Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This time asleep massive programming of abusing sex. That heavy it is not that often. Maybe also psychic attacks of people around. I feel bad and then some around like to mock me additionally.

Monday, September 28, 2009

It seems I am going the right way.
I am disabled because of mental problems and stay in developing countries not in developed ones and don't take drugs.

out of this

...When the World Health Organization compared outcomes for schizophrenia patients in rich countries to those in poor countries, it determined that outcomes were much, much better in the poor countries...

...In 2007, researchers at the University of Illinois reported that 15-years after initial diagnosis, 40% of the schizophrenia patients who had weaned themselves from antipsychotic medications were “in recovery,” versus five% of those who were on the drugs...
Today again sexual harassment during sleep. It may be psychic attacks of other people around.
this harassment takes me for hours or day in a bad condition. It is harder to do anything then I am full of pain and stress.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

This time asleep no severe harassment. I noticed a little while already awake, which disappeared then. There is brainwashing to make me read mainstream newspapers not alternative news. These would be radical. a positive feeling comes along with conventional media and a bad feeling is accompanying reading alternative media. these feelings are produced

I actually wanted to attack the organisation with the nickname "the red pest" but there was some stronger resistance inside me to do this. I assume that the harassment I had the last time was because they wanted me to kep away from this.

I want to remind that the SPD is known to harass minorities (I did not find the report about this) to have advantages of this. Well, this marks it as suspicious to be a right wing extremist political party.
The BKA should investigate this. Minorities have their rights like others, why is it allowed that this big dangerous organisation can harass these.
If the BKA does not it indicates that it supports rather the rich and powerful than the people.

Friday, September 25, 2009

In Sihanoukville two times asleep no harassment. But the third time now I changed the guesthouse massive sexual harassment at about 8 o'clock in the morning.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I had in Suan Mokh twice sexual harassment. I have been often there. I had it often there. Some monks are always willing to do this. They are respected people but act not according to this.
In Bangkok again sexual harassment in the guesthouse where I stay.
It woke me up about a minute before the alarm clock rang. This I had quite often in the past years.
When I had something like the rape some days before I had also the voices in the head, "we want to have it like this". I have also voices which say the last days the terror would go on. There is more than just a few people doing harassment. There is MC.

Friday, September 18, 2009

I have contact to some MC victims who do activism. John Finch from Australia acts like a perp. He may be one. Be careful when you get in contact with him.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I usually slept in the guesthouse Udomlap in Chaiya, because I often just could not do it in my flat. The radiation there was like this that I just could not stand it.
Yesterday I had something like a rape there. Strong stimulation of abusing sex too strong.

I slept in the guesthouse Udom Lap again and had stimulation of abusing sex. I went down to the reception and noticed that both the man and the young woman were also doing it.
I was angry about this but asked quietly not to do it because it would hurt me.
The man just threw me out of the guesthouse and said I should no more come. He even called the police. He said I would always have problems when I came. I did not bother them with such.
I am a man disabled because of psychlogical problems that means they will continue my lifetime.
but the man in Udomlap is probably too primitive to see this.
So are some Thais nowadays. They insist on sexual abuse and when you complain they get aggressive. Such are the staff in the guesthouse Udomlap. I repeatedly recognized that there is often no hospitality in Thailand that quite some Thais are repulsive.
In had this in former times mostly in Malaysia but in Thailand only once with a abbot of a meditation monastery. I recognize that in Thailand is negative learning happening they get worse not only in the example above.
I have been to some countries now. Thais are worse when it comes to sexual abuse than some European countries.

I recommend the Abbot from Suan Mokh to get build a small guesthouse close to the monastery so that people coming and waiting for a meditation retreat don't need to get to know the monsters from the guesthouse Udomlap im Chaiya.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Yesterday I had strong stimulation of abusing sex again. As usual concentration, power, mood were down. I had a lot of voices on this. they would know now why I would not want such sex.
Today I did not have direct stimulation of abusing sex but the harder programming of such again.
But I recognize other programming too. Programming to the mindset of a German social democrat away from anarchism. And again mood, power were down. Concentration not that much.
Germans I meet are usually inside the miserable thing against me. So I have some hints where it comes from but no proof I could use.

I am not the only one to who such things happen. I am in support group and about 1000 victims of such hidden terror have reported such and confirmed on a list. There are many others who do not publish their suffering. My sister reported such over a long time. Some time ago I asked my mother if it still would go on. She answered "No, no more now." My sister is now sitting in a wheelchair, mentally disabled and no more doing much.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Two times I slept in Had Yai harassment. Up to now it was a place where I seldom had harassment. First I had stimulation of abusing sex and a strong reaction on it. It gave me even bodily stress while walking. I had the last time only mild stimulation of such but much harder programming. The head is automatically going to the topic of sexual abuse then and this gives me enormous stress during the day.

In the past I was able through repeated programming to get some distance of a sort of sex I do not like. It goes in small steps.
The last time asleep there was strong reprogramming of a step I had recently taken.
Voices say they don't want me to do this. I should accept treatment.

I certainly don't intend to go to any doctor for psychological questions in Thailand or elsewhere.
In a recent post I stated that at two places in Surat I noticed that a signal stopped.
The next night I had programing which wanted me to go for psychological treatment.
Is this one reason why I am treated like chit in Thailand? Some madmen recognize that I am a troubled person and put up such terror?

By the way, when I was last in a hospital to see a doctor, one of the first questions to me was if I wanted to see a psychologist or psychiatrist. I had never asked for it. I wanted just a check of a medical problem not related to the mind.
It is possible that these people even know or support that I should be brought to accept treatment by hidden terror. If this is happening and they are involved at least those doctors who know and support are terrorists. And you don't go to a terrorist when you have a problem, do you.

I know that in the west they are not that easily able to do what I do myself.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I had sexual harassment during sleep in Had Yai today. I was quite stressed afterwards.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The last time asleep again stronger sexual harassment and programming, brainwashing.
The programming is to accept Abhisit as a leader in Thailand and see his politics as good.
I do not know if this comes form the Thai government. Anybody else can have set up this programming. On the other hand it fits in his authoritarian style to lead and this gangstalking and MC is said to be done by governments. Further I remember having strong harassment after criticism him some time ago
A leader who uses brainwashing has to go at once and has to be punished. That is my opinion.
If there are people in Thailand who know that Abhisit uses such things they should act accordingly.
If such things are known and accepted or not deternined fought, it shows what a disgusting spirit is dominating Thailand and what belongs as an essential to the picture of Thailand and the Thais.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Again massive Stimulation of abusing sex. The programming which comes along with it lives on. I have a lot of deprogramming to do. There is also a danger that such programming is successful and brings you to a closer relationship with abusing sex. I assume Thais are involved. I have this abuse that often that I think. There are many sexual abusers in Thailand, many monsters in Thailand. But I have this at other places too. But how should such points heal when it gets stimulated again and again. And because the wounds are kept open others jump on it. It is a vicious circle and a disaster in my life also apart from the suffering caused by this. Stimulation of abusing sex alone can lead to a burn out when it happens a lot and makes relationships much more difficult.
There is another question. Are people that primitive that they are greedy on a sexual abuse when people cannot defend themselves? It looks like this. I have this stimulation always during sleep when I am not aware of what happens.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Psychology Today Hit Piece Labels Conspiracy Thinking A Psychotic Illness

Some years ago I spoke several times with a man who stated to be a former FBI agent.
On the question how I could escape MC he said. "Not at all, because nearly all governments around the world like to use it."

About 10 years ago I met twice with an American carpenter in Bangkok. We were neighbors in a guesthouse. The second time I met him I said: 'You are in the system why do you work for them?'
I had recognized him being in the system( A system which internationally harasses selected people whereever they go) because he spoke nearly exactly the same way as the voices I heard in my head the way before. This is a sign of being under mindcontrol when such things happen.
As far I know I found something about that point on
A service which specializes in countering als such stuff.

Well the American admitted that he worked for the system. He said, 'I work for them because I am too weak. I could not resist. I have lost everything I had through the terror of this system.'He was not willing to give me his name or address. This I had always when I recognized someone in the system.

Such psychologists like the one mentioned in the link from above make it clear, they are highly probable a threat to those who ask them for help.

I am serious about this. My sister is a social worker. She said that with therapies it would be like this. One third has effect. One third has no effect. One third brings about damage.
Further one third of the problems which look worth treating disappear when time passes or the people manage to get along with it.
Not that much about psychologists. psychiatrists, doctors and so on...

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The last two times asleep again massive stimulation of abusing sex and programming once in Surat Thani and once in Chaiya.