Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I advertise somebodies book for the sense MC gets known to more people.
I haven't read this one from the author only the one about defense against covert
warfare from the same author.

Unspeakable Truth: The Role Covert Warfare Plays In Western Culture

By Mukazo Mukazo Vunda

his book debunks the generally held belief unscrupulous individuals who are the illuminati, international bankers, neo-cons, sometimes reptilian aliens, etc., with an agenda of total control, have infiltrated society’s key positions, and are behind covert warfare, surreptitiously silencing or eliminating whistleblowers, activists, political dissidents to see their plan of world domination to fruition. This book argues, by logical deduction, that no such infiltration has occurred in the recent past. The observed phenomenon of covert warfare epitomizes a cultural orientation, hence the fact it is institutionalised, moving to this point from the position of mainstream practice. It has played the traditional role of eradicating threats to a way of life, as well as provide an outlet for warped appetites generated in the process, that would otherwise eat society from within.

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