Thursday, September 10, 2009

Two times I slept in Had Yai harassment. Up to now it was a place where I seldom had harassment. First I had stimulation of abusing sex and a strong reaction on it. It gave me even bodily stress while walking. I had the last time only mild stimulation of such but much harder programming. The head is automatically going to the topic of sexual abuse then and this gives me enormous stress during the day.

In the past I was able through repeated programming to get some distance of a sort of sex I do not like. It goes in small steps.
The last time asleep there was strong reprogramming of a step I had recently taken.
Voices say they don't want me to do this. I should accept treatment.

I certainly don't intend to go to any doctor for psychological questions in Thailand or elsewhere.
In a recent post I stated that at two places in Surat I noticed that a signal stopped.
The next night I had programing which wanted me to go for psychological treatment.
Is this one reason why I am treated like chit in Thailand? Some madmen recognize that I am a troubled person and put up such terror?

By the way, when I was last in a hospital to see a doctor, one of the first questions to me was if I wanted to see a psychologist or psychiatrist. I had never asked for it. I wanted just a check of a medical problem not related to the mind.
It is possible that these people even know or support that I should be brought to accept treatment by hidden terror. If this is happening and they are involved at least those doctors who know and support are terrorists. And you don't go to a terrorist when you have a problem, do you.

I know that in the west they are not that easily able to do what I do myself.

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