Monday, October 14, 2013

The last days strong harassment has started again.I do not recover the whole day from the stimulation
of abusing sex of programming of such and programming in my dreams.
voices say that they have many people destroyed, people would be sitting in a wheelchair now and be doing nothing anymore. That could happen also to me.
I have Arthritis, heavy Allergies, Depression allrelated to the terror I had for years.
I have been down for long time because of the terror and started to develop internal
strength again some days ago. My mind is still not in the shape it could be. Processing power is far
from normal .Being down means to have no power to solve problems, also just mental problems
to process data.

This seemed to come back a little.
Now with the terror it will go again and when I am unlucky I get more sick more disabled.
Fucking Thais are doing this terror. There is no Foreigner around in Chaiya and in Surat Thani.
I do not know why this fucking Thai chit does such. Wait one thing is what I know why such
Thais do such. This Thai chit draws happiness from putting others down, into misery. This Thai chit draws happiness form destroying others life.

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