Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The last time asleep again stronger sexual harassment and programming, brainwashing.
The programming is to accept Abhisit as a leader in Thailand and see his politics as good.
I do not know if this comes form the Thai government. Anybody else can have set up this programming. On the other hand it fits in his authoritarian style to lead and this gangstalking and MC is said to be done by governments. Further I remember having strong harassment after criticism him some time ago
A leader who uses brainwashing has to go at once and has to be punished. That is my opinion.
If there are people in Thailand who know that Abhisit uses such things they should act accordingly.
If such things are known and accepted or not deternined fought, it shows what a disgusting spirit is dominating Thailand and what belongs as an essential to the picture of Thailand and the Thais.

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