Thursday, September 04, 2008

I have traveled for quite some time and stayed for instance in Surat Thani many times.

I stayed for instance in Hotel Phanfa last year. Some days no harassment I felt fine. Then harassment over radiation started. I felt miserable. At the reception they always wanted me to charge more days than I stayed. The cleaning personnel shouted at me for no visible reason.
In guest house SA sometimes I had no harassment. But the last time always and again the reception were probably participating in it. Once I even had a rape over radiation there.

Now stay at a place in Surat I have not been before. First no harassment then it started and it gets harder. I do nothing wrong there. Despite this the people in Surat are like this.

So now I give a rating for Surat as a disabled traveler.
At first glance not bad but gets miserable then, highly not to recommend. Too many repulsive people there.
At first it was not like this. It developed in this bad direction.

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