Saturday, October 28, 2006

When I went into the Indian area in Georgetown the next days the atmosphere was bad, I quickly had to leave them.
When I wanted to go to a restaurant in the evening I experienced psychic attacks which made any stay in such restaurants really unpleasant.
I visited a Indian restaurant during the day. First when I came to Penang this time I was pleased about the friendly service but now I received sexual psychic attacks. Disgusting.
I had changed the guesthouse after the first strong attacks and did not have that much attacks for some days.
But then again I woke up stressed out after stimulation of abusing sex. When I went down to the reception of the guesthouse I found two people who I estimated to be involved in the attacks anyway planned or accidental I do not know.
There may have been some planning involved. I was in a restaurant the evening before. I reacted on a disgusting psychic attack. Shortly later a group of three men left the restaurant. I had observed them a little. I think it is possible that the attacks in the guesthouse had been planned then.

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