Sunday, September 04, 2016

I had stronger stimulation of abusing sex in the morning.
I notice programming like the girl nearby. But I needed
some time to find out that things which look like
programming may also be things which have been inside
me and just unveiled.. But that does not mean there is no
The many years I had sexual harassment in Thailand are
a heavy burden on me. But I recently had again
stimulation of such sex from Thais again. They like it.
A nation with many potential sexual abusers and they like it.
At least they don't threat you when you complain about
stimulation of such like I had it repeatedly with Chinese.
In my direct environment of my flat I had it that the
contact I had to the Thai girl was prevented.
A woman who has a restaurant on the site of my
landlord was first nice then cold. the woman in flat nr 4
was often up to a small talk now no more. The guy in
nr 2 is now also distant.The man from the family in nr 5
turned away from being nice.
This happened when I came from Malaysia. I do not know

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