Sunday, November 25, 2007

Some days ago I had a rape. Sex with violence was induced.
A horrible event I do not know how long I will suffer from it.
Voices even said I should get used to it.

Yesterday evening I left my flat in Chaiya and went by bicycle to a shop. When I entered the road several motorbikes overtook me. I did not feel well about that feared something might happen. After I was in the shop I went back to my flat on my bike. Quickly after I started to ride the same. Several motorbikes overtook me at the railway tracks. They may have been stalkers to intimidate me.

So I ask the people of Chaiya who have seen this and to try to remember who the people were who did this and tell me and help me to get information out of them or care themselves about the people. They may be also a threat to you. Though I cannot be absolutely sure about this, there is a high probability that I estimate this people right.

This people may be connected to a government related terrorsystem which can turn against anyone in the country. I read once a report that also Thaksin used a basher against the democracy movement. For me it looked like this man belonged to a government related gang stalking system . The government has all over the country people accessible to do harassment actions or more for it which are not covered by any laws. The whole thing may hide behind national security, but actually the terror is also used to serve special interests and goes against the basic human rights of the targets. It is in the interest of the Thai people that this system gets unveiled and destroyed.
They as well can be and probably are targets of this system.

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