Sunday, October 08, 2006

Two days there was not much stress and sexual stimulation which I had again the last night.
Yesterday I talked to a German also staying in the same guesthouse I do. Afterwards I recognized he spoke in a way which suggests he has knowledge of my private life he normally cannot have. But most Germans I have met are in my mindcontrol and know about me.
That is why I think what is said about the first holocuast is particularly wrong. It is said that many Germans did not know. When I think over this second holocaust they are doing with mindcontrol technologies I do not believe this anymore. I know that newspapers in Germany know about the mindcontrol technologies used and keep quiet and silently enjoy the abuses somewhat shitting on their duties as "free press".
Even my family seems to be inside and enjoy it.
So I think the first holocaust was different. There was probably a bigger group who really did not know. But there was also a bigger group who knew. When people if the latter mentioned had been behaved as good nazis they were on Sundays allowed into the concentration camps to have some fun mistreating the Jews. Behaving as good nazis included to be a good liar and never speak about this issue.
Today it is the same. I have not yet met Germans who were to some help to get out of my mindcontrol surveillance and torture. You can rely on them to never speak about this and to do all what is needed and wanted to go on abusing his technology.

So many Germans are models in being good criminals and subhuman. Unfortunately in other countries I experience that there are people who support th same things like the German do. In Ban Khok Thais have somewhat proven to support radiation torture on me.
I hope in future there will be people who act different and helpful to me.

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