Sunday, September 27, 2009

This time asleep no severe harassment. I noticed a little while already awake, which disappeared then. There is brainwashing to make me read mainstream newspapers not alternative news. These would be radical. a positive feeling comes along with conventional media and a bad feeling is accompanying reading alternative media. these feelings are produced

I actually wanted to attack the organisation with the nickname "the red pest" but there was some stronger resistance inside me to do this. I assume that the harassment I had the last time was because they wanted me to kep away from this.

I want to remind that the SPD is known to harass minorities (I did not find the report about this) to have advantages of this. Well, this marks it as suspicious to be a right wing extremist political party.
The BKA should investigate this. Minorities have their rights like others, why is it allowed that this big dangerous organisation can harass these.
If the BKA does not it indicates that it supports rather the rich and powerful than the people.

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