Tuesday, August 07, 2012

I am a few days in Chaiya now. I was quite passive longer time but the last days it gets better.
MC controllers let go the grip on my mind to tighten screws in another way after they see that I am not acting  as expected. I refuse to meet any expectations.
I had harassment all times asleep I asleep in Chaiya. Sexual harassament gay style. No harassment related to violence which I had often. This would also be dangerous because some men nearby would like to have it.
What I had yesterday and sometimes in the past was programming to get contact with the young landlord
This morning I woke up and noticed I had harassment which is that strong that you cannot take it long.
Exactly this I had often in Chaiya in the past. I just had no chance to stay in my flat. I had to leave at once sometimes even during the day when stress came out of power outlets of that strength I could not stand.it.

 I am today again in that mode that a walk is stress.

I had three times rent a room on monthly basis in Thailand. And every time heavy stress in that room. It looks as if Thais or quite some Thais don't want me and use such means to get me away.
Well, I am disabled because of psychological problems. Thais know that and this may be the reason to turn against me.

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