Saturday, September 27, 2008

This night I was woken up several times. I had massive sexual harassment and again felt bad the whole day.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Today I woke up miserable. I stayed some hours longer in bed. Massive terror in Singapore not only programming but I do not know who is doing it maybe foreigners. On the other hand it just may be psychic attacks. It is evening now and I still feel bad.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I recognize that there was less torture in Singapore but the more and harder programming than usual. How come? Is it that better equipment is easier available there? Or that people can come closer to me because of the situation in the guest house. Is it that when it comes to Mind Control also Singapore is not that less corrupt than others or is this criminal stuff just more difficult to handle and handling not established? I would then say it is probably not desired to get handled by those who make the decisions in society like for instance in Germany and the USA. The private doctor I visited today I would not trust.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I slept in Hawai hostel in Singapore during the afternoon and the night. Both times I had harassment. In the afternoon I did not hear my alarmclock and was woken up later by somebody shaking the metalcover I had put over the outside lock of the door.

In the night I had massive programming in my dreams and stimulating of abusing sex. Actually the programming is connected to abusing sex. The things programming tried to make me like ( i.e psychiatry) are connected to the positive feelings also connected to the sexual abuse.
This permanent stimulation of sexual abuse prevents it from healing or even reproduces it.
The stress and programming makes relationships much more difficult. Furthermore the permanent stress promotes various diseases.
What sort of people are doing this should be clear by this and anyone who works with such people has no excuse.

It is clear that not or not alone satelits are responsible for the harassment. It is a network of people skilled in such things working in many countries. I do not know how to fight the attacks while asleep. Tips about this are appreciated and possible honoured.
I was some days in Malaysia. Except once I had sexual harassment and programming. In guesthoue Ideal in Kota Baru I had massive programming of such. Members of the family of the guesthouse holder I caught several times doing psychic attacks so they may have been involved.

I am in Singapore now. I intend to go to a doctor. There are topics which may be simply medical, but some indicators are there that MC could play a role. Singapore is said to be not that corrupt.
In Thailand I had two instances where medical doctors where involved in electronic harassment I assume that they are in MC, but this they are probably everywhere. In Germany I had in a doctors office programming to a social democrat and recognized that the doctor may have to do with it. In Malaysia control and corruption of state controlled institutions I had already (muslim controlled postal service).

In Pennang, Malaysia I once woke up with a feeling of numbness in my head in the budget guesthouse. It was the same feeling you have when the doctor gives you an injection before dental surgery.
The evening before I had filed a police report because I had been threated repeatedly by some people. From this day on the people in the guesthouse were very unfriendly. The attitude had changed to the negative. How come? How this feeling of mumbness in my head?
I went to a doctor to get this checked but he said there could be hundreds of substances involved. It would be hard to find out.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I am four days in Chaiya. the last two again sexual harassment. The last day it was horrible reprogramming of such. Yes, in Chaiya in Surat Thani there are some rat holes with Thai nazis.

Voices said they wanted to have explained all to abusing sex. Why I did not want and other stuff. As long this wasn't they would go on. Like raping a woman so long until every detail of raping would be explained.

activism against MC

Freedom not fear 11.09 world action day

Shocking Menace of Satellite Surveillance

Trust to the elite is wrong nowadays.
Mainly they have access to technology to do such abuses.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

This morning I planned to wake up some time earlier than the days before. The attacks had started all at about the same time the last days. I hoped it would help a little, though I know from the past that this is often not the case. And so it was. The attacks now were earlier, so that the people who do this have to know when I planned to get up. Since I stay alone and my alarm clock is not visible from outside there is mind reading as another possibility.
The attacks were again hard programming and stimulating of abusing sex. They just do not accept the way I live I also got to feel, though they have a chit to do with this.
Some people who I spoke to at the guest house where I was staying in Surat showed their contempt for me, though I have never spoken to them before. I heard that gang stalker care about a negative attitude towards the victim in its environment. In Surat they cared well again. But the people take it or get a negative attitude by themselves they have also responsibility for their attitudes.
Last year I had a rape in Surat (sex with vilolence). Now they work different. Today I recognized suddenly strong desire for such sex, that was programmed. Finally not much better than direct inducing this sort of sex, when the programming is strong enough.
This is Surat Thani. I think they should put their super disturbed ones who do such things on show, maybe they could attract some tourists and keep them away from people.
I would like to know if the telecom in Surat has the technology to do such things. PAD in Thailand it is a question of democracy to get such technology under control, nevertheless in the US and Europe they not that far yet. A good reason not to look much towards these countries as an example.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

I have traveled for quite some time and stayed for instance in Surat Thani many times.

I stayed for instance in Hotel Phanfa last year. Some days no harassment I felt fine. Then harassment over radiation started. I felt miserable. At the reception they always wanted me to charge more days than I stayed. The cleaning personnel shouted at me for no visible reason.
In guest house SA sometimes I had no harassment. But the last time always and again the reception were probably participating in it. Once I even had a rape over radiation there.

Now stay at a place in Surat I have not been before. First no harassment then it started and it gets harder. I do nothing wrong there. Despite this the people in Surat are like this.

So now I give a rating for Surat as a disabled traveler.
At first glance not bad but gets miserable then, highly not to recommend. Too many repulsive people there.
At first it was not like this. It developed in this bad direction.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I stay in Surat Thani some days. I checked in in another guesthouse than usual. The first two days no harassment. Great. But the third as usual. Stimulation of abusing sex during sleep and being woken up before my alarm clock rings. The next time stimulation of abusing sex and I woke up some time after my alarm clock rang. That game I had quite often and missed then things I had or wanted to do.