Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I usually slept in the guesthouse Udomlap in Chaiya, because I often just could not do it in my flat. The radiation there was like this that I just could not stand it.
Yesterday I had something like a rape there. Strong stimulation of abusing sex too strong.

I slept in the guesthouse Udom Lap again and had stimulation of abusing sex. I went down to the reception and noticed that both the man and the young woman were also doing it.
I was angry about this but asked quietly not to do it because it would hurt me.
The man just threw me out of the guesthouse and said I should no more come. He even called the police. He said I would always have problems when I came. I did not bother them with such.
I am a man disabled because of psychlogical problems that means they will continue my lifetime.
but the man in Udomlap is probably too primitive to see this.
So are some Thais nowadays. They insist on sexual abuse and when you complain they get aggressive. Such are the staff in the guesthouse Udomlap. I repeatedly recognized that there is often no hospitality in Thailand that quite some Thais are repulsive.
In had this in former times mostly in Malaysia but in Thailand only once with a abbot of a meditation monastery. I recognize that in Thailand is negative learning happening they get worse not only in the example above.
I have been to some countries now. Thais are worse when it comes to sexual abuse than some European countries.

I recommend the Abbot from Suan Mokh to get build a small guesthouse close to the monastery so that people coming and waiting for a meditation retreat don't need to get to know the monsters from the guesthouse Udomlap im Chaiya.

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