Tuesday, September 11, 2007

After my last post I had 3 days no sexual harassment. One day I spent in Surat Thani and there was again some during sleep. Now again no. The voices are there trying to make me follow the social democrats in Germany. It is awful that it is permanent tried to intrude in every aspect of my life, my mind and I cannot do much about it at the moment.

I visited the tigercave in Krabi, a well known monastery in Thailand and asked to stay there for meditation.
After a while a monk with some knowledge of English spoke to me. He knew me and mentioned some things Iwould do how I would be, I thought is this the behavior of a gangstalker?
I did not know him. He said I would not follow that would be a problem.
No, that is not a problem of mine.
Such monks certainly don't support it that you look for a teacher.

In the monastery I was told I could not stay.

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