Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The last three days I had stimulation of abusing sex again during sleep. The whole chit goes on. And disgusting Thais are doing it. Foreigner read my blog if you intend to stay in Thailand.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Yesterday I decided to write something about Thai politics today. Today I was in a bad condition. I had it quite some times that I had the idea to write something but often I was not able tbecause the terror brought me too much down.

About Thai politics in short. I am not able to spent enough time and concentration to this right now.

There is a current threat to go to mainstreamfacism (facism behind the masquerade of a formal democracy in Thailand).

My idea. Yes amend the constitution.

Changes I think of.

No government now or in future can mess up the constitution any more.

Proposals to change it should be the task of commitees not connected to the government and to decide about such changes should be a task where larger number of the people of Thailand are involved but not the government because it will always use such changes for selfish profit.

The government should no more have the right to pass any laws regarding police, courts, education system and army.

For that people out of the bodies and citizen commitees should be installed.

The government should also not appoint any top member of the former mentioned.

To separate power in society and keep this up is important for a democracy.

If the EC forbids the parties fine.

If not maybe the army can help to push through such, others or much more detailed changes where are also more segments of the society involved in working them out.

In secret budgets must be investigated anyway but to prevent the take over of total power by the governemnt could be a task to support for them. There need not be a new coup. Just a threat to the government how the changes of the constitution have to be may be enough. About this you could talk and decide.

One more thing. My observation tells me that the army had to do with the terror of mine at least some time ago.
It is better to listen to me instead of suppressing and exploiting me.
Or is it that enjoying being monsters?
Some days I had no harassment or little. But it started again and destroyed my day today.

The monsters in Thailand have their way and there are certainly quite some Thais who enjoy it.

Read my blog then you know what Thailand is also about nowadays.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Yesterday I found a source of sexual harassment. The family who just moved in two flats further. I expressed my displeasure with this clearly build up shielding and had no sexual harassment. But I was that exhausted after I woke up that the effort to ride a bicycle was sometimes too much and I had sometimes to take a break. I am not sure where the stress is from.
I thought yesterday to unsubscribe from a newsletter I get in my Indian email.
Today this newsletter was the first time automatically placed in the junk folder.
MC already that far? I can't be sure. But I know that the Indians stupidly copy the western style democracy and economic system and ensure that so their old culture will be eradicated from this planet. Do they also follow the MC disaster?
I do not know for sure. But if Indians, FUCK OFF!!!
But I have only words. That part of the elite who always turns against the ordinary people has more.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Last post I asked the question should this be Thai standards connected to abuses over radiation.

I can answer the question now. Yes, there are groups who want to have this standards and seem to enjoy the use of MC including rapes, brainwashing and murder and want to stick to this.

I had some days break of harassment but also again harder sexual harassment.

Thais I know a new slogan to advertise tourists. What about:

Welcome to Thailand, welcome to the country of the smiling monsters.

When I think about the abuses I had here the slogan seems to be appropriate. It is a special feature of Thailand apart from nice people they have as well

So helpful am I to propose a new slogan to advertise new tourists and what are many Thais doing or supporting to me?

Thursday, April 03, 2008

I was several days in Chaiya and the sexual harassment started again. My shoes were stolen a teenage boy mocked me. My abuse so can never heal when abuse takes place again and again. Additionally people tend to ridicule me when it was stronger.
I slept in Surat and again hard sexual harassment. When Thais harass a disabled person like me like this and see any weakness as justification to support such things it must be horrible for disabled Thais who have no money to support their independance. Do you sell them for lifetime abuses? How much do they cost? There is no reason why you are not doing this if you support such terror towards me. What a miserable society where disabled get no chance and are deliverd to the abuses of the most pervert. Should this be new Thai Standard to give free way to such people. I know this is American and European Standard behind many careful drafted lies to get such abuses whenever the powerful it want but should this be Thai Standard? Free way for the abusers, rapists, thiefs if they can hide behind new technology, is this new Thai Standard? Build a wall of lies around it to protect it. Should this Thai Standard? Should this be Thai Standard? But you have certainly enough excuses to escape this question, right?
You must understand you cannot learn much from America and Europe in many areas. They are sohisticated in some and quite primitive and idiotic in other areas. To separate it out is not that easy. At best don't listen that much to them.