Monday, March 30, 2015

I had yesterday severe sexual harassment in sleep. Today I had
harassment again but not that strong.
The first harassment was announced by voices.

Monday, March 16, 2015

I had each night in Had Yai heavy sexual harassment.
this brings me in emotional trouble.
I am exhausted, depressed, withdraw from people
because of the recent stimulation of sexual abuse
which people tend to connect on after such
From such ongoing abuse  I have slipped often in a
burn out with reduced brain processing capacity,
just slower thinking, less concentration less
brain capacity accessible.I am often discouraged
to address problems also because I feel exhausted
and down.

Intense meditation helped me out of such a burn out
back to reasonable brain performance but with the
abuse going on I fall back in an burn out
again and again

Tips are welcomed to help me ahead with this.

I had an account on

It is a forum for victims of mind control technology.

Today I got a message I would have been banned.
I have not been told any reason why this is so I am
sure there is no

Before I had lost my password and tried to recover it.
The service sent an recovery email to my
registered email address but it never arrived.
Also not in the spam folder. I tried this procedure  many times
to get an email to recover my password.
But such an email never arrived.

I then just subscribed with another email address
Now I was just kicked out without informing me.
Miserable behavior.

I expect them to just reopen the service for me!
I won't creep for that!

It is possible that this service is meanwhile controlled by
 (people who want to keep the mind control victims victims)

I had this already in another  more or less American controlled
mind control groupI got  just kicked out because of little things
 from mainstream idiots.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

I had strong stimulation of abusing sex which brought me in  emotional difficulties during the day. I had such stimulation to a much lesser degree mostly the last time. 

My allergies get stronger through this stimulation. I can't even sleep on a clean bed sheet without being troubled by them, which I could until recently.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

I had today heavy stimulation of abusing sex.
Voices say it will go on now.
I still feel rather stressed from it.
The environment after such tends to join
such stimulation.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Einen Tag nach demletzten Eintrag hatte ich ueberhaupt keinen Terror
und lebte auf. Ich hatte wieder Lust am Lesen.
Das war am zweiten Tag zu Ende. Auch wenn spuerbare externe
Einfluesse nicht so stark waren hielten sie mich passiv und
interessenlos, wie das die folgenden Tage auch war wie auch die
ganze letzte Zeit. Die Stimulation von erniedrigendem  Sex
findet wieder statt und wird moeglicherweise von Thais unterstuetzt.
Als ich in eimem computershop war bekam ich psychische
Attacken hinsichtlich missbraeuchlichem Sex von einem