Wednesday, January 25, 2017

I am a few days in Thailand now and had every time sexual
harassment. Yesterday it was that strong that I was weak the
whole day. I then do not like much conversation then. This
I had often over many years. After strong harassment I do
not easily get together a smile or like to talk.
So relationships got difficult through this.
I have forgotten items several times the last days one item is

Friday, January 20, 2017

Forgetfulness is less at the moment possibly due to less
harrasment. But i have often pain in the area where the heart is. Sometimes the left arm is also tense. Only getting upset a little may make pain stronger. Exercises with arms increase pain so I  stopped it until I know  it is safe to do. Sometime ago I noticed that the many humiliations through the harassment are finally burdening my heart. In the last post I wrote that manpulation is less. It is less noticeable. I often cannot think of what I want to do and spend the day with other things. Going back to what I want functions for some time only after that  I am again doing nothing or something else.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Since the last post I had no severe harassment.
I had twice stimulation of abusing sex but
these were different and not so devastating yet painful.
That it seems possible to adjust harassment levels
 I noticed repeatedly.
Voices keep me from sleeping. Manipulation  is less
but I can't get easily to old strength. This was
repeatedly the case for longer time that I no more can
 do it.

Friday, January 06, 2017

The last three times asleep I had heavy harassment.
Stimulation of abusing sex as usual.
The first two days it was stressing, the second also
exhausting but today the third day the exhaustion presses
considerably on my activity.
First unlike the days before I innerly resist activity just
would like to relax. When I try to read I repeatedly end
up doing that or find myself busy with my voices. These
are stronger when I have a lot. of stress. My allergy
is stronger now .I feel my body can't take what is
happening. When it goes on this may mean decline.
Over the week I forgot several times things but I
happily retrieved the items later.
One person is a suspect to have done the sexual
harassment. It is the person in room 11.
But I do not know how to finish the harassment.
Voices say harassment will go on. They will finish my
case now. Such sounds pretty American rather idiotically
American but actually I  don't know really.
One thing I could do is to leave the Chinese influence
area may be anywhere to South America.
Chinese have been often enthusiastic about such abuse
and supporting harassment which leaves me no chance.
 I think I am an Mind control victim but I have never
heard of anyone who got out of such.

This post contained several mistakes. I recognized most
of them in the draft corrected them repeatedly but in the draft
the mistakes were repeated after correction.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

I had severe stimulation of abusing sex this morning.
Voices announced this yesterday. They say it will
go on.