Monday, June 02, 2014

The place where I stay has a TV in the common room.
I noticed that strong stimulation of sadistic sex I have trouble to
 turn against the last days, seems to stem from it.
When I pull the plugs f antenna and electricity, I have  much less
 to do with feelings related to the sex I mentioned.
Radiation from TV had been a problem before, I am
electrosensitive That it is connected to such feelings was not yet
But  TV may also be used for staking purposes.

The plug for the electricity plugged in gives me alone a lot of
stress with this. I take the plugs out in the evening.
Strangely I found this day the TV just with this plug inside
as if anybody knew this effect on me. I do not think
watching TV without the antenna plugged in works, but I have
 to test this yet.

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