Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tinkering with destiny: Scientists demonstrate control over preference and behavior through brain stimulation

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You can imagine all the ethical applications of such technology. Many of us prefer activities and substances that do us harm. And sometimes, liking harmful things is downright self-destructive. In fact, self-sabotage may be the universal, underlying mental dynamic that ruins lives.

If this technology were sufficiently developed, it may help people overcome the love of harmful substances, harmful people and even blatant self-harm. All of these are a frustrating yet very common part of many of our lives.


Seeing some problematic behavior of humans and use these to interfere 
with technology is not what should happen

The problems they want to take care about are not even understood.
For instance self-sabotage is better understood in the bigger picture 
of having been harmed, being entangled in a set of problems related
to such.

Don't forget, the solutions for such problems offered over such technology 
are in line with the desires and mental doctrine of the ruling  and getting
people in line is why they want to interfere in this way. 

Solutions for problems must been available without taking away 
freedom of the people. That means just supporting the peoples effort to
solve their problems on their own. and strictly keep ideology out.

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