Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I have a lot of voices the last time. I assume much it
is MC induced.
I hear I should defend myself against MC finally.
Such or related to such I hear again and again.
It is right I did not manage to do that. Several
times in the past I started writing about it with
a paper in mind to turn to authorities, but  every
time the level of harassment was turned up so I did
no more get ahead and stopped after a while.
But for some time they want me to do such.
I even had programming to sit down and write.
I am not sure if I can resist if they try this hard.
There is programming to a restricted mind 

in line with German social democrats.
This has been heavy and ongoing. It stopped
some minutes ago.
Actually I am not sure if it is programming
or stimulation of material which is already
stored in me. It is not that easy to discern,

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The last days there was stimulation of abusing sex in sleep.
but I do not know yet how much is due to allergies.
This morning was programming. The main switch of
electricity was in the past and is now a source of stress
and programming, but it is not so always. It was so
this morning. After I shielded it no stress came from it.
Sometimes there is nothing coming from it.
I had voices for hours today which is very disturbing.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Two days ago I started a post and saved it as a draft.
Yesterday for the first time for a long time I could 
meditate  a lot.
Today it is more difficult to meditate again.
I know doing such a lot would then give me strength bodily and mentally and with it more freedom. I assume keeping me from meditating facilitates control over me and further I assume that Thais in my environment are involved. 
I notice I now listen to voices and I fear I may react to orders and be used in anything.

Thursday, October 08, 2015

I had stimulation of abusing sex but not that strong
every time asleep the last time. Allergies play a role
I am not sure how big this role is. At least last night
these could have played a bigger role in stimulation
of such. But I knew about the allergies and could
have protected me to some degree. I did not do that
That may have been due to MC or also feeling weak.