Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tinkering with destiny: Scientists demonstrate control over preference and behavior through brain stimulation

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You can imagine all the ethical applications of such technology. Many of us prefer activities and substances that do us harm. And sometimes, liking harmful things is downright self-destructive. In fact, self-sabotage may be the universal, underlying mental dynamic that ruins lives.

If this technology were sufficiently developed, it may help people overcome the love of harmful substances, harmful people and even blatant self-harm. All of these are a frustrating yet very common part of many of our lives.


Seeing some problematic behavior of humans and use these to interfere 
with technology is not what should happen

The problems they want to take care about are not even understood.
For instance self-sabotage is better understood in the bigger picture 
of having been harmed, being entangled in a set of problems related
to such.

Don't forget, the solutions for such problems offered over such technology 
are in line with the desires and mental doctrine of the ruling  and getting
people in line is why they want to interfere in this way. 

Solutions for problems must been available without taking away 
freedom of the people. That means just supporting the peoples effort to
solve their problems on their own. and strictly keep ideology out.

Tinkering with destiny: Scientists demonstrate control over preference and behavior through brain stimulation

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Science is admitting such openly now

That is actually happening to me for a long time.
As far as I estimate it the means to do such are
used in Germany since the beginning of the nineties
on some larger scale.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Es ist schon eine kleine Weile her als ich morgends
aufwachte und bemerkte dass ich wieder Stimulation von
missbraeuchlichem Sex gehabt hatte. Ich ging raus zur Kueche
und bemerkte dann das relativ klar das von Manfred eben
solche Stimulation von diesem Sex ausging.
Manfred hat ein Zimmer  wenige Meter von meinem in einem
Gasthaus und sass auf seiner Veranda. Ich sagte zu ihm das er
dies lassen sollte. Dabei war auch mein Aerger darueber zu
spueren. Er antwortete nur ich solle ihn in Ruhe lassen, er sei
am arbeiten. Das aergerte mich ebenfalls.
Die Stimulation von diesem Sex hoerte auf fing wieder an und
hoerte dann wieder auf. Dies war erfreulich
Ich war aber noch sauer und so fragte ich Manfred gelegentlich
ueber einen laengeren Zeitraum so oder so aehnlich:
Na klappt es mit deiner Ruhe? Ist es okay so?
Manfred beschwerte sich daraufhin ueber mich.
Ich fand das uebertrieben. Aber wegen kleineren Dingen kann
man auch schon Aerger bekommen.
Ich verkaufe mich  nicht allzu gut in solchen Situationen und
sehe dann nicht so gut aus.

I could not sleep last night early so I was in bed in the
morning. When I got up I was exhausted. This remained
much of the day. I could not do much. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The last two days I felt miserable.
Any action was stress.
I had the last two nights stimulation of abusing sex.

                          The serial griller

Ein Staat grillt seine B├╝rger mit einer Mikrowellen - Waffe

Saturday, June 21, 2014

I had the last three times asleep stimulation of abusing sex into
sleep. Once I could not go to sleep for half of a day, once
I was just exhausted. I notice a lot of programming related
to the German social democrats at the moment.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

I had gain stimulation of abusing sex into sleep last tme asleep.

Sunday, June 08, 2014

I had strong stimulation of abusing sex in the morning.
I assume people around did it.

Friday, June 06, 2014

Last time asleep I had heavy stimulation of abusing sex.
It has made me feel down for longer time. It may have
been psychic attacks by some asshole around,

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

The same day I wrote the last post I  was told to
leave the guesthouse I stayed.
No real reason I saw there. Just false accusations.
Repulsive was this from the owner.
Yesterday in another guesthouse  I got a headache
while trying to sleep.
I tried switching off the electricity. It worked.
This was in the middle of the night.
Next morning I had a problem with a neighbor
because of his lack of electricity and can't do
this further easily.

Monday, June 02, 2014

The place where I stay has a TV in the common room.
I noticed that strong stimulation of sadistic sex I have trouble to
 turn against the last days, seems to stem from it.
When I pull the plugs f antenna and electricity, I have  much less
 to do with feelings related to the sex I mentioned.
Radiation from TV had been a problem before, I am
electrosensitive That it is connected to such feelings was not yet
But  TV may also be used for staking purposes.

The plug for the electricity plugged in gives me alone a lot of
stress with this. I take the plugs out in the evening.
Strangely I found this day the TV just with this plug inside
as if anybody knew this effect on me. I do not think
watching TV without the antenna plugged in works, but I have
 to test this yet.