Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I slept in Hawai hostel in Singapore during the afternoon and the night. Both times I had harassment. In the afternoon I did not hear my alarmclock and was woken up later by somebody shaking the metalcover I had put over the outside lock of the door.

In the night I had massive programming in my dreams and stimulating of abusing sex. Actually the programming is connected to abusing sex. The things programming tried to make me like ( i.e psychiatry) are connected to the positive feelings also connected to the sexual abuse.
This permanent stimulation of sexual abuse prevents it from healing or even reproduces it.
The stress and programming makes relationships much more difficult. Furthermore the permanent stress promotes various diseases.
What sort of people are doing this should be clear by this and anyone who works with such people has no excuse.

It is clear that not or not alone satelits are responsible for the harassment. It is a network of people skilled in such things working in many countries. I do not know how to fight the attacks while asleep. Tips about this are appreciated and possible honoured.

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