Friday, January 12, 2007

I am three days in Thailand now and had massive sexual harassment during sleep. Last time like so often it happened shortly before my alarm clock rang.
The chicanery can destroy any advancement in my development out of my abuse.
Voices want me to bring to live the abuses instead going out of them. It would be too much work what I want.
Some years ago I had voices which said that it would only be possible to get me working for the Antisocial Facists in Germany (code name social democrats) by using my abusing past for their programming.
And that is what often happened. Affection to Germany was long time based on programming related to my positive feelings which were also connected to my abuse. It was programmed during sleep in my mind with stimulating of abusing sex. The positive feelings connected to a abuse make it more difficult to get out of it.

I intended to articulate me politically the last time but the stress is too much with the terror.

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