the outlet for a TV antenna with a bunch of layers of shielding material, which I did not have before.
I had massive mind games last night and then I found out that strong radiation was coming from the room next to mine. I went past the room, stopped in front of it went back to my room and then measured no radiation coming anymore. There is probably a man doing harassment staying beside me or simply one jumping on my weaknesses.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I feared that something could happen to the packet I will collect in Penang because I have voices related to this and I had trouble dealing with this item before. That made me think that others may have interfered and may try it again. If I do not get an item in good condition I have to look for a proper answer. The item is insured, but only getting these means a lot of loss for me altogether 900 Malay ringit or some more or less. Exactly just getting the insurance is something what can happen because the fanatics don't want me to use this item.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Corruption in Malaysia

Last time when I was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia I sent a registered letter and the same content as a fax to German officals. I went back to Penang and had there programming which I remembered when I noticed that both the fax and the registered letter never arrived in Germany. The programming had to do with not sending my items.
So they interfere in my life in Malaysia without asking and bring about trouble for me.

When I left Kuala Lumpur last time by bus I saw a big label with the following letters on it.

"The power to shape lifes." Then was a German Pharma company in connection with Malays mentioned.
People shape their lifes themselves. when they are in trouble or weak this possibility should not be removed from them.
When they are shaped by somebody else this is in the interest of those who do it, and this is against freedom, against basic human rights.
To my estimation exactly this is probably happening in Malaysia and cannot be accepted and must be changed. That could be a task of the Asean countries as well of the Malay people to screen the structures in Malaysia and to enforce freedom for the people.
If you don't do it there is a danger that Malaysia spreads its unfree system and Malays and also foreigners suffer from undesired interference with accordant consequences in their lifes.

Also in other countries like in Thailand there is interfered with my life but about this later.

In Penang I am going to collect a packet. I hope that goes well. I remember that I received a private packet from the postal service there which had been opened before and that probably people had snooped around it.

I called the post office Penang already and asked about the packet. A woman wanted to know a parcel number, I said 'moment I look it up'. She waited a little and then finished the call. I called again and gave her the number of the packet . After she had it she finished the call again.
I redialed, then I spoke to a man who said,' you have to dial the following number'. I wrote it down and repeated it to the Malay for confirmation. It was okay. Then I tried this number two times but got the message that this number was not valid.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The programming I had in Surat Thani the last time was not that stressful like mostly but much more effective. I have much work to get rid of gay programming. It is that suddenly after such nights you think, feel or react different to one or several topics and you have to remove the new structures if you don't want to go the way programmers want. Voices say that they wanted to have it like this. It would be too much work for me to work out my abuse. This would be the quickest solution.

Two days before again I took a room in the hotel in Chaiya. This time very late, so that nobody checked in after me. But this happened in the morning. I was woken up by programming and radiation coming from room number 6 late in the morning. A young western woman was staying in this room.
I remember also having heard moving of furniture or staff in another room while half asleep.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

On Koh Pajam I spoke about not having much attacks in Surat Thani the last time. Now again there I had the last night severe ones again. Voices said they did not do it because they did not want it. But now it is known.
I understand my torture a little more. I signed up for a freedom newsletter.(
But one Emailservice in UK and one in Israel I have did not get Emails from this service.
I looked for the site It is no more there. It was a site for a Panafrican community and this is not desired in the times now where Europe and the US are conquering this continent for their own greed.
I looked for the site of the African writer Mukazo Mukazo Vunda who wrote a book about gangstalking he was and is alike me a victim of. His site is nomore accessible. You can download his free version of his book about covert warfare from other sites which I see as mainstreamcontrolled. Can I be sure to get the real version or one which is censored. Without the possibility to go to the writers site it is difficult to try to get his out of print version of the book in print again.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I stayed one night in Chumphon after coming from Koh Pajam and had no attacks. Usually I had at the place where I stayed. Then in Chaiya I rented room number eight in the Hotel in the town there. I noticed strong radiation coming from room number ten, the room beside mine. The room was locked from outside its key was lying on a bench in the hallway. In the bathroom which comes after room 10 I did not foung strong radiation. These I could reduce considerably with my shielding in my room. Late in the evening some people checked in close to my room. I had strong programming during the night, but no sexual harassment. I checked out and in the evening in again. Now I had room number ten. I recognized no signs of radiation. That meant the source of radiation in my room the night before should have been coming from room number ten but it was removed the day after. In the evening I did not do much until I recognized radiation coming now from room eight which made me passive. I spoke to the German couple there and had afterwards no more problems also in the morning. The man did not recognize anything but I am quite sure that there were psychic attacks from one of them. You can easyly lie about psychic attacks because you cannot prove them easyly.

Monday, March 19, 2007

I was a week on Koh Pajam, a small island. The attacks there started the morning after the first night. I Did not have much shielding. The second night I had improved this and nearly no attacks came through. But the third stimulating of abusing sex was again strong and went on up to the end of the stay. They were the hardest I had the last time. I also tried to vary sleeping times but then sexual stimulating of abusing sex woke me before the time I wanted to get up.
I noticed a radiation source coming from the neighbor resort to the right when you look from Vijit bungalows to the sea. I had a ot of voices around this topic. First they did not want me to go to this island, because it is small and not hat they like. An airport would not be built there, big very expensive resorts would also probably not arise there. The beaches were more designed to be priviligued places not for people like you I also noticed.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I have bought something online the control terrorists don't approve of according to the voices I have. What happens? Several Emails sent from my google emailaccount to the seller and messages from him to me don't get to the destination
A year ago I bought some nice shirts in Bangkok. In Nong Khai I gave them to a tailor to change them. I never saw this person again.
Walking through Khao Sarn road in Bangkok I saw a girl who interested me. She was dressed in clothes you usually find with alternatives. I liked it. I stopped and pondered. A Thai approached me and started a talk. Then he looked in the direction the girl was sitting and finished the talk then. The girl had gone.
I had bought another shirt in Malaysia which was about the same style as such which I gave to the tailor. This is the only shirt I can't find anymore. I had also voices about this style and programming to buy something else.
That is MC for. And Thais seem to love to participate in this.
I assume that Muslims experience same things. So when the Thais think they can support to press people in shape I can say I understand that Muslims don't want to belong tho you. On the other hand Malaysia may be worse.

Monday, February 26, 2007

I had a lot o programming in my dreams and stimulation of abusing sex during sleep.
When I went into town I had a lot of unvoluntary body movements and stress again.
Then I may speak or act not in a mindful way which can bring me into trouble or bring about loss.
This is intended by MC. To produce a breakdown. In psychiatry there behind closed doors with specialists around they have the means to change people to the desire of those behind all.
(Hypnosis for instance)
This crimes are said to be government related. I say it is mainstreamrelated. On this way Psychiatry can be used as a political tool to eliminate opposition, to create slaves or followers for any institutions etc. The structure of psychiatry enables this. That is one important reason why psychiatry is the system most governments all over the world choosed to establish in the mental health area. Alternatives which are of much more help for those who are in mental trouble and which do not include such possibilities are marginalized. This is mainstream. With the mainstream it is everywhere like this. If you don't want such miserable politics people should learn to oppose the mainstream as a whole.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

I have spent about a month close to the guesthouse Jomannee in Nong Khai. It was a hard time with a lot of attacks and stress. But I refer some o this to my MCS and electorsensivity.
Once while walking in this area two smaller kids unleashed a bigger dog. It barked only but I was scared at first. There is some probality that the fact they did this to me had to do how the parents thought about me.
There I had no programming to a social democrat.
The north east of Thailand is said to be in favor of Thaksin.
I am now in the south and have a lot programming to a social democrat again. Terror is not that hard.
In the south the majority is said to prefer the democrats.
Are this political parties linked worldwide? Just an idea, there may be much I do not know what can lead to other conclusions.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Possibly as an answer that I criticized the social democrats two days ago, I had stimulating of abusing sex today and additionally programming to a social democrat which I also had some years ago. A typical smiling social democrat is in my mind connected to abusing sex.
With typical social democrat I mean a world class truth twister and a permanent fiddler who despises everything in human life and is only interested in getting power over everything.

These attacks are unfortunately possible despite a lot of shielding. Probably I only can get some stress out of the attacks. When more severe attacks are able to reach meI may be sitting around for longer time and doing nothing.

Now I want to warn against such an organisations like the social democrats in Germany, Labour in England or similar ones elsewhere.
For me these organisations belong to the most dangerous ones for human freedom and a human future.
As their dream is to build a society with institutions and regulations which enable the total control of everyone, which reduce people to puppets for the ruling with no possibility to escape.
When you look at western medicine, Psychiatry and the soical system the which is control orientated you see they are going ahead quickly with their goals.
The fact that psychotronics are not an important issue to discuss about that even documents about this were removed from the National Library of Amerika the last years is another hint in this direction. The use of Psychotronics helps the mainstream a lot ahead in shpaing people to their desires.
The democrats are this not doing alone but they are one important force inside this no matter what they say.
They are world class liars and fiddler. Without knowledge you won't even recognize this.

They aren't an alternative for anything. They are good for nothing.

This should be seen and alternatives must be developped instead of giving in in their dominance.
I know this necessity for more than 25 years. But how difficult it is to develop alternatives and how dangerous this party actually is shows that I am a target of hidden weapons and it is tried to force me into social democracy.

Friday, January 12, 2007

I am three days in Thailand now and had massive sexual harassment during sleep. Last time like so often it happened shortly before my alarm clock rang.
The chicanery can destroy any advancement in my development out of my abuse.
Voices want me to bring to live the abuses instead going out of them. It would be too much work what I want.
Some years ago I had voices which said that it would only be possible to get me working for the Antisocial Facists in Germany (code name social democrats) by using my abusing past for their programming.
And that is what often happened. Affection to Germany was long time based on programming related to my positive feelings which were also connected to my abuse. It was programmed during sleep in my mind with stimulating of abusing sex. The positive feelings connected to a abuse make it more difficult to get out of it.

I intended to articulate me politically the last time but the stress is too much with the terror.

Monday, January 08, 2007

I am in Vientianne now. The first night I rented a room and wanted to set up shielding in the evening. But a man from upstairs came down and complained about the noise. So I went on and tried to be more silent. But he came again together with the staff from the guesthouse and complained again though I was only sitting and sorting some things i my room which was not loud. Maybe he belonged to the gangstalking I experience and wanted to prevent that I set up shielding which would have been noisier with aluminium foil. I first wanted to erect it up in the afternoon but then decided different.
I think there was programming involved. I had this quite often that I wanted to set up shielding in the afternoon and found me doing it in the evening and may be disturbing people.

In Vientianne I had stimulation of abusing sex every night which gives me trouble now. The stimulation is strong and makes it much more difficult to overcome my abusive past.
I need it not to happen to go ahead in working out this abuses. But voices say they don't want it.
I refer to the last post. The stress with the refrigerator was over exactly the day when the German, staying in the same guesthouse and living in Udon Thani, had left.
Something he put in the refrigerator probably gave me stress intended or not.
Two days later the guesthouse holder gave his computer into service. Another stress source was gone.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Some days ago when I went to a shop in the morning I passed a Thai man who was taller than usual and muscular.
The following night I had massive sexual harassment and when I passed him next time there were changed feelings towards him. I knew this was programming from the last night.
The next night there was the picture of the man refering to me being a gay having protection from him in. I refused this idea.
Afterwards I did not see the man again and had no more pictures or else related to him in my mind.
Such trials to connect me with man I have sometimes. It started 8 years ago in Turkey.
The last time I had a l ot of sexual harassment in Thailand and are Thais involved. This gives me a lot of trouble in my life. I notice that I am under surveillance here, that MC is involved.

Thais say they are friendly people.

I have a lot of nice experiences here, that is why I am here, but altogether when I consider the bullying and its effects on my life I would say that

Thailand has a lot of friendly people but not Thais are friendly people. The last would be a wrong statement.

To call them friendly people the chicanery must not happen as it was the last time.

I had harassment also at other places but there the people then were also not nice.
Wen I went to sleep today I had sexual harassment. But after changing the shielding it stopped. But I am not sure if that was the reason that it stopped.
When I got up and out of my room I perceived that one source of stress which I perceived as such several times, the refrigerator, was no more one. It was just over, I do not know why.