Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I advertise somebodies book for the sense MC gets known to more people.
I haven't read this one from the author only the one about defense against covert
warfare from the same author.

Unspeakable Truth: The Role Covert Warfare Plays In Western Culture

By Mukazo Mukazo Vunda

his book debunks the generally held belief unscrupulous individuals who are the illuminati, international bankers, neo-cons, sometimes reptilian aliens, etc., with an agenda of total control, have infiltrated society’s key positions, and are behind covert warfare, surreptitiously silencing or eliminating whistleblowers, activists, political dissidents to see their plan of world domination to fruition. This book argues, by logical deduction, that no such infiltration has occurred in the recent past. The observed phenomenon of covert warfare epitomizes a cultural orientation, hence the fact it is institutionalised, moving to this point from the position of mainstream practice. It has played the traditional role of eradicating threats to a way of life, as well as provide an outlet for warped appetites generated in the process, that would otherwise eat society from within.

available as a download on or as a paperback from

Friday, August 24, 2012

Today was different from the last ones. I did not have this making me mentally work through topics to access my knowledge in a certain area at all which was often before the last days.
I tried to resist such sometimes but it is difficult as they stay with the task.
Some talks were there today some insulting some friendly.
Well, I am disabled because of mental problems.  Many would say your voices are from this. It is not that easy.

And I am troubled with voices which I learn slowly to deal with. Okay as long as voices are no problem they don't need to get addressed. Mine are partly troubling.
As a guideline for me I forget all what the mainstream says about that just ignore it and look for something reasonable. What they say is just insulting, humiliating for those who hear them and it is wrong.
Voices are no hallucinations, you are not mad because of this. To state that shows ignorance. I consider a doctor who states that as a wimp. Voices have to do with your history. You should learn about them to try to understand them. not try to make them go away, that is the  nonsense doctors I have over time recognized some voices belonging to my father. Experience with your voices helps to deal with them.

But I am also sure there are technical voices. I have talks with reasonable answers again and again. With my own voices this should not happen. I get questioned I refuse to answer and then I get presented the answer as if it was taken out of my brain.I get the voice to contact a person in the near neighborhood.

This technical stuff makes it more difficult to deal with my own voices.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I had again stimulation of abusing sex which gave me pain for much of the day.
I have a lot of voices. I assume this contact with voices is used to exploit me.

I have a lot of voices who try to make me a member of the SPD.
That is why I got a lot of  contempt for leftist intellectuals
Just a bunch of chit because I know many people know about my destiny and keep quiet, these included.

Well the number of MC victims who claim they are such is small.
In the US it would probably just be enough for a mind controlled sex slave for every congress member.
So it is clear there will be no investigations in claims of MC victims.

How to go against government crimes. Very difficult when the people support its crimes as it is with MC against me. They just will lie themselves out of the situation. They ask for proof. But radiation crimes leave no clear traces, You need equipment worth thousands of dollars and expert knowledge to go against such culprits. But ordinary people don't have that money. Governments or big corporations always have.
So the crimes with newer radiation weapons are a wonderful example how there the rich have an unfair and criminal advantage over the poor and ordnary people. This is a wonderful example how means are redistriputed from the poor to the rich.
They steal every idea from my mind and torture me so that I can't use them myself.
They try to blackmail or brainwash me to a SPD member. The SPD is like this.
In Hitler' book "Mein Kampf" he was unemployed and suffered from hunger and did not get a possible job because for this he had to join the SPD which he refused.
They try to make my mind work for them for free, when I cannot resist MC. When I resist I get tortured again and again until I loose my power and can get easier used for their purpose.
Thailand supoorts the person which is at the very moment winning. So for most of the time I have been in Thailand MC against me got support.

Do you think Obama or Hollande will bring the weapons under control. They use them to their advantage.
Shortly I had a talk in mind stimulated about how to help woman out of prostitution. Shortly afterwards I heard in France prostition they will try to address. Well, the connection is not necessary there but possible.

Will Hollande something against MC weapons?  He is probably just another elite asshole. I don't know anything else than assholes in the elite, if it was different the weapons would be regulated a long time.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I had stimulation of abusing sex and hard programming the last days. The stimulation is stressful, painful and brings you down strips you off of a lot of power. The programming messes up my sex and brings additional stress and problems.
I am a target of sexual abuse for many years now which is a huge burden in my life I do not know where it comes from. I just wake up and it was there, or I recognize it half asleep but don't manage to go behind.
It is any radiation. Well. the area, where I live there is a whole bunch of very low quality Thais. They have
proven it some time ago with stimulation of abusing sex over longer time.
May some are just primitive enough to restart the stuff.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Today I woke up and noticed stronger stimulation of abusing sex again. I felt like so often that I would like to leave my flat and go travelling to escape that. But I did not.
A few days ago I felt that my bodily power was coming back, feeling strong which I had not for longer time, though I did not feel weak anymore already for some time. But this heavier harassment may be in the way to getting back to strength.

Friday, August 10, 2012

While I stayed in Malaysia I mostly slept during the day and was awake in the night. I tried to sleep in the night, it did not work.
The last days sleep is more usual during the night. I get still too late to bed but get a normal time of sleep most of it in the night.
I don't know if this change is due to programming.

I had all nights in Chaiya stimulation of abusing sex.
I was angry about that and stayed awake for some time to find out.
I did not stay awake long enough but fell asleep but when I woke up I noticed no stimulation of abusng sex.
The afternoon I got tired suddenly and laid down. I woke up some hours later and noticed that probably brainwashing.had happened

In Germany about 20 years ago I knew a young man, appearing to be an anarchist who got homeless who I met then later and had changed. I would label him from the beginning a democrat..Probably brainwashing.
I notice the same programming in me now  I noticed in him.
I assume that in the German social system it is systematically worked with brainwashing and harassment to bring the people in line with desired ways of thinking.

I do not know if I can resist the permanent programming and terror in the long run. The problem is it takes time to deprogram. You have several times programming in your head before one issue is deprogrammed. Further the terror takes my power and concentration away.
There are also a lot of voices appearing during the day. Often it happens just when I wake up like today after the brainwashing which I assume today

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

I am a few days in Chaiya now. I was quite passive longer time but the last days it gets better.
MC controllers let go the grip on my mind to tighten screws in another way after they see that I am not acting  as expected. I refuse to meet any expectations.
I had harassment all times asleep I asleep in Chaiya. Sexual harassament gay style. No harassment related to violence which I had often. This would also be dangerous because some men nearby would like to have it.
What I had yesterday and sometimes in the past was programming to get contact with the young landlord
This morning I woke up and noticed I had harassment which is that strong that you cannot take it long.
Exactly this I had often in Chaiya in the past. I just had no chance to stay in my flat. I had to leave at once sometimes even during the day when stress came out of power outlets of that strength I could not

 I am today again in that mode that a walk is stress.

I had three times rent a room on monthly basis in Thailand. And every time heavy stress in that room. It looks as if Thais or quite some Thais don't want me and use such means to get me away.
Well, I am disabled because of psychological problems. Thais know that and this may be the reason to turn against me.