Thursday, September 29, 2016

I can easier be active now I hope this remains. When the
harassment is too strong I cannot. I also cannot concentrate.
I notice that there has been programming towards the
conservatives. Actually Clinton is the person elected by
those with a low income like me. This came to my mind
But altogether I keep distance to the big parties.
My mat I sleep on and have cleaned and the piece of
cloth I use on it both I found stimulating SM sex.
They have not been like this yet. I used them many
times. Well, Thais know which household items to
use to stimulate such and performed it on me before
in Hotel Bandon Surat Thani. The reception
went along with such.
May be now I have a similar issue or gang stalking.
There is no supervision of clothes drying outside but
family member from room Nr 5 are much of the time
around there and would notice anything apart from
some hours in the night or may be supporting such.
I do not know but I won't unjustly be suspicious about

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I had voices yesterday which announced harassment which
I had in the morning. I am not sure how much my allergies
or chemicals play a role. 
Gestern hatte ich keine Schikanen. Es war angekuendigt es
wuerde nie mehr sein.
Gestern wurde aber fuer heute wieder Schikanen angekuendigt
Ich hatte wieder Stimulation von missbraeuchlichem Sex.
Dies hat wie ueblich  verheerende Wirkungen. Wenn es mir
einigermassen gut geht, gehe ich eine Liste mit englischen
Vokablen relativ schnell durch. Heute stoppte ich nach
wenigen Worten. Ich werde passiver und niedergeschlagen.
Heute kuendigten Stimmen wieder an es gaebe morgen
keinen Aerger fuer mich. Na ja, das kann sich im Laufe
des Abends noch aendern.
Gestern hatte ich keine Schikanen. Es war angekuendigt es
wuerde nie mehr sein.

Gestern wurde aber fuer heute wieder Schikenan angekuendigt
Ich hatte wieder Stimulation von missbraeuchlichem Sex.
Dies hat wie ueblich  verheerende Wirkungen. Wenn es mir
einigermassen gut geht, gehe ich eine Liste mit englischen
Vokablen relativ schnell durch. Heute stoppte ich nach
wenigen Worten. Ich werde passiver und niedergeschlagen.
Heute kuendigten Stimmen wieder an es gaebe morgen
keinen Aerger fuer mich. Na ja, das kann sich im Laufe
des Abends noch aendern.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Voices say it would be the goal to drive me that far enough
down to be able to put me  in an institution.
NO. I do not go alive in an institution. I have to prepare
for this and do what I can to be strong enough to act
Again heavy stimulation of abusing sex. Voices are saying
that such will go on, while voices say freedom is essential
the first time I have this voices when I remember right.
Democrats are a utmost enemy of freedom and fight it
that I know for decades. Conservatives I experienced even
worse in Germany under Helmut Kohl and afterwards.
But it is the nature of governments to try to control
and manage everything up to the detail with not that much
interest in the damage they do. Just mad with power
and playing around with it using any imaginable lie to
justify its further ongoing use using any available means
to keep on going this way. This seems to be the nature of
government. Maybe I am too much generalizing. Then I want
to see the differrence now. How about putting Mind Control
weapons under control? You won't, right. You want go on
playing, right?

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ich hatte stimulation von mussbraeuchlichem Sex und habe
deswegen Schmerzen bin niedergeschlagen aber nicht
kraftlos wie sonst oefters.

I notice now heavy programming of abusing sex. I can't remember
having had such. I sit in a chair repeatedly during the day for some
time feel depressed.
I also noticed some programming to a social democrat some days
ago I had stress and pain I could not bear and it was tried to press
to join them. But they are playing. If they really wanted such
they would stick to such a plan. Or they are permanently tricking
around to achieve my approval for them. I have often voices
related to democrats being the good choice, Doing such is some 
sort of terrorism
I had again stimulation of abusing sex. Again exhausted in the
morning. There may be people in the environment involved.
Actually all Thais in my direct environment have already been
stimulating such.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I had again stimulation of abusing sex, gay sex. It has also to
do with my allergies. The extent of stress is dangerous.
Vor zwei Tagen hab ich im Kopf ueber die USA hergezogen.
Ich sprach von der amerikanischen Mainstreamsekte, die zum
Beispiel Angelina Jolie nur angriff weil sie ein Stueck anders
ist halt kein richtiges Mainstream Normvieh.
Ich hatte es auch das mich ein Mitglied dieser Sekte in Malaysia
schikanierte, hintenrum natuerlich ohne das ich dieser Person
meines Wissens einen Grund dafuer geliefert habe.

Am naechsten Tag war ich ueberrascht. Ich habe die letzte Zeit
oefters auf youtube Musik gehoert. Ein Song der Hollies
hatte mir dabei gut gefallen. Ich hoerte ihn oefters.
Gestern war dann auf youtube in der Liste der Songs die ich von
den Hollies hoeren konnte anders. Andere Songs die dem einen
der mir besonders gefiel aehnelten  waren nun mit dabei.
Dies war vorher und leider heute auch nicht mehr der Fall.
Das heisst das youtube eine Vorauswahl der Songs betreibt
Ich habe vorher nach anderen Songs der Gruppe die mir
gefallen koennten gesucht und diese nicht gefunden.
Ich finde es wunderbar das ich umsonst Musik auf youtube
hoeren kann aber diese Vorauswahl ist schade, enttaeuschend.
Wie bei Facebook, google findet das Einflussnahme statt.

Zu dem Thema passt:

Handynummer reicht für Tötung per Drohne

Wird aus ideologischen Gruenden getoetet oder ist solches zumindest teilweise inklusive?

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The stimulation today was that strong that I was sitting around
repeatedly also talking less than yesterday.

Monday, September 19, 2016

I have the last days programming of gay sex.
This morning I woke up heavily exhausted
after stimulation of abusing sex.
Voices are also like that that they hint at
programming they have done or are doing.
It was tried the last time to convince me to
become a social democrat.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

I had heavy also sexual harassment this time when
I wake up. I was weakened for today. Possibly

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

I had longer time stimulation of abusing sex this time asleep
and strong pain afterwards. But my allergies play a role in it.
Pain became less when I removed an item near my bed.

Monday, September 12, 2016

I had heavy stimulation of sm sex during sleep.
As I am involved with positive emotions which does
not mean that I want it I slipped into it with fantasies
about it. I have pain during the day.
I noticed that what I use as a bed sheet appeared highly
stressful to lie on though it had been washed before.
It was the second which gave me huge stress in a few days.
I do not know yet where the stress came from with the
second sheet. The first I know it was drying on a rope
which discoloured the sheet. I was allergic against
these chemicals on it.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

I had in the morning stimulation of abusing sex and heavy
 programming. It came from the teens in room 2 or one with
their guests. Even Thai teens engage in this. I had sometime
ago a maybe 10 year old boy stimulating abusing sex.
This stimulating abusing sex  is a disgusting thing many Thais do
Maybe part of Thai culture or what?

Thursday, September 08, 2016

In the morning today I did not have any stimulation of bad sex.
which aroused me and made me feel stressed.
Somehow there was programming of such sex without giving
me this stress initially but the programming has its negative

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

The stimulation of absing sex includes programming to a gay.
I wrote that i would prefer stimulation of gay stuff to sadistic
stuff. The message was not complete. I preferred it once
because the gay stuff was easier to deal with as it was not
so strong as the sadistic stuff.
Heavy stimulation of gay stuff is stress- and painful.

I had again stimulation of abusing sex in the morning. It drains my
power and is depressing.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

I had again stmulating of abusing sex and programming.
Voices turn against natural medicine and for capitalistic
medicine (Western Medicine)
Voices bother me nearly all the time.

Sunday, September 04, 2016

I had stronger stimulation of abusing sex in the morning.
I notice programming like the girl nearby. But I needed
some time to find out that things which look like
programming may also be things which have been inside
me and just unveiled.. But that does not mean there is no
The many years I had sexual harassment in Thailand are
a heavy burden on me. But I recently had again
stimulation of such sex from Thais again. They like it.
A nation with many potential sexual abusers and they like it.
At least they don't threat you when you complain about
stimulation of such like I had it repeatedly with Chinese.
In my direct environment of my flat I had it that the
contact I had to the Thai girl was prevented.
A woman who has a restaurant on the site of my
landlord was first nice then cold. the woman in flat nr 4
was often up to a small talk now no more. The guy in
nr 2 is now also distant.The man from the family in nr 5
turned away from being nice.
This happened when I came from Malaysia. I do not know

Yesterday morning  woke up with  pain but did not notice any
Stimulation of abusing sex. Such harassment I also know.
Today I had during the morning strong stimulation of SM Sex.
I noticed the direction after some time.

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Ich hatte gestern direkte Stimmulierung von gay sex. Ich hatte den
ganzen Tag Schmerzen.

Friday, September 02, 2016

Vor TV-Talk von Maybrit IllnerMuslima verweigerte ihm den Handschlag: Jetzt spricht JU-Chef Ziemiak

Vor kurzem hatte ich es das ein Deutscher, der sich sehr schnell als sehr nervig erwiesen hatte und  zu dem ich  keinen Kontakt mehr wollte  auf mich zukommt und mir die Hand reicht. Ich habe ihm keine Hand gegeben Dieser wird darafhin pampig. Dies empfand ich als Unverschaemtheit. Es war aber noch nichtzu Ende. Spaeter kam er nochmal auf mich zu und wollte einen Handschlag. Ich verweigerte, Daraufhin fing er an in der Gemeinschaft ueber mich zu staenkern weil ich ihm den 
Handschlag verweigerte. Der Typ war vieleicht ein Gang Stalker. Das ist jemand der bewusst und organisiert Leuten auf den Nerven rumlaeuft.
Auf der anderen Seite ich beziehe mich dabei auf den Artikel den ich oben erwaehnte dieses man
haette sie anspucken sollen ist eine Beleidigung. Wenn ich mitbekomme das jemand der die
"Gruene" Frau Roth als ekelhaft ansieht und dann 3000,' Euro dafuer bezahlen muss koennte dieses
haette sie anspucken sollen auch kostentraechtig sein. Ich ziehe es aber vor das Worte nicht teuer bezahlt werden sollten. Die vielen Regelungen ueberall auch wild pinkeln kostet Geld macht ein Land ein Stueck zum Gefaengnis. Mir gefaellt es zum Beispiel wenn ich in einem asiatischen
Land mit einem Fahrrad falschrum in eine Einbahnstrasse einbiege und  Polizeibeamte schauen hin
und dann wieder weg und bleiben bei ihrem Plausch. Uebertiebenes, unnuetzes Regelgefurze kann
einem den Tag verderben.