Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tonight again stimulation of abusing sex and progrmming of a special social democratic mentality.

Muslims I have experienced pleasant in Germany and in Turkey. Though in Malaysia they are now mostly friendly to my face but the harssment in the night usual disgusting.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

I was some days off meditation then again close to the tigercave. The second day there was massive sexual arousal of abusing sex during sleep. Today massive programming of German mentality. One monk may be in in giving infromation about me away.

My observation lets me assume that many people are ready to give information about me to other places. Which place is it people can easily be convinced to give information to? Probably the Thai government, who else? As I experience trouble in many places in Thailand it looks nationwide organized, like it is written in gang stalking writings.

For sure a certain number of Thais support it that I am treated like chit in Thailand. Welcome to Thailand. Forget about that.

The first years when I was in Asia the discrimination was worst in Malaysia but regarding the last time Thailand is catching up. May be it has to do with that it globalizes that means it adapts down humanity to the horrible mainstream level.

I had again and again harassment free times in Thailand but now no more much.

Welcome to Thailand? Yes you are welcome. You can be sure that the Thais have fun with you.

But this does not mean that you will have much fun.

Be aware when you travel to Thailand.

The Thais decide if you have your human rights!!! You have nothing to do with this and maybe you cannot do much about it.

Also on Koh Samui Mind Control technology was used on me.Why not on you?

Twice I had electronic harassment in Thailand connected to a doctors visit.

Why should it not happen to you when you come to Thailand?

Well I am not a quality tourist. I am a mental disabled person. Maybe the Thais fear problems

But up to now I got more trouble than I make, much more!

Is the terror because the Thais show their racist face to a mentally disabled person who is additionally a foreigner?

I tried several times to rent a flat. In Nong Khai first. Massive sexual harassment started shortly after I moved in. In guesthouses the terror was at that time often less.

Then In Ban Khok harassment was severe and is also reported at the beginning of this blog.

In Chaiya then in my next room I rented the terror then was at a level that I would label destructive.

It looks like it has a racist background.

In Krabi now again after a break also the terror level has increased.

If you think Thailand would be a good distination to live then you should read books of people who failed. They have a lot of nice people but also a bunch of monsters and bastards.

When you have to do with their monsters the nice ones don't matter much less.

There are enough Thais who like to exploit and destroy foreigners like they are doing it with me. If the terror level is high which I know is not a problem if they want it such things can happen.

My brain is monitored 24 hours a day. Much if not all activity is recognized and they can at any moment switch to harassment. I know that Thais are inside this horror, but Germans for sure are too, Americans as well. You can be sure that Americans I know won't help you out of this. they are in in any way but remain quiet. Like the American English teacher who also manages the guesthouse 'The Web' in Surat Thani or the American yoga teacher in the guesthouse 'Mut Mee' in Nong Khai. That is how the people are to me. As if I was a terrorist. They like to exploit and subdue me. But it may be a way to produce terrorists, like beaten dogs get aggressive. The political leaders won't mind as they won't be touched. And they don't mind deaths in the population.

But what should happen to them if they watch my thoughts day and night. You even don't have that chance anymore when you are mistreated and monitored like this.

The use of MC technology is also probably the real reason why the Thai government is winning the war in the south. I remember that there was in the bangkokpost a report about a budget for military actions in the south which included also a certain sum for secret measures (like MC I assume)

My human rights situation including my privacy is horrible. Most others who know enjoy. And I am sure those who know and enjoy also my sexual abuses give a chit how I suffer and think about people. (including the American in the guesthouse 'The Web', the American yoga teacher in the guesthouse 'Mut Mee'. They also seem just to give a chit about such things and enjoy it.

I do not know why many go along with this.

I think that any support and developping aid should be stopped for Thailand.

You should let their poor starve to death because there is a higher probability that you just support to bring up monsters who aid to destroy others or destroy others belonging to minorities.

The nice people in Thailand who I appreciate but may know about what happens and also just watch the destuction of people should also so pay a price for this if it is possible to cut educational development projects.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Since I started some meditation close to the tigercave I have harassment again and also massive stimulation of abusing sex. Gayprogramming is heavy. Even hours of deprogramming don't remove what happened.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

After my last post I had 3 days no sexual harassment. One day I spent in Surat Thani and there was again some during sleep. Now again no. The voices are there trying to make me follow the social democrats in Germany. It is awful that it is permanent tried to intrude in every aspect of my life, my mind and I cannot do much about it at the moment.

I visited the tigercave in Krabi, a well known monastery in Thailand and asked to stay there for meditation.
After a while a monk with some knowledge of English spoke to me. He knew me and mentioned some things Iwould do how I would be, I thought is this the behavior of a gangstalker?
I did not know him. He said I would not follow that would be a problem.
No, that is not a problem of mine.
Such monks certainly don't support it that you look for a teacher.

In the monastery I was told I could not stay.