Sunday, April 22, 2007

Today I watched the CNN report about the Virgina massacre. The relatives and others mourned the victims.
I thought a good mourning show. Yes, you need to do such a show it is custom over there. And a good show produces some sympathy which may be usful in future.
When it comes to MC Americans usually enjoy it. They enjoy the torture, the rapes, the manipulation, the brainwashing and the exploitation done to the victims. I personally have met a former FBI agent who openly with joy spoke about MC that at some point the victims can't take it anymore and break. I personally know Americans who I believe to be inside my MC and stay quiet.
The man who teaches yoga in the Mut Mee guesethouse in Nong Khai even tried to advertise his yoga classes in a way that seems to relate to knowledge about me gained by MC. In Bangkok an American started a talk with me and soon showed that he had illegal knowledge about me.
What about regulating this technology and restoring human rights and the rests of democracy you had?

But I believe it is rather American to go on feigning about human rights and silently enjoy the MC abuses.
This is American isn't it, ...mainstream it is for sure.

Friday, April 20, 2007

I had no gay programming during my last sleep but also attacks with stimulation of abusing sex which was exhausting. In Malaysia I had gay programming during sleep but also stimulation while awake and voices about it.
This terror is a huge strain on my life. I sometimes would like to write an article to this or that but often I end up not doing it also because of the burden. That is what the perps want I think. They exploit me by mind reading and keep me weak so that I cannot express myself and have the benefit of my knowledge and life the life I want. To my estimation MC is done by government around the world and others who have access to it also in Thailand. Bastards!!!
How should I respect authorities when I have to estimate things like this. But they don't mind victims like me usually have not the power to go against them.
There is not only the above as a consequence of MC to a target, there is a lot connected to this. I should speak about it later. This technology should not be used against the people and be forbidden and controlled.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Corruption in Thailand connected to Germany

Four years ago I stayed in a meditation monastery close to Sawi in Thailand. I left for some time and did other things for a while like following on the Internet a group of people who where involved with Psychiatry. This was interesting for me because it was tried to force me to a Psychiatrist for a examination in Germany, which afterwards could lead to being forcibly admitted to a closed ward.
When I came back to the meditation monastery the first night I stayed there I had massive pain and stress. I tried to build up shielding but a man close to my room complained about the noise which this made, so I could no more do much. The next day, still feeling very miserable I went to see the doctor in the hospital in Sawi. I explained him my symptoms. He did not do any examinations, he did not ask any questions. At once after I had finished speaking he offered me psychotropic drugs and nothing else. I said I would not take drugs for the mind and left.
The next day my lawyer contacted me by email and told me that I now could get my files from the prosecution in Darmstadt concerning the case which had lead to the conviction for a examination by a psychiatrist. He also made an offer to apply for an abatement of the action against me which would have cost me some hundred Euros. I did not react on this offer at that time.
Regarding the files of the prosecution, I had waited for these for months. Normally you can get such files in some days. I don't have this email anymore because the service was shut down on short notice.
I assume that the stress I had was harassment to support the acceptance for taking drugs and that this was supported by the doctor in Sawi and the German prosecution in Darmstadt.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I am in Thailand again after I did not like to stay in Malsysia anymore but had massive sexual harassment in Had Yai. I have often been in Had Yai and had hardly such harassment before. But voices had announced that they would destroy the positive picture I had of this place.
I know that in Thailand quite a number of people know about this harassment MC and surveillance. I would appreciate some support, information or help against this crimes instead in indulging to enjoy them. Are such people to find in Thailand or does corruption dominate it in this area?

Friday, April 13, 2007

I had for long programming to stay or to go to Malaysia. This country is unfree so more possibilities for those who hunt me are there.
That they want me to have and stay in Malaysia could be a reason why the packet sent for me to the post office in Penang is not there. It should have arrived by two weeks ago. They may want me to wait for it which may take 2 months. I had as voice that I should wait for it and also in a talk with a Canadian.
What speaks against this is that I had a lot of harassment during sleep while in Penang and yesterday harsh gay programming which is everything else than inviting to stay in that country.
Yesterday I had a voice that I would get the packet now. I just had a talk with some travellers and said that I did not want to stay in Malaysia. It would be out of question.
We will see. I never know if the voice is right or not. there is always a lot of tricking involved as well as programming. Voices, technically induced, are information you store and which change your thinking and response to certain things when you do not deal with them consciously.

Such things are nowadays normal criminal mainstreamstandard.

I recognize and appreciate that descrimination towards me is considerably less in Malaysia compared to some years ago, but when I together with other things consider the trouble I had and have now, I don't to like to stay in this country for long.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The yahoo-headline today

Where dating is dangerous
In a nation where premarital sex is illegal, how are people in Afghanistan pushing the limits?

My answer. I am a victim of hidden technology of the West which targets me with radiation. This includes to program me to a gay, and harass me in many ways. One example is to stimulate sex with violance which you cannot resist when you don't have shielding. I am not the only victim of this and often not believed when you speak about.
The allegeded freedom of the Western World is just as many things there an outrageous lie. Freedom is admitted publicly and by law but often taken away from the people in the back with sophisticated and or hidden means. With the globalisation they want to bring this chit to the last place in the world.

Monday, April 09, 2007

In the second last post I spoke about a packet I am getting in Penang and that I feared it would not be there. I visited the post office twice by now. The packet was not there and couldn't be tracked either by the post office. Tracking in the country of its origin was not possible at all for three days and then brought the last tracking dated to the 8th of March for the packet.
I am staying in Penang now for 5 days and had every morning hard sexual harassment during sleep. I increased shielding several times but only for a slow effect.
The last time I stayed at the same place I had hardly any attacks and could sleep without shielding, which I can do only in some places.
I had to shield the outlet for a TV antenna with a bunch of layers of shielding material, which I did not have before.
I had massive mind games last night and then I found out that strong radiation was coming from the room next to mine. I went past the room, stopped in front of it went back to my room and then measured no radiation coming anymore. There is probably a man doing harassment staying beside me or simply one jumping on my weaknesses.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I feared that something could happen to the packet I will collect in Penang because I have voices related to this and I had trouble dealing with this item before. That made me think that others may have interfered and may try it again. If I do not get an item in good condition I have to look for a proper answer. The item is insured, but only getting these means a lot of loss for me altogether 900 Malay ringit or some more or less. Exactly just getting the insurance is something what can happen because the fanatics don't want me to use this item.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Corruption in Malaysia

Last time when I was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia I sent a registered letter and the same content as a fax to German officals. I went back to Penang and had there programming which I remembered when I noticed that both the fax and the registered letter never arrived in Germany. The programming had to do with not sending my items.
So they interfere in my life in Malaysia without asking and bring about trouble for me.

When I left Kuala Lumpur last time by bus I saw a big label with the following letters on it.

"The power to shape lifes." Then was a German Pharma company in connection with Malays mentioned.
People shape their lifes themselves. when they are in trouble or weak this possibility should not be removed from them.
When they are shaped by somebody else this is in the interest of those who do it, and this is against freedom, against basic human rights.
To my estimation exactly this is probably happening in Malaysia and cannot be accepted and must be changed. That could be a task of the Asean countries as well of the Malay people to screen the structures in Malaysia and to enforce freedom for the people.
If you don't do it there is a danger that Malaysia spreads its unfree system and Malays and also foreigners suffer from undesired interference with accordant consequences in their lifes.

Also in other countries like in Thailand there is interfered with my life but about this later.

In Penang I am going to collect a packet. I hope that goes well. I remember that I received a private packet from the postal service there which had been opened before and that probably people had snooped around it.

I called the post office Penang already and asked about the packet. A woman wanted to know a parcel number, I said 'moment I look it up'. She waited a little and then finished the call. I called again and gave her the number of the packet . After she had it she finished the call again.
I redialed, then I spoke to a man who said,' you have to dial the following number'. I wrote it down and repeated it to the Malay for confirmation. It was okay. Then I tried this number two times but got the message that this number was not valid.