Monday, October 28, 2013

Lynn Weed from
sent me an email with the following headline:

Breaking News!!!... a good thing has Happened, someone found that FFCHS had been contacted by Charles Manson... It's turns out He was Experiencing all the Covert Surveillance and Electronic Torture of Targeted Individuals

comment: is a website of targets of Gangstalking and mindcontrol techniques.
Charles Manson stated to FFCHS, another website for such targets, that he had all the
symptoms mind control victims experience. 
I have not a confirmation for this information so I am not sure if that happens. 
That means he was possibly a mind control victim before he went on the murder spree.
He probably also had mental problems before but when you know that mental sick
people do not  commit crimes more than the average citizen then you see that you
cannot simply blame his mental problems for the massacre he did.  It is reasonable to assume that something else or a lot additionally happened in his life which finally caused him to do such.
Mind control technologies are able to exploit mental problems are maybe to blame for this.

What about regulating Mind Control technologies in the US?

It was tried but not done about 10 years ago. But, you won't,  because in power you want to have fun with such including inducing massacres and sexual abuse. Further they are used for control, manipulation. Many Thais like this as well. But such chit Thais do not have to tell me anything.
I resist to my best abilities.

I advised against yahoo. I had repeated trouble with yahoo some years ago, which made me turn away from it. I tried it again, I thought new management maybe is it better now,
but I had quickly some trouble with it. I do not want to use Yahoo and run in this
repeated trouble again. But I am not sure if it will happen.

But the indian email provider causes me more trouble than yahoo.
Asks me to change my password or I cannot use rediff. They did this now already
several times. I decide when I change the password.

Some time ago I could not change my password even if I wanted.

Quite often files,information which is not mainstream, did  not arrive

or got in the bulk folder.

Spam protection is by far the worst I know!

Miserable behaviour of this mail

Die letzten beiden Tage hatte ich wieder staerkere versteckte Schikanen und ein Haufen
Stimmen bezueglich dieser.
Ich hatte die letzte Zeit wieder mehr Englisch gelernt weil es mir besser ging.
Die letzten beiden Tage wurde dies aber wieder deutlich weniger.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

WORLD: Neuroweapons; Inside Story of the US mind control project

This topic is neglected by purpose. Power hungry
politicians all over the world dream of total control
of the human being, dream
of reintroducing slavery, if they haven't done it yet.
There are people who speak about an ongoing silent
holocaust by radiation weapons. Because the
source is radiation it is difficult to prove.
Once an attack is over you hardly can prove

The excuse for such research is helping people
with mental problems. But the stuff can be used
on all for the purpose of control.
What helps people with mental problems is
leaving them their freedom and dignity. But with
the modern institutions this is exactly what these
people don't get.
These people can do much for their mental health
which often does not cost that much: Meditation,
Yoga, selfhelp EFT and many other things or
costlier therapies.
The number of mental sich people who are that
sick that they cannot be reached by the above is 
small often poor actually not lucracive.
But industries spend a lot of money and have
government support to get able to 
manipulate  the brain. Because they want control
and then exploit the control.

I state, I am a target of manipulation and torture
of any remote radiation caused by unknown 
sources for 18 years now.
Quite often the stress and pain of such
made me passive for longer time of the
day  mental facilities worked on a lower level.
It has given me sicknesses and made  my life
Those who do it enjoy it, like programming
and stimulating of sexual abuse.

Do you really expect anything better from
authorities than for instance performing
sexual abuse when they have the chance
to get off uncaught?
At least such people are among them who
will do such.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The last days I had except one day stimulation and programming
 of abusing sex. Twice it was heavier.
Several Thais are holding talks in which I get mocked.

There is another sign that the terror restarted in Thailand from Thais.

I do not know why the Thais are mocking me but it is a bad sign.
Anyway, this mocking Thais should eat their own chit that is
proper food for them.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

 I had again stimulation of abusing sex in Had Yai.
to my personal estimation it was a Thai woman. 
The stress and pain of such remains the whole day and
makes relating to others less pleasant.

Monday, October 14, 2013

The last days strong harassment has started again.I do not recover the whole day from the stimulation
of abusing sex of programming of such and programming in my dreams.
voices say that they have many people destroyed, people would be sitting in a wheelchair now and be doing nothing anymore. That could happen also to me.
I have Arthritis, heavy Allergies, Depression allrelated to the terror I had for years.
I have been down for long time because of the terror and started to develop internal
strength again some days ago. My mind is still not in the shape it could be. Processing power is far
from normal .Being down means to have no power to solve problems, also just mental problems
to process data.

This seemed to come back a little.
Now with the terror it will go again and when I am unlucky I get more sick more disabled.
Fucking Thais are doing this terror. There is no Foreigner around in Chaiya and in Surat Thani.
I do not know why this fucking Thai chit does such. Wait one thing is what I know why such
Thais do such. This Thai chit draws happiness from putting others down, into misery. This Thai chit draws happiness form destroying others life.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

The lasts days I had stimulation of abusing sex in sleep.
How much my sensibilities play a role in it |I do not know.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Last night asleep I had programming in my dreams which is actually refering to my last post in anycomments.
I was obedient listening what the better educated had to say just taking in.
Where this ends up you see in America where they struggle to get at least GMOs labeled instead of getting them banned. You invite educated criminals at the top which rip off the people when too many easily believe in the political authorities in power.