Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I stay in Penang now since 2 days. Today morning I woke up after having a lot of stress.
Last time when I was there the stress was not that big. There is stronger radiation around in the area where I stay. It is not that easy to find out where it is from. But I am electrosensitive, it may be to some degree related to this. But I have again to deprogram feelings and thoughts related to abusing sex

I have found some answers to this now.
I recognized some people doing harder psychic attacks towards me today and I recognized some who did some psychic attacks related to abusing sex. It happens much more covered than last time when I could openly recognize often people who did it. This is more difficult now.
They are friendly to your face and disgusting in your back because this psychic attacks can be very stressful and painful.
They are becoming more mainstream, they develop.
I won't say that in general as there are also many friendly people but too many are uglyminded.
For survivors of any abuse Penang is because of its abundance of despicable people highly not to recommend.

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