Monday, April 25, 2016

I had this morning into sleep very hard harassment.
Gay programming. Suspects are the guys
in room 159/3 as they are also the suspects for
the last hard harassment.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Remote Neural Monitoring (Satellite Harassment/Terrorism)Reality and Awareness

There is technology which can read your mind they which  can
speak to your mind which can be used to harass you using

That is happening to me. And for sure information from my
brain is used by people in the US, in Germany, in Thailand
Malaysia and other countries without my knowledge and consent.
They just use the information know or participate in
harassment in the destruction of my life keep silent and use the
information from me to their advantage.

I have had mind monitoring for all the years, no privacy
Manipulation. I was not able to lead the life I wanted.
I was most of the time down due to the harassment and relation
ships less possible.
I had manipulation which stopped me from Learning English.
There were even times when I could not think of it.
Before I was doing it on a daily basis.
Intense long time harassment and manipulation  led to thinking
mistakes making me much weaker than I was before.
Manipulation also kept me down. I was long time not able
to do intense meditation. I did not manage what I was used to do

I have had 20 years many if not most days stimulation of abusing
sex, 20 years  mostly painful stressful stimulation of such sex
and you bastards keep quiet and enjoy or use the information you

Fuck you bastards! Just Fuck you! No, I do not keep proper form now!

To my estimation government may be or may have been included
in doing such crimes.
They probably will be able to shift guilt to other groups.

It was my personal weakness that I did not keep up with the
development in this area, This stuff is lets say public
for some time.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Yesterday I had a lot of pain when I woke up.
I needed time to get some strength back.
Today there was stimulation of abusing sex
and programming. I had the last time
sometimes voices that they want me to have
such sex. It may have been from my neighbors
from 159/2.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Yesterday I had very hard stimulation of abusing sex.
Today it was messed with my head. I do not know how to explain it.
It was quite deptessing.
I do not do much. I have to get out of the depressed state first to be
able to do again. But I could not do longtime meditation for years now.
I will try, maybe I can now.

Monday, April 11, 2016

I had again severe sexual harassment into sleep today.
 I was exhausted for several hours.
Such stimulation is a form of contact. Unwanted contact.
yet contact which other may feel and then try the same

I notice that there is quite some manipulation related to people I
 have to do with.
My personal environment seems ro be controlled. This is a
condition something could happen to me and what happens then
is planned for any purpose.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

I visited today the first time for long again a anarchist
website. This was accompanied by voices:  "You can
do that now again." They may even have triggered my
visit by putting the idea in my brain. There was a lot of
control over me for a long time I think. I could not do
much even if I tried to. Maybe it also had to do with
some problems of mine. But I haven't been that
passive for a longer time  also not for
shorter periods  for I think more than 25 years.
The influence I have by mind control technology and
gang stalking has over years systematically attacked
parts of my personality. I understood that there can
be also positive value in the attacks and worked with them
but come to neglect my ideas of me.  I changed inside
and this is at least also a part why I became passive. I am
stuck in some not worked out part of mine which I
better circumvent and sometimes turn to to work on it.
Well on the other side the last days some things go
a little better than before.
I could not meditate a lot for a long time. With such I got
me out of burnouts, that is feeling tired, listless, weak
without having done much. The stress of mind control
and gang stalking brings about quickly such a burnout.
I assume that manipulation was it which kept me
from doing meditation,
Once I managed to build up such strong shielding
that I could block sexual harassment.
Shortly afterwards I had thoughts in my brain
I do not want to set up the shielding everyday.
This is a lot of work. I stopped.
But before I was able to shield the harassment I put
a lot of effort over a long time to achieve a means
to block the terror.
Maybe it has also to do with manipulation.

That I have not written any police report has to do
with voices which are able to get me away from
it. They are quiete troubling.
But I have not done all I could against such
stuff, I admit.
Often I plan to write and I forget.
It is my being in a burnout or also manipulation?
Once I tried to stay at a place just to write
something for the police. I had that much
trouble at that place that I left.

Saturday, April 09, 2016

I had severe stimulation of abusing sex. I am still exhausted now in the evening after it has happened in the morning into sleep.