Saturday, September 06, 2008

This morning I planned to wake up some time earlier than the days before. The attacks had started all at about the same time the last days. I hoped it would help a little, though I know from the past that this is often not the case. And so it was. The attacks now were earlier, so that the people who do this have to know when I planned to get up. Since I stay alone and my alarm clock is not visible from outside there is mind reading as another possibility.
The attacks were again hard programming and stimulating of abusing sex. They just do not accept the way I live I also got to feel, though they have a chit to do with this.
Some people who I spoke to at the guest house where I was staying in Surat showed their contempt for me, though I have never spoken to them before. I heard that gang stalker care about a negative attitude towards the victim in its environment. In Surat they cared well again. But the people take it or get a negative attitude by themselves they have also responsibility for their attitudes.
Last year I had a rape in Surat (sex with vilolence). Now they work different. Today I recognized suddenly strong desire for such sex, that was programmed. Finally not much better than direct inducing this sort of sex, when the programming is strong enough.
This is Surat Thani. I think they should put their super disturbed ones who do such things on show, maybe they could attract some tourists and keep them away from people.
I would like to know if the telecom in Surat has the technology to do such things. PAD in Thailand it is a question of democracy to get such technology under control, nevertheless in the US and Europe they not that far yet. A good reason not to look much towards these countries as an example.

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