Friday, May 11, 2007

I am since some days in Chaiya. Nearly every night I had sexual harassment. Voices say they want to program me to a gay. I have put up a lot of shielding, but there is no lasting effect. But that does not mean it will not work when I improve it. The first days after I arrived in Chaiya some young man shouted on the street to me "fuck you", fuck you" or "I love you". That made me think if they may know what is happening to me. It is probable that there are Thais in my area who actively support the crimes toward me. But those Thais who know are anyway that corrupt that they won't say a word. I am disgusted about this and it does not give a good picture of Thailand.
Some weeks ago I met an Italian man in Surat Thani living in Thailand for 15 years who stated the Thais would not be human they would rather be monkeys. I was angry about this but relating to my harassment and to its support of Thais I would say those who are inside this business do not behave like human beings I estimate them rather as rats.