Thursday, August 23, 2012

I had again stimulation of abusing sex which gave me pain for much of the day.
I have a lot of voices. I assume this contact with voices is used to exploit me.

I have a lot of voices who try to make me a member of the SPD.
That is why I got a lot of  contempt for leftist intellectuals
Just a bunch of chit because I know many people know about my destiny and keep quiet, these included.

Well the number of MC victims who claim they are such is small.
In the US it would probably just be enough for a mind controlled sex slave for every congress member.
So it is clear there will be no investigations in claims of MC victims.

How to go against government crimes. Very difficult when the people support its crimes as it is with MC against me. They just will lie themselves out of the situation. They ask for proof. But radiation crimes leave no clear traces, You need equipment worth thousands of dollars and expert knowledge to go against such culprits. But ordinary people don't have that money. Governments or big corporations always have.
So the crimes with newer radiation weapons are a wonderful example how there the rich have an unfair and criminal advantage over the poor and ordnary people. This is a wonderful example how means are redistriputed from the poor to the rich.
They steal every idea from my mind and torture me so that I can't use them myself.
They try to blackmail or brainwash me to a SPD member. The SPD is like this.
In Hitler' book "Mein Kampf" he was unemployed and suffered from hunger and did not get a possible job because for this he had to join the SPD which he refused.
They try to make my mind work for them for free, when I cannot resist MC. When I resist I get tortured again and again until I loose my power and can get easier used for their purpose.
Thailand supoorts the person which is at the very moment winning. So for most of the time I have been in Thailand MC against me got support.

Do you think Obama or Hollande will bring the weapons under control. They use them to their advantage.
Shortly I had a talk in mind stimulated about how to help woman out of prostitution. Shortly afterwards I heard in France prostition they will try to address. Well, the connection is not necessary there but possible.

Will Hollande something against MC weapons?  He is probably just another elite asshole. I don't know anything else than assholes in the elite, if it was different the weapons would be regulated a long time.

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