Saturday, October 28, 2006

When I went into the Indian area in Georgetown the next days the atmosphere was bad, I quickly had to leave them.
When I wanted to go to a restaurant in the evening I experienced psychic attacks which made any stay in such restaurants really unpleasant.
I visited a Indian restaurant during the day. First when I came to Penang this time I was pleased about the friendly service but now I received sexual psychic attacks. Disgusting.
I had changed the guesthouse after the first strong attacks and did not have that much attacks for some days.
But then again I woke up stressed out after stimulation of abusing sex. When I went down to the reception of the guesthouse I found two people who I estimated to be involved in the attacks anyway planned or accidental I do not know.
There may have been some planning involved. I was in a restaurant the evening before. I reacted on a disgusting psychic attack. Shortly later a group of three men left the restaurant. I had observed them a little. I think it is possible that the attacks in the guesthouse had been planned then.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

3 days befor I met an American in the guesthouse where I stayed. The following two times when I slept where horrible. There were two sources I located in the guesthouse and one outside where harming radiation came from. But I could not stop it. I still have to recover from some of its effects.
It may have been psychic attacks from people. But I discover painful programming which is intended to make me to a gay. That is what is tried for years.
Some days later I met a malay and had a talk. I had met him before and we spoke the first time much about health. Now again he started about Zyprexa. The problems with it were not big that there were new drugs with fewer side effects. I answered that the problems were not small when the company had to pay 650 million $ indemnification to users of Zyprexa. And so on.

Later during the day I sensed that there was programming to go to a pharmacie to buy drugs.
I had in Penang apart from 2 days in the beginning and the last two always stimulation of abusing sex. The programming to go to a pharmacie contained a type of lust which was also used for other purposes.
That is what I recognized. But this kind of stuff may easyly be misinterpreted. So I regard what I observed better as a preliminary view.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Yesterday morning there was strong stimulation of abusing sex, probably psychic attacks.
This morning was less stimulation of abusing sex but a lot of mindactivity going on in my dreams, I assume it was programming. I recognized it later as rather stressful, which is often the case when programming has happened to my experience.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

In Penang the radiatin was already high when I arrived. When I approached it by bus I started feeling the radiation.

The fluoreszent lamps cause more energy drain than in some other places. In Phnom Penh they were the worst up to now.
There are other factors related to electricity which affect me and consume energy and make me less strong to face other probleme or challenges in life.

A look into this will help also other people. In Europe about 3 % of the population is said to be sensitive to such things. Changes need not be costly as in other places in Asia the stress related to this was not that high.
Two days there was not much stress and sexual stimulation which I had again the last night.
Yesterday I talked to a German also staying in the same guesthouse I do. Afterwards I recognized he spoke in a way which suggests he has knowledge of my private life he normally cannot have. But most Germans I have met are in my mindcontrol and know about me.
That is why I think what is said about the first holocuast is particularly wrong. It is said that many Germans did not know. When I think over this second holocaust they are doing with mindcontrol technologies I do not believe this anymore. I know that newspapers in Germany know about the mindcontrol technologies used and keep quiet and silently enjoy the abuses somewhat shitting on their duties as "free press".
Even my family seems to be inside and enjoy it.
So I think the first holocaust was different. There was probably a bigger group who really did not know. But there was also a bigger group who knew. When people if the latter mentioned had been behaved as good nazis they were on Sundays allowed into the concentration camps to have some fun mistreating the Jews. Behaving as good nazis included to be a good liar and never speak about this issue.
Today it is the same. I have not yet met Germans who were to some help to get out of my mindcontrol surveillance and torture. You can rely on them to never speak about this and to do all what is needed and wanted to go on abusing his technology.

So many Germans are models in being good criminals and subhuman. Unfortunately in other countries I experience that there are people who support th same things like the German do. In Ban Khok Thais have somewhat proven to support radiation torture on me.
I hope in future there will be people who act different and helpful to me.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Yesterday there were no attacks. but I had to deal with the ones before and had because of this a bad day. This morning again stimulation of abusing sex.
Penang belongs to the worst places to go anyway. The first time I got a immune system disorder was in Penang some years ago.
I get attracted bu some things, but should not go there for more than a few days to avoid the dangerous negativity of some of their idiots.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I stay in Penang now since 2 days. Today morning I woke up after having a lot of stress.
Last time when I was there the stress was not that big. There is stronger radiation around in the area where I stay. It is not that easy to find out where it is from. But I am electrosensitive, it may be to some degree related to this. But I have again to deprogram feelings and thoughts related to abusing sex

I have found some answers to this now.
I recognized some people doing harder psychic attacks towards me today and I recognized some who did some psychic attacks related to abusing sex. It happens much more covered than last time when I could openly recognize often people who did it. This is more difficult now.
They are friendly to your face and disgusting in your back because this psychic attacks can be very stressful and painful.
They are becoming more mainstream, they develop.
I won't say that in general as there are also many friendly people but too many are uglyminded.
For survivors of any abuse Penang is because of its abundance of despicable people highly not to recommend.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The last four nights there was mainly stimulation of abusing sex. But there can also be Thais involved who unfortunately just like to stimulate this. The stress was not comparable to the level in Ban Khok.
On the other hand when I try to deprogram the nightly experience I get to programming which is also used to influence decisions of mine.
To my perception there are sophisticated ways to program a mind from a distance already for years available.