Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I had only once sexuell harassment in Phnom Penh but other stuff went on much of the time.
I had trouble to do my daily English exercises until I noticed what there was going on. Now stronger programming to a social democrat is in the foreground apart from voices.
I met Germans in Sihanoukville and Phnom Penh. One person was suspicious being in MC the others nearly for sure in my illegal surveillance. I understand why the holocaust happened in Germany. Too many of them like such things and it is not different today as I get to feel or to know the support for my torture when I meet Germans.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I note programming to the social democratic system. Maybe it is also from my past. This top down closed system which is a total dictatorship. It is hard to get it out of my head. In the past there was often additional terror to take my power and my time to deprogram it. And so it works.
A former FBI agent in Thailand told me that after some time the MC victims cannot take it anymore and break. this means they take the programming.
Where do these miserable ideas, concepts and organizations which support it come from? From America, if I am not wrong. Without the support of both big parties this is not possible. That the whole thing is not that public is because in America there is not such a thing like a free media, it is a corporate controlled media where only that is told you the mainstream approves of. And this "freedom" wants America spread all over the world.

I assume that tending to Anarchism is a reason to get under MC. I have no more met people I really see as likable from the US the last years. I also often notice a certain radiation of Americans. Which I did not notice some years ago. Brainwashing or what? Probably.
That both big political parties are not serious about human rights shows my link to a site which tells about the complicity of the democrats in Bushs torture (comment to current politics). Public of this terror gets anyway only the tip of the iceberg.
I had also some hints that Anarchists got in trouble and were possibly brainwashed in Germany during the time Mr Kohl was chancellor. In Cambodia I also see less street children who keep a more natural mindset I find likable. When these children get under system approved education this is often over.

Monday, April 27, 2009

In Phnom Penh I had at first no stimulation of abusing sex. Last time asleep it happened again.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I had again stimulation of abusing sex in the guesthouse where I stayed in Sihanoukville. The staff there is involved. In contact with one person of it I got to feel contempt and stimulation of such sex was also tried.
The same like in Malyasia. When I spoke about it he laughed at me. At least he admitted it with this.
With Europeans I had much worse experiences in the past. They pretended not to know or understand and even went on.
The worst I had in Malaysia some years ago with some threats of violence and even going after me after I complained about it. The last I also had once in Singapore.
The best country is Thailand where I got it the easiest stopped when it happened and had several times longer periods with no stimulation of such in the past.
Well, it gets clear that one point which makes it difficult to get out of a abusive sexual history is that too many people want abusive sex and and try to repeat it at least in many places.
I am happy that I am not a weak person and not financially dependent. In the world of today sexual abuse would have happened then.
Thailand was never conquered by any western country and I think because of this is superior in humanity to some extend.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The last night in Sihanukville strong signals to stimulate abusing sex came actually from below me in the guesthouse. It is the area here the staff from the guesthouse sleeps. I suspect one woman but cannot be sure. It can be something else. In the morning I located signals from other directions.
Cambodia is when it comes to stimulate abusing sex not a good place for me and I have to leave it though Malaysia is altogether far worse.
I had again massive programming of abusing sex in Sihanukville during sleep.
I feel sick the last time. The stress of the terror is a huge burden but apart from this I am disabled.

Voices said that American mainstream will subdue the world. There would be no serious resistance.
At the moment I agree. Many won't see it as a disaster, I see. May be that belongs to the reasons I get Mind Control terror.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Two days ago I had massive programming of abusing sex in Koh Kong. Very often I had the question in my heas 'why don't you accept it', why don't you want it?' It is that strong that more people than before react on it and touch these wounds. I have trouble to get rid of it.
I am now in Sihanoukville.
I offer the people there money if they are ready to give information about things which get planned against me. Just approach me.
One person I have met there may be belonging to the organized chit I have to do with.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I am the second day in Cambodia now and had the first time again harassment during sleep.
Not direct sexual harasment but programming of such and other stuff which made me feel bad much of the day. I assume that my environment is involved. It is difficult to protect myself during sleep while travelling. Tips to achieve more security are appreciated. The programming to direct me in the way the terrorists want gives me a lot of stress and problems.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

After my last post I had some days off sexual harassament, today at sleep it started again. And it was announced before.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The last days all sexual harassment during sleep and also programming to a social democrat in Bangkok.
There is programming to do abusing sex. This terror is a heavy burden to any relationship.

Double speak of the democrats in Thailand like in Germany?

....The government keeps promoting organic farming and reduction of chemical use," said Tussanee Verakan, coordinator of the Alternative Agriculture Network. "Why did they put such heavy restrictions on organic substances which are the heart of organic farming?"..

Acting like this is daily work of the social democrats in Germany.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

First I could then no more visit the page

my email at

I cannot reach though the site is still up. I had a talk in my head about it.
Perps may be not able to control my mail there like my gmail and rediffmail.
My inbox at gmail is monitored. It has to do with the adds which are displayed then, but some adds tell me that people are monitoring it also for other reasons. Or how can I get an add like
"How I became a sex slave" a book about a woman who became it. I had shortly afterwards stimulation of sex with violence in Surat. Voices tried to make me accept it.
How can the mentioned add be related to my email when there was no chance.
This add was related to my Mind Control and gangstalking which I experience and the googlers seem to be inside?
Is it like this that in American style capitalism the manager is a gangster or if he is not a gangster he is not the manager?

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I had yesterday and today again stimulation of abusing sex and programming to a social democrat during sleep.
This reprogramming of such sex is horrible and makes me much more vulnerable so that more people touch my open wounds and my mind turns to it so that I have a lot of stress during the day. Voices say they want to enforce such sex. Not much about such people behind this.