Sunday, January 14, 2007

Possibly as an answer that I criticized the social democrats two days ago, I had stimulating of abusing sex today and additionally programming to a social democrat which I also had some years ago. A typical smiling social democrat is in my mind connected to abusing sex.
With typical social democrat I mean a world class truth twister and a permanent fiddler who despises everything in human life and is only interested in getting power over everything.

These attacks are unfortunately possible despite a lot of shielding. Probably I only can get some stress out of the attacks. When more severe attacks are able to reach meI may be sitting around for longer time and doing nothing.

Now I want to warn against such an organisations like the social democrats in Germany, Labour in England or similar ones elsewhere.
For me these organisations belong to the most dangerous ones for human freedom and a human future.
As their dream is to build a society with institutions and regulations which enable the total control of everyone, which reduce people to puppets for the ruling with no possibility to escape.
When you look at western medicine, Psychiatry and the soical system the which is control orientated you see they are going ahead quickly with their goals.
The fact that psychotronics are not an important issue to discuss about that even documents about this were removed from the National Library of Amerika the last years is another hint in this direction. The use of Psychotronics helps the mainstream a lot ahead in shpaing people to their desires.
The democrats are this not doing alone but they are one important force inside this no matter what they say.
They are world class liars and fiddler. Without knowledge you won't even recognize this.

They aren't an alternative for anything. They are good for nothing.

This should be seen and alternatives must be developped instead of giving in in their dominance.
I know this necessity for more than 25 years. But how difficult it is to develop alternatives and how dangerous this party actually is shows that I am a target of hidden weapons and it is tried to force me into social democracy.

Friday, January 12, 2007

I am three days in Thailand now and had massive sexual harassment during sleep. Last time like so often it happened shortly before my alarm clock rang.
The chicanery can destroy any advancement in my development out of my abuse.
Voices want me to bring to live the abuses instead going out of them. It would be too much work what I want.
Some years ago I had voices which said that it would only be possible to get me working for the Antisocial Facists in Germany (code name social democrats) by using my abusing past for their programming.
And that is what often happened. Affection to Germany was long time based on programming related to my positive feelings which were also connected to my abuse. It was programmed during sleep in my mind with stimulating of abusing sex. The positive feelings connected to a abuse make it more difficult to get out of it.

I intended to articulate me politically the last time but the stress is too much with the terror.

Monday, January 08, 2007

I am in Vientianne now. The first night I rented a room and wanted to set up shielding in the evening. But a man from upstairs came down and complained about the noise. So I went on and tried to be more silent. But he came again together with the staff from the guesthouse and complained again though I was only sitting and sorting some things i my room which was not loud. Maybe he belonged to the gangstalking I experience and wanted to prevent that I set up shielding which would have been noisier with aluminium foil. I first wanted to erect it up in the afternoon but then decided different.
I think there was programming involved. I had this quite often that I wanted to set up shielding in the afternoon and found me doing it in the evening and may be disturbing people.

In Vientianne I had stimulation of abusing sex every night which gives me trouble now. The stimulation is strong and makes it much more difficult to overcome my abusive past.
I need it not to happen to go ahead in working out this abuses. But voices say they don't want it.
I refer to the last post. The stress with the refrigerator was over exactly the day when the German, staying in the same guesthouse and living in Udon Thani, had left.
Something he put in the refrigerator probably gave me stress intended or not.
Two days later the guesthouse holder gave his computer into service. Another stress source was gone.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Some days ago when I went to a shop in the morning I passed a Thai man who was taller than usual and muscular.
The following night I had massive sexual harassment and when I passed him next time there were changed feelings towards him. I knew this was programming from the last night.
The next night there was the picture of the man refering to me being a gay having protection from him in. I refused this idea.
Afterwards I did not see the man again and had no more pictures or else related to him in my mind.
Such trials to connect me with man I have sometimes. It started 8 years ago in Turkey.
The last time I had a l ot of sexual harassment in Thailand and are Thais involved. This gives me a lot of trouble in my life. I notice that I am under surveillance here, that MC is involved.

Thais say they are friendly people.

I have a lot of nice experiences here, that is why I am here, but altogether when I consider the bullying and its effects on my life I would say that

Thailand has a lot of friendly people but not Thais are friendly people. The last would be a wrong statement.

To call them friendly people the chicanery must not happen as it was the last time.

I had harassment also at other places but there the people then were also not nice.
Wen I went to sleep today I had sexual harassment. But after changing the shielding it stopped. But I am not sure if that was the reason that it stopped.
When I got up and out of my room I perceived that one source of stress which I perceived as such several times, the refrigerator, was no more one. It was just over, I do not know why.