Sunday, February 24, 2013

The last two days I had again stimulation of abusing sex in Had Yai.
There is aso programming and I have a lot of voices. It is difficult to separate between
my inner voice and the technical voice from outside.

Monday, February 18, 2013

I am staying in Had Yai in Cathey guesthouse. I hardly ever had there any harassment. Now there is quiete repeatedly such. Programming to a social democrat and programming to become truth twisting. Actuallhy the second is something like a precondition for a social democrat.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I got to Chaiya in the early morning. I felt already something like democrats programming
when arriving the road I live in. I had strong stimulation of abusing sex in the late morning probably by the muslim woman in the block of flats I live in. I noticed already that she likes such, she is a sadist.
I also feel that there is some programming.
I wanted to go to a massage. The lady said I go out to Internet I will be back in half an hour. She did not come back also in some time later.
I was told my rent will go up.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

I had again stimulation of abusing sex in sleep, which brings me down pretty much of the day. I don't do much, feel miserable and don't like to have much contact with people as these work much worse as they would without this stimulation.

Monday, February 04, 2013

Yesterday I noticed no stimulation of abusing sex. I had a lot of voices which said why it would have been abandoned. today I had it hard. I was the first hours quite down after I got up. I slept more hours than necessary. I noticed massive gay programming during the day.

Friday, February 01, 2013

500 000 Euro sind die Grenze

500 000 Euro sind die Grenze: Linke will mit 100-Prozent-Steuersatz an das Geld der Reichen - weiter lesen auf FOCUS Online:

Linke will mit 100-Prozent-Steuersatz an das Geld der Reichen

500 000 Euro sind die Grenze: Linke will mit 100-Prozent-Steuersatz an das Geld der Reichen - weiter lesen auf FOCUS Online:

Ich habe zweimal Mercedesfahrer als Gangstalker erkannt.
Also wenn die Gangstakling machen koennen und Geisteskontrolltechnicken
benutzen, die Terror inklusive sexuellem Missbrauch ueber Strahlung verbreiten, dann koennen diese auch kraeftig Steuern zahlen.
Ich war eigentlich nie neidisch auf Leute mit teurem Auto oder viel Geld.
Aber seit mir mit Geisteskontrollwaffen meine ohnehin geminderten Chancen gestohlen werden, bin ich es.
Man kann auch ein Auto aehnlich einem Trabi fahren, man braucht keinen Mercedes.
Reiche brauchen keine teuren Villas, man kann auch in einer kleinen einfachen Wohnung leben.
Reiche haben sowieso Einfluss auf die Politik, dann sollen sie diesen mal nutzen um
diese verbrecheriche Technicken unter Kontrolle zu bringen anstatt sich auch illegal auch mit diesen zu bereichern

Solange diese Geisteskontrolltechnicken nicht geregelt sind und Hilfe dagegen unproblematisch erhaeltlich ist unterstuetzte ich eine solche Steuerpolitik und denke andere sollten es sich ueberlegen, dies auch zu tun.
Two days before in the evening stimulation of sm sex stopped. I had this for a few years now and slipped for myself very often into sexual fantasies about sm. It was just over two days before. I did not have much interest anymore to follow such fantasies. Stimulation came from outside the stuff was to a good deal not mine.But the terror was not over. I had for two days massive stimulation of gay sex which brought irregular body movements during the day. So the way they did this also stopped after voices spoke about that. The last night I had massive programming of gay sex. It brought me down. I felt miserable I had trouble to get up and to stay up for longer time. I did not do anything for a few hours in the morning. When I went out I noticed the programming I was also more sensitive for psychic attacks than at other times.
This terror is difficult to prove. I would appreciate support with this.